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“You’re dead; I don’t think you have any room to judge.”

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(Jon’s POV)

The girl was completely passed out, blood dripping to the ground from her head, which she’d hit during her fall to the ground.

I leaned down, rolling my eyes, and with the wave of my hand she had a towel pressing against her wound. I still could not touch anything with my own hands, though I’d been building the ability. I could move small items, and control most of this house.

I didn’t want to kill the girl; I just wanted to scare her off. No one had lived here for long since my death and I didn’t plan to make the stay comfortable. I preferred being alone; and I definitely preferred that people stayed out of my head… It was the first time someone had tapped in to the memory of my death and I wasn’t appreciative at all.

She groaned loudly, rolling over but not waking up. I sighed, frustrated when no air left my lungs. It was a hard concept to grasp; being dead. I still felt alive, minus the beating heart and the warmth that should fill my body. I still wanted life though, and I still felt the same emotions a human would. I was just some… some half alive, half dead, sorry excuse for a ghost.

Stepping forward, I leaned down, brushing my fingers across the girl’s skin. She shuddered, and in surprise I realized I could touch her. That was… new.

I held on to her arm, amazed with how solid I felt. I was still transparent though and if I lost focus my hand brushed right through her arm, once again leaving me unable to hold on.

This was going to take focus but it was worth it. If I could actually grasp on to solid objects then I could potentially leave this house, which played its part well as my coffin. If I could leave then just maybe I’d be able to figure out what had happened to me, and why I was stuck here, condemned to this death.

I had to stop to regain focus a few times when she groaned and tried to roll over. Would she wake up? Eventually I was able to pick her up, nervously cradling her in my once useless arms. It’d been awhile since I’d had another body pressed against my own and it didn’t feel like it used to feel; I could feel her warmth. It seemed… better. Maybe that was because of how long I’d gone being so cold.

I made my way to my old bedroom, pausing as I took in the sight of her bed. She had a fluffy white blanket covering it, and purple girly pillows. I missed my old bed; I missed my old life.

Stop throwing your own pity party Walker.

Once her body was on her bed I felt exhausted, realizing just how much energy it had taken for me to build up just to carry her from the bathroom to the bedroom. I wasn’t just dead. I was dead and out of shape.

I laid down beside her, sighing heavily without the air pressing from my lungs. I missed the soft tickle, but that was the downside of being dead.

“Ow.” A quiet whimper gained my attention and I rolled over, glancing at the girl as she woke up.

“Kayley?” Once again she called out the unfamiliar name, her eyes snapping open.

I grinned at her, “I’ve never heard that name called out while in bed with a girl. I don’t know if I should be insulted or…” I began to joke but stopped as her eyes widened.

“Jon?” She said my name as if she knew me, and it caught me completely off guard.

“Yeah.” I responded, “Dylan?” I’d read her name on quite a few of her boxes. “You have a strange name.”

“You’re dead; I don’t think you have any room to judge.” Ouch.

“You’re in my house.”

“I think once you die you’re supposed to live somewhere else.”

“I like this house.”

“I like it too.”

“So, you aren’t leaving?” Why wasn’t she out of her mind with fright? I was obviously doing this all wrong, but it was too late to disappear and play stupid tricks on her. She’d seen me; it would come as no surprise.

“I don’t have anywhere else to go.” Well, that was disappointing.

“Move back in with your parents.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You’re heavy.” I stuck out my tongue, shooting for hurting her feelings until she caved, got sick of me and left.

“You… you moved me?” Her eyes widened further.

“I did.” I leaned forward in amusement, brushing my fingers against her skin. She jumped as she felt me, pulling away instantly.

“You’re dead.”

“When will you stop stating the obvious?”

“Am I crazy?”

“I don’t know; are you?” I was no psychologist.

She touched where my finger’s had just been. “You’re cold.” She whispered.

I frowned, “What would you assume would keep my body warm, after death?”

“Why are you here?”

“This is my house.” I snapped, “When will you stop asking stupid questions?”

“I’m just really confused.” She looked away, “And also probably really crazy and I’ll probably either wake up and find out that this is a horribly vivid dream, or end up cracking and get committed to a mental institution.”

I just laid my head down, listening to her rant.

“And I’ll just have to forget all about school, since I probably won’t graduate once someone realizes I’m out of my fucking mind.”

She took a deep breath and I glanced at her once again, “Are you done yet?”

