Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-07-17

Yes! Whooo, an update!

I am really loving this story so far (yes, it's that good!) and honestly am just so intrigued by everything - how Jon died, the possession thing, just everything!! I want more woman, /more/!

Keep an eye out for MTYK later on! :)

Author's response

Yay! (Total fist pump- I'm THAT excited about this review) :D

There will definitely, definitely be more! On... all subjects, plus MORE!

IFREAKINGLOVEDTHEUPDATE! It's so unfair. It left me craving more. The latest update is just so... dslkjfd;sfjd;safdf I WANT MORE!

Oh & Thank you. :) As always, I love your reviews!