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Chapter 26 - Insert 'Paramore' CD, Select 'Franklin', press play, read on.

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Did one of you guys order Drama?? Well, we only had one slice left and it was slightly bigger than all the other, it's on the house..........

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I'm giving a special shout out today to all those who have taken the time to review. When you put a lot of thought into your plots and people who read it take time out from reading the next story to comment on yours, it means a lot. So Thanks, I think this was one of the hardest chapters for me to write.

Destiny sucks

The house was empty upon his return from 4 and half weeks away, he paced the house, he flung open the door to their bedroom, silence. He threw open Rory's room and stared.


He walked backwards out of it and shook his head, frowning slightly.

He rushed to the living area, his toy box was gone.

"No!" He said weakly.

"No...." He moaned again.

He held his head and turned on his heels and that's when he saw her.

Only a shadow of the woman who he was in love with. She looked in a bad way, standing lifeless with her arms by her side, her eyes fixed on his, they were dull, defeated....dead.

"What did you do??" He asked painfully. She didn't look away from him as he approached her, the expression in his eyes told her everything she already knew she'd done to him.

"I let him go." She whispered weakly. Her eyes drifted to the floor. He grabbed her chin and she winced in the pain.

"Why?!!" He growled. Her eyes made there way up to his.

"I..." She started.

"You had no right!!" He shouted, it made her jump inside but it didn't invoke a physical reaction, she was too numb.

He pushed her shoulders and she slammed against the wall firmly and his hands were hard against her flesh.

"How could you do this Shay?!!" He asked in a tone that she had never heard her Patrick speak in before.

He pushed her again and she hit the wall again, closing her eyes, tears slid down her cheeks.

"I had to...." She whispered weakly, his hand moved across so it was almost around her throat and she swallowed hard.

"You were supposed to fight!" He pleaded. She shook her head.

"I couldn't!"

"Well you should have because now he's gone!!" He yelled. She cried hard and he pulled his hands off her.

"He's gone Shay!!" He cried, now tears were forming in his eyes, he turned to look at their home, nearly every sign of his presence in their life was gone.

"It's like we never even had a son!!" He cried angrily. She hung her head in defeat.

"Ugh!" He growled, he moved away and turned around.

"I can't even look at you." He growled and walked away.

3 days earlier....

Her Mama and her Dad were there with Sophie, they were getting out the car and the shaking in her chest started again. Now was the time.

Rory's hand was knotted in her hair, he always played with her hair but she knew even he knew something was going on, children are intuitive of their Mother's feelings. His legs seemed to squeeze especially tight around her waist today. He was clingy, he was quiet and his eyes showed caution.

She had packed all his stuff and it was sat in the hallway. His toy box. His high chair. His clothes. A couple of boxes of his other things.

In her mind, she revised the reasons why she was doing this to her baby and to herself and to her wonderful Patrick.

I don't want to fight anymore.

I don't want a war with her, I love her, she's my sister and every time I look into Rory's eyes, I see her. I see her and her desire to have a family and who am I to play God in her life and rob her of that privilege.

Maybe my own baby will make all the pain of losing him go away.

Deep down, I feel I'm doing the right thing, although I feel like I'm fighting against it with every bone and fleshy part of human existence. I don't have the genes to be able to keep him from her when she wants him so badly - what would that quality be anyway? Selfishness? Moral uprightness?

"Shay." Her Mama touched her hand softly, the warmness wrapping around her, her Mama had soft olive skinned hands that had held her many times.

She shook her head and held Rory tight.

"Shay." Her Mama said again and Shay grew agitated.

"No...Mama." She cried quietly.

Her Mama lifted Rory from her arms and he went to his Nana obediently. He stared at his Mama's face, why was she crying? He began to cry too, sensing the anxiety. Shay covered her mouth quickly and stopped the sounds escaping her lips.

She rushed up to him and smothered him kisses.

"Please be a good boy!" She smiled, tears streaming heavily.

"Mama!!" He cried and reached for her.

Sophie watched, against every desire she had to have her Son with her, she'd got it at the expense of her sister's broken heart and that didn't make her feel right. Not at all.

Rory cried hard and reached for Shay and she remained rooted to the spot by the front door. She watched as they fastened him into the car seat, he was fighting with such strong Mexia resistance. He'd worked himself into fit of rage as he protested angrily.

Sophie looked before opening her car door. They just stared.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. Shay didn't even acknowledge the words, she stared back at her with a sense of despise. She sunk into the car, ashamed of her unruly and unforgivable behavior.


"Patrick...." She whispered into the darkness.


She closed the door behind her and walked across the unlit room.

He was sat in the darkness. His eyes were cold.

She knelt down before him. Her fingers softly touched his thigh. He didn't even flinch, just stared into the darkness.

"I know I can't make it alright....and what I did was wrong....but it felt right......" She whispered.

She stayed silent and like a woman who would await her master, she remained kneeling before him.


"-Don't Shay." He said coldly. The depth of this his pain was so very apparent, she'd wounded him deeply.

If he had been there two days before, he would've seen the depths of her own pain too, now it had subsided and she was just numb.

