Review for Let down your hair

Let down your hair

(#) andreajp 2012-07-12

Okay, shall we talk you through my thought process while reading this?

First thought was, BAD Rachel! You ate TWO of those special brownies when I told you explicitly only one, then you must've watched a Disney movie right after. Then I'm thinking awe, I have a special place in my heart for kid!fics even if they're sorta kid!fics because of the day care. Then I imagined Frank in the dress looking all angsty and having stubble and looking adorable, I snorted like a champ. Then I my eyes got all stingy when I realized it was a real proposal and had this dorky gooey eyed look on my face until the end.

Look what the hell you do to me, you make me go from thinking you're bat shit crazy to the most adorable person in the world. You're one of a kind.