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Family Gathering

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Dinner time at the Iero's.

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We spent a couple of hours on the cliff just relaxing. He made me feel so safe. I think I've found the right guy. He is the only guy I've ever been with though, but it just feels right. When we got back to the beach, they were all a bit angry at Andy, not at me though. It's because he should've known better than to take me away or something. At least none of them know about us. We want to keep our relationship a secret for a while. It would look really bad for both of us. So we just said we went to get an ice-cream, then I saw a pet shop and wanted to go in there for a bit, but we lost track of time.

'Whatever, let's just go back to dad's. We're all having dinner there tonight.' Matt said.

'Ugh. He can't cook for shit.' Andy complained.

'Good thing mum's cooking then.' He said.

'Yum! Luce's cooking is so amazing! Penina, you have to have some.' Ash said quietly.

'Thank god it's good. I'm starving!' I said.

'Let's go then.' Rachel said. We all got in the car, I sat in the front next to Andy.

'So, whereabouts in England did you live?' Leena asked.

'London.' I answered.

'That's so cool!' Abbie said.

'Not really. It's full of chavs and litter. I guess the city's not bad, but the people there can be horrible.' I said.

'It can't be that bad.' Rachel said.

'But it is.' I replied.

'Okay guys, we're here.' Andy said after about 10 minutes of driving and questions about England.

Everyone got out of the car really quickly. Andy and I exchanged a look, and then went inside to join the others.

'Mum, what's for dinner?' Andy asked loudly so that Lucy would hear.

'Nice to see you too.' She replied.

'Hi mum. What's for dinner?' He asked sarcastically.

'Nothing special. Spaghetti and tomato sauce.' She said.

'Your tomato sauce?' He asked.

'Of course.' She replied.

'Hey guys.' Frank said walking towards us.

'Hi.' I replied a bit shyly. In normal situations I wouldn't be so nervous, but I just snogged his son.

'Dad, can I give Penina a tour of the house?' Andy asked.

'Sure, just don't have sex in your room.' He replied. The embarrassment was overwhelming.

'For god sake dad!' He groaned. He took me into the lounge where all the adults were.

'Hey baby.' Gerard said giving me a hug. I love him. Of course I do. He's my biological dad. But it just felt like he was trying too hard to get me to like him.

'Hi Gerard.' I said.

'I'm just giving Penina a tour.' Andy said.

'Okay, be in the dining room by 7, that's when dinner will be served.' Ray said. Raven snuggled into his chest.

'Like I'd miss dinner.' Andy joked. He then showed me all the rooms. All the bathrooms, the kitchen and dining room. Even Frank and Lucy's bedroom. But my favourite room of all was Andy's. It was dark, covered in posters, the bed had black covers, and he had a red, electric guitar on a guitar stand in the corner. It was also really messy. I loved it.

'This is amazing.' I said.

'Meh. It's just my room.' He said.

'I love it.' I said. He hugged me from behind.

'I love you.' He said kissing my cheek. He slowly turned me around to face him. We spent the next couple of hours just making-out on his bed. Then we were called down for dinner. I can only hope the food is as delicious as Andy.

That's correct. A new chapter! Gaspshockhorror Haha. I hope you like it! Also, if there are no new chapters of my favourite fics, I shall eat the authors! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! XD xx
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