Review for Audition!!!!


(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-07-10

Name : Lucy May

Skype Messenger name : Lulububblybubbles

Gender : Female

Looks :
eyes: Sea green
Body: 5'1, Skinny with slight curves, Pale complextion.

Age (15 - 17 ): 16

Are you self conscious ? : Very

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL): up untill she was 13 she had a really happy childhood but a couple months after her 13th birthday her parents split and things went down hill. She moved away with her mom, not long after she got the news that her dad died in a car crash. Since then she's been trying to get her life back on track and forget about the past.

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? : She dosn't really talk about the past to anyone if anyone askes her she just dosn't answer or she changes the subject.

One favourite band : Black Veil Brides

Band you hate alot : One Direction (they need their vocal chords ripped out and shot)

Talents : Plays bass and loves to draw, she sings sometimes but she thinks shes not very good at it.

Anything else : allergic to cheese, very scared of spiders and lifts.

me thinks thats it =)

~lu lu xoxo