Review for Drama on the Front Page!

Drama on the Front Page!

(#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-07-08

hehe I just caught up with this :D You had like a bunch of updates when I was at Warped Tour. AND OH MY TURTLES AND CHEESE-ITZ ANDY AND PENINA/RILEY ARE TOGETHER! but...shhh...gerard and the rest of them don't know that....hehehe...

I have a dog name riley...

amazing :D I lurved it :3 I wish I lived England...or New Jersey...or Silent Hill...or the Home Alone house...or in a luxury box in the subway cause supposedly Im gonna grow up to be a creative subway hobo cat who draws with chalk...

BUT ANYWAYS...Ahem, this is awesome story :3 PEANUTS AND CORN DOGS FTW!

OK my review has come to an end...i love you and your amazing writing skillzzzzz! And i cant wait to read more :D

~BIpoLaR UNIcornnnn xxxxxx :): :D: :3: hehehehehehehe i like crow surfing...and corn dogs...and peanuts c:

Author's response

Haha. Thank you so much! You make me giggle! What breed and gender is Riley? He sounds adorable already! Haha. XD xx