Her hand reached out and softly touched his face, he didn't move. She reached her other hand out and gently cupped his face.

"Patrick." She whispered. He closed his eyes slowly, blotting her out.

"Don't block me out!" She said weakly.

"He was my son Shaylese." He said angrily.

"I know...I know he was, I'm sorry...I'm so sorry!" she whispered near to his lips. Her lips gently kissed his and his cheek.

"But we have to move on..." she whispered, he swallowed hard, his fist clenching.

"No....No we don't!" He said in that wounded tone again.

"We have to!" She whispered back desperately.

"I need you to do that!" She added, his eyes opened and he looked at her, she stared into them close up.

"I need you Patrick. " She whispered. Kissing his lips softly.

Tears fell from his eyes and she gently kissed them, feeling the taste of them on her lips.

Suddenly his lips were on hers and they kissed hungrily.

"Tell me you love me..." She whispered,

He just kissed her, he couldn't say it. But his lips impatiently kissed her, it almost hurt.

He stood up, gripping her upper arms in his hands and pushing her towards the door, shuffling quickly as they did, she fumbled with the handle and he clumsily ushered her to their bedroom and he pushed her onto the bed firmly. Before she protested he was on top of her and his lips silencing her hesitations.

He could feel her hands pushing his shoulders away and he just leaned in further and buried his head into her neck, holding her hands down firmly.

"Patrick!" She gasped as he continued to undo her clothing hurriedly.

She wasn't not consenting to this. They'd been apart for a long time. Sex was never a problem between them.

But he hadn't said he loved her, and this was a problem.

She tried to slow him down as he yanked hard at her jeans, it hurt her as he tore them off her legs and threw them on the floor.

"Slow down...." She gasped. His hands were quick, rough and lacked affection as he sorted himself out.

"Patrick!" She called his name again, she grabbed his face firmly and just as she was going to make him look at her, he'd entered her which made her lift her shoulders off the bed suddenly and grip him hard.

She caught her breath and closed her eyes tight, he was being rough with her and it was totally out of character.

"Be Gentle!" She managed to gasp out as he continued but it seemed to fall upon deaf ears.

"You're hurting me! Patrick!" She said in a more definite tone.

"I know you're angry with have every right!" She cried out. He seemed to slow slightly.

"What I did was wrong!" She continued. His lips pressed against her throat.

"It was wrong!" She whispered and his lips found hers. They kissed hard.

"And I'm sorry!" She whispered, and it was then he seemed to change, he began making love to her like he always would.

"I'm so sorry!" She whispered again, he let out gentle moan as he kissed her lips.

Her hands gently held his face close to hers and she stared at his face, contorted with so many emotions.

"Please look at me Patrick..." She whispered, his eyes opened and they looked into hers.

"Tell me you love me.....please!" She added, the gentle rhythm they had continuing.

"I love you..." He whispered. She pulled his head down to her neck and his lips pressed gently against her hot flushed skin.

"Show me how much you love me!" She moaned and he grabbed her hands, holding them by her shoulders.

It wasn't long after, that it happened for them both. It was within that act of love that he'd forgiven her for her actions, but still needed to understand why. If there one thing he knew about Shay, it was her goodness. Every decision she made was always swayed by that quality.


She lay in bed, holding him in her arms, he clung to her like she usually did to him. Their bodies damp from making love. She softly stroked his hair and face, staring at him with sorrowful eyes. It pained her further to know he was hurt because of her actions.

One of his hands pressed against her tummy, almost in a protective way, warning anyone else who dared take anything from him would pay. She felt protected too, his arms around her entire body like that were enough to make any broken hearted woman feel safe.

The fear she had now was that her unborn child would never live up to what Rory was and follow the imprints he'd made on both their lives.

They both fell asleep but he woke less than half an hour after, he stared at her, her silk dressing gown knotted around her changing body. Her underwear totally exposed and the sheets curled her thighs. He watched her chest rise slowly with each shallow breath, her tummy now swelling and not quite forming the bump he referred to all the time. His hand ran over it again and he leaned down and placed his lips on her tummy. Her hand gently flopped onto his shoulder.

"You're the only one who can make this right..."he whispered against the flesh of his growing child. His head rested gently and it was then he fell asleep. With the silence of the house reminding him of what they'd both lost, the gentle wooshing and sound of her heart beating was the only thing he had now.

And when we get home, I know we won't be home at all
This place we live, it is not where we belong
And I miss who we were in the town that we could call our own
Going back to get away after everything has changed
Cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?
(Everything has changed)
Could you help me push aside all that I have left behind?
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

So we stand here now and no one knows us at all
I won't get used to this
I won't get used to being gone
And going back won't feel the same if we aren't staying
Going back to get away after everything has changed

Cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?
(Everything has changed)
Could you help me push aside all that I have left behind?
(Everything has changed)
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?

Cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive
Do you remember that? Do you remember that?* YES I'M USING A FOOTNOTE DAMNIT ALEX!

*This song is used because for Patrick, upon returning back to his home, everything has changed.
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