Review for What just happened?

What just happened?

(#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2012-07-11

Torture and gang rape? Wtf?!?
I obviously missed something, but I'm okay with that.
Good for you, for posting this.
Posting anything with torture, or gang rape, towards a person just because you dislike them is out of line. She probably is only 12, if even that.
Honestly, people need to take a step back and realize she wouldn't get anything out of her troll posts if they didn't immediately blow up with 10+ reviews, giving her the attention she wants.

But again, torture and gang rape? That's sickening, and enough for this lovely site to get shut down.

Author's response

This is why you don't leave. You leave and we start killing each other.

Again, torture and gang rape. I felt sick reading them.