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He could kill me

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He would've for all he cared...

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'What do you mean Penina?' Gerard asked.

'I saw him on the train. He's in America. Whether he's in the same place or not I don't know, but he's after me. They must've called him or something.' I said. The had no clue what I was going on about, but they knew I was in fear.

'Sweetie, take a breath.' Lu Lu said.

'Take a breath? How can I? My sister could've been kidnapped by that son of a bitch!' I screamed.

'Listen, if you tell us what he looks like, the police might be able to find him.' Gerard told me.

'Don't you see? He'll never be found. He looks so common. Just a random man on the train. He could've killed me. If it's for the money I'm sure he would've killed anyone he wanted to.' I said. 'What if he finds me again? What if he kills me this time?' I asked.

'Don't talk like that! You are not going to die.' Lucy said in stress.

'What if I do? It's likely. He's looking for me because he wants me to die. I'm the only one that knows what he looks like. He's taken me before. Why wouldn't he just stab me? Better yet, why wouldn't he kidnap and torture me for his pleasure?' I shouted.

'Penina that's enough!' Gerard shouted.

'I'm scared.' I cried. I brushed my hair back with my fingers and sat down on the sofa sobbing.

'We all are baby. We just need you to tell us what he looked like.' Lucy said sitting next to me. I clung on to her and she rocked me.

'He, he was quite tall. About 6 foot. He was white. He was bald on the top of his head, but he had short grey hair on the sides and back of his head. He was wearing a yellow short sleeved polo shirt, and he had brown trousers. I think he had brown eyes, but I don't know.' I described.

'Don't worry. We'll tell Detective Millican. The whole of U.S.A will be looking for him.' Gerard said.

'Most of the calls will be delusional people who think they really did see him, or people who just want money.' I said.

'Look, you should just go back to whatever you were doing and keep your mind off it. We'll sort it out.' Lucy said. I nodded my head and went back up to Andy's room. He gave me a quick kiss as I came in.

'What happened?' He asked.

'They've found Richard and Susie. They paid someone to kidnap me, and I know him. He's looking for me.' I said crying.

'You'll be okay. I'll never let anyone hurt you!' He said before giving me one of the most passionate kisses I've ever known to exist. I love him so much. As I said before, he makes everything okay.

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