(#) Difdi 2012-06-29

Two minor spelling quibbles:

You constantly use the word muggleborne. I do not think that word means what you think it means. The word born means about what you seem to be trying to say (born from muggles) but borne means carried by. This is why they spell 101st Airborne the way they do for example, rather than Airborn (which would strongly imply either immaculate conception or reproduction via spores).

You keep using the word "Ep" to signify agreement. The proper spelling is "yep" even if the person speaking the word doesn't pronounce the y. Just like weigh is spelled differently than way, you don't spell weigh as way even though nobody says weeiyhh.

I've seen authors do much worse; At least a simple a find and replace can fix both problems, eh?

Author's response

Heya Difdi,

Quibbles: Technically, you’re right. And using lines from ‘The Princess Bride’ will get you a time out.

I’ve always spelled newborne as such, and simply carried it over. Generally, I prefer it that way. Call it a personal foible. At least I’m consistent in its use. Spelled properly, Muggleborne/muggleborn shoud be spelled either ‘muggle born’ or ‘muggle-born’.

…and I’ve worked with some of the 101st. That spore theory is sounding better alla time.

As for ‘Ep’ when I was growing up in the swamps of New Mexico (way back in the late cretaceous) the elders of the Isleta Pueblo would touchtei noses and say ‘Ep’ to indicate an affirmative. While I was with the marina Corps, we did the same. I’d assume it was an accepted substitution. Oh, by the way, ‘yep’ is considered improper grammer as well.

By the way, you weigh anchor to get under way.

Not a problem, but I will probably continue to use these variants.