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3- Comfort Food

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Dylan’s eyes widened in confusion, “You didn’t want to hurt me.”

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“Goodnight Adam.” Jon leaned against the wall next to the door, listening to Dylan and Adam talk after their outing. They’d been outside talking for the last five minutes but it sounded like Dylan might finally wrap it up.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” Adam asked, and Jon rolled his eyes.

“I’m fine now, thanks. I just needed to eat. All better now!” Dylan sounded eager to get inside, alone.

“Call me babe.” Adam replied.

Jon listened, cringing as he realized they were kissing.

Seconds later the door opened and Dylan walked inside, shutting and locking the door behind her. “How could you?” She asked, loudly and angrily.

Jon sighed, running his fingers through his hair. He was visible to her but hadn’t exactly expected her rage. He was just disappointed that he hadn’t been able to possess her outside of the house.

“It’s not like it worked.” Jon replied, calmly.

“But if it had? How long were you going to hijack my body?” Dylan shivered as she recalled how it felt to basically be pushed aside in her own body.

“Just long enough to find out how to hijack a dude’s body.” Jon replied, shivering as well. “I don’t want a sex change.”

Dylan’s eyes narrowed, “Good to know. I won’t be inviting any male friends over from here on out.”

“Great.” Jon replied, following her to her bedroom. “It’s not like I want to watch you having sex anyway. I was never much in to porn.”

“I don’t have sex with all of my guy friends.” Dylan said, annoyed.

“Just Adam?” Jon asked, leaning against Dylan’s bedroom doorway. “You could do so much better.”

“What does it matter to you who I date?”

“I’m just saying- You could go out and find someone hotter and bring him home.” Jon flashed a grin, “And then I could somehow possess him. Come on, help a buddy out!”

“Since when did we become buddies?” Dylan asked, glaring openly at Jon.

“Since you moved in to my house uninvited. We’re roommates, okay? We might as well be buddies.” Jon shrugged, gazing at Dylan.

“I don’t particularly want a dead roommate and turn around. I’m going to undress now.” Dylan said, continuing to glare at Jon. She was pissed because he saw fit to use her body and tried to take off with it. She’d never before had something stolen from her but she figured it would be better if he stole something a little less important than her body.

“I’d rather watch.” Jon winked.

Dylan paled, “Turn around, now.” She demanded.

“Ooh, you’re a little feisty.” Jon responded, turning around.

“Don’t you want to go to, like heaven or wherever you’ll go?” Dylan asked, as she pulled off her shirt. She was exhausted, and so ready for the break she’d been promised with the end of school.

“How do you know I won’t go to hell?” Jon asked, darkly.

“Were you a bad person when you were alive?” Dylan was curious.

“I wasn’t really good in anyway. I was rather selfish.” Jon responded, bored with the subject. “Plus it’s not like I can just close my eyes and go. I’m just trapped here. I don’t know why or for how long… but so far I haven’t been given any other options.”

“Maybe you just don’t know how to die right.”

That kind of stung, but Jon wasn’t going to admit it. “Says the girl that lives with a dead guy. I think that maybe you don’t know how to live.”

“You were here when I moved in. That’s not my fault.” Dylan brushed past him, wearing her pajamas.

Jon grinned crookedly, “What are you, twelve?” He asked, glancing at her outfit. “Evidently the definition of sexy was lost on you.”

Dylan frowned, stopping in place. “I’m not very good at being on display Jon.” She whispered, “But I do it every day, just like everyone else. I’d really like to be able to just drop all the bullshit at home. I like these. They are comfortable and they keep me warm… and even though- even though they don’t make me all that aesthetically pleasing I feel good in them and that’s something rare.”

Jon was shocked by the admission but so was Dylan. She wasn’t sure as why she admitted her feelings of inadequacy to Jon but she figured it had something to do with him stealing her body temporarily. It had really shaken her up, even if she hadn’t quite shown it at the time. Her body was all she really had, none of her smaller possessions really meant much and she knew they would all come and go as she grew older… but her body- that was supposed to be hers.

After a few minutes passed Jon licked his lips, unable to even wet them. “They are… They’re cute.” He lied, feeling a rush of disgust towards himself. He didn’t really mean to make Dylan feel bad. He was just upset that he was trapped in this damn house.

Dylan frowned again but soon her frown broke and she chuckled, “They’re ugly.” She admitted, blushing.

Jon chuckled as well, watching the way her blood heated her face. It was something he’d never really paid much notice to when he was alive. When girls blushed they were adorable. The realization surprised him. Dylan was… pretty.

“You’re right. They are.” Jon agreed, grinning.

“Today was just hectic.” Dylan admitted. “I didn’t mean to go all dramatic on you. I think some ice cream is in order.” She paused, frowning again. “Damn, do you eat?”

Jon laughed, “I’ve never tried… So, I guess I’m not sure.”

“Well, let’s try. I think we both deserve some ice cream right now.” Dylan said, leading the way in to the partially unpacked kitchen. “Pick your poison.” She opened the freezer, revealing plain chocolate and chocolate chip mint.

“Um, you pick for me.” Jon replied, standing behind her.

Dylan grabbed the container of chocolate chip mint ice cream, “This is my all-time favorite and called for in all sad situations.” She bit her lip, “Though I’m not entirely sure this is a sad situation… since you didn’t just die, but I just found out that you’re dead and well, it’s more a matter of confusion. Maybe we need the chocolate.” She glanced at the container, “Nah, screw it. We’ll go for the good stuff.”

Jon chuckled as he listened to her. He’d never heard anyone have such a dilemma over ice cream. It reminded him of one of his best friends from his former life, Brendon. Brendon loved sweet stuff. He missed him… and wondered how he was doing, along with the rest of his band. He didn’t get much news from the outside world, with only the plain white walls to talk to.

Dylan set the container on the counter and rooted around in one of the opened boxes, looking for spoons. Eventually she pulled out two and handed one to Jon, which he took after momentary confusion.

He silently dipped the spoon in to the somewhat melted ice cream. It’d taken Dylan quite a while to find the spoons. He brought the creamy goodness to his lips but felt a sense of betrayal as his body rejected the food, though it was what he’d expected. “I can’t retain it.” He muttered, finding it a little weird that it had slipped right through his barely existent body on to the floor.

Dylan sighed heavily, “I know how you can enjoy it.” She was frowning though.

“Huh?” Jon glanced at her confused.

“Listen up ghost boy, don’t you dare take this as some form of acceptance or as me sharing… and I sure as hell still have not forgiven