“I won’t be done until my sanity returns.”

I rolled my eyes, “Look, you’re not insane. Well, you might be but as far as seeing me goes… You aren’t crazy.”

“Right, you’re just dead… laying in my bed, beside me.”

“Okay, well in my defense I haven’t lifted anything since I’ve been dead and you’re no feather.”

She sighed heavily, saying nothing.


She didn’t respond.

“Hello?” I moved closer to her, glancing down at her.

“I’m not going to respond to you anymore. I’m not going to… let myself be crazy.” She looked towards the wall, “You’re not real.” She was trying to convince herself and I wasn’t ready to let her believe I wasn’t real.

“Sleep well.” I laughed, “I’ll see you in the morning sweetheart.”

She didn’t say anything but that was okay; I was persistent. She’d either move out or I’d figure out another use for her.

For approximately an hour we just laid beside each other, saying nothing. I let my fingers linger upon her skin, laughing as she shivered and tried so desperately to ignore me. I’d never actually driven someone crazy before… this had potential.

Then the damn doorbell rang. I sat up, annoyed. “You invited someone over to my house?” How rude.

She said nothing, as she pulled herself out of bed. I followed, feeling my entire body turn transparent. I couldn’t have the whole world knowing about me, now could I?

“Adam.” A huge sigh fell from Dylan’s lips and she leaned against the doorframe, entire body relaxing. “I’m so glad you’re here, I almost forgot.”

“Dylan!” She began falling forward and though I stupidly reached out for her, my hands went right through her. Adam caught her easily, staring down at her head wound. “What the hell happened?”

“I fell.” Dylan murmured, relaxing against his solid body.

“Come on…” Adam carefully led her back in to the bathroom, lifting her easily so that he could set her on the counter. “Now don’t move. There is glass everywhere. I don’t want you to cut yourself.”

Dylan’s eyes were falling closed and I did my best to keep them open as Adam busied himself, picking up the broken glass. It was incredibly hard to allow Dylan to feel my touch, while keeping myself transparent, and it wasn’t like I’d had a lot of practice either… I’d been dead awhile, but I’d only done minor things to let people believe the place was haunted… since it was.

I just wanted to be left alone. Was that such a hard concept to grasp? Since this was the only place I could go… I didn’t want other people here.

Dylan’s eyelids fluttered back open but she stared right through me, as Adam gently dabbed at her head with a wet washcloth. “Jesus Dylan, I know you’re a klutz but… this is serious, you could have seriously hurt yourself. What were you doing in here?”

“Dylan?” It felt like Adam was staring directly at me. Had I fallen forward? Why wasn’t Dylan speaking?

Sudden pain struck me and I cried out, surprising myself at the girly voice my words took on. “What the hell?”

Adam stared quizzically, “Sorry, I just want to get the wound cleaned.”

“I just-“ I started speaking, internally freaking out. This had never happened before. “Thank you.” I spit out, staring straight ahead. Somehow I’d fallen in to Dylan. Possession? How the hell? Without even meaning to?

“It’s as clean as I’m going to be able to get it. Did you want to go to the hospital and get checked out?” Adam asked, setting the bloody washcloth down.

“No… thank you.” I tried the words out, listening to Dylan’s voice. This was so weird… so strange yet… I was alive again, in a way.

“Time to unpack then?” Adam was still regarding me strangely, as if he could tell something was up.

“Actually, do you want to…” A wicked smile found its way on to Dylan’s face, “Go out and grab something to eat?” I would be able to leave this house!

“Sure.” I nearly pulled away in disgust as Adam’s arms wrapped around me- well around Dylan- and pulled us off the counter. I could do without being touched by a guy, because each touch I could feel and as he grabbed her ass… I nearly vomited.

Our footsteps echoed in my mind and I could hear Dylan nowhere, where had she gone? I didn’t know too much about possession. How could I have known that would be my way out of this damn hell?

Adam was first out the door. I glanced at him nervously, and he smiled. “Come on baby.” But I felt a sharp shock through my body as I tried to step outside and I had been expelled from Dylan’s body.

Dylan breathed out roughly, falling in to Adam’s body again.

“Whoa, maybe we should go to the hospital.” Adam held on to Dylan but she pulled away, glaring in to the seemingly empty house that held my spirit.

“No, going out to eat sounds just fine to me.” She spit out, slamming the door, once again cutting me off from any type of freedom.

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