Review for Drama on the Front Page!

Drama on the Front Page!

(#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-07-08

This was amazing :D And awwwww Andy's being all sweet ant strufff!

See?! I tell you old people are untrusted! who knows what is under all there flab and wrinkles... maybe a knife...or...puppies...and kittens! Not the puppies and kittens D: And old people smell flowers and death and dust...

Penina/Riley is not aloud to be taken by them untrustworthy old people...I forbade it...

Update soon I needz more :D
~BIpppOOOOLarrR UnnIIICoooRRnNnN xxxx

Author's response

Hehe. Thank you! Don't worry. It will all be okay. Although, there will be a lot of drama. XD I'm scared of old people though. I don't know why. XD xx