Review for Enough Room For Two

Enough Room For Two

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-11-02

I think there´s plenty of people who will agree with me that some of the pretty awesome stories on here become more and more amazing as their incredibly talented writers post chapter after chapter. This story is a perfect example of this. This is very impressive, Katy.
I feel that Patrick´s being genuinely unfair but it just goes to show how much Rory means to him. Not trying to sound like a feminist bitch (cos I´m really just A bitch), but his bed behavior seems a perfect reflection of his inner life. I read in awe.

P.S.: On a less serious note, cos I am Alex after all, it´s nifty that the list of people you´re thanking has the shape of an arrow. Kinda like "READ THIS NOW!" ;) Also, footnotes have become mainstream. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. ;)

Author's response

Ach! I'm crappy at accepting compliments, since my first fiction I put up here was catagorised as Train Wreck, to have this is amazing.

Thank you for writing a meaningful review, ...Alex. xxx