Review for Auditionistas!


(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-07-04

Ray, Mikey, Frank, and/or Bob's kid(s) bearing in mind I'm going to need Frank's son so that... well, me and him can love each other for eternity.:

A lot of people needed. Here's the information I'm going to need.

Name: Anna
Nickname: None :p She doesn't like them. 

Appearance: Choppy, dark brown hair kept up in a messy bun, light blue eyes, fairly tall and on the lean side, lightly tanned with a few freckles across her nose- only people who are close can see them. 

Age: either 14

Part: Le Child :3

Anything else: Has a bit of a southern accent if she gets mad. THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME AUDITION SO LATE! xD

Author's response

Haha. I'm glad you could! You'll be Bob's daughter! XD xx