Review for Everything Is Changing

Everything Is Changing

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-07-16

I rated and now I'm reviewing.
Now be forever grateful, bitch!!
Mikey and Fiona sexy time?? Gloria and I approve.
I think you should write me into this and make Kier and I end up together. Just saying ;D
But damn this chapter was good!! The writing was really well done. See, this is why we're collab-ing. Your writing is really nice and descriptive too, I loved the FVK song reference too :P
Aaahh and soon Fiona will be in the media as Mikey's WAG!! Lol wtf why did I just call her a WAG. I'm so british. WAGs suck, by the way.
Update like a weeping angel!! (See what I did there??)

Author's response

I will be forever grateful master. O_O
I thought you both would, hey mabe she'll get pregnant and call their babies Susan! (I'm not making promises at all to that)
Haha suddenly a wild Ally appears, she uses seduce on Kier and it worked!
Ugh why would some want to be a WAG, it sounds horrible! I'm a WAG...bleeerh
I'm gonna try as much as possible over next couple of days :L I did see what you did there, I must type like I can see!
Yes yes, Very much appreciate your lovely review and rate, you are the best.