Review for Drama on the Front Page!

Drama on the Front Page!

(#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-07-08

oh nononononononooooooo that sweet old man?! How fucking dare he....I don't trut old people....who knows what they have under their wrinkles...

And awwwwww Penina/Riley love Andy! Adorable :3

I should really eat too...Imma hungry...

Untrustworthy old people...

Update soon! Cause I can't wait to read more :)))))))))

~BIpoLaaarrrRR UniIIcorn :3: :D: xxxxxxx

Author's response

Haha. I'm so glad you like it. I was originally going to make him stay nice and the person she goes to for advice when I really traumatic thing happens, but I thought, meh, he seems perfect to be evil! XD xx