Review for I'm Good To Go

I'm Good To Go

(#) SZSmith 2006-10-31

"Like what?" I asked. Andy plopped down next to me.

"I want to ask you something first," I took a sideways glance at him.

"Like what?" I whispered and Andy bit his lip before grasping my hand again.

-i laughed like a mofo. at a part that isn't even funny.


", ah," I stumbled over my words before shrugging and running out of the place."

-that's basically me in a sentence


Was he avoiding what I had to say?

"Pete," I said again and he glanced up to catch my eyes.

"What is it, Ev?" he asked and I noticed the more, laid back, cocky Pete from when I first met him. I bit my lip.

hokay, i KNEWWW from then on that he "didn't love her anymore" i was like "FUCKSHITWOMANNNN" HOW DARE YOUUU


yea basically. I'm never the first review anymore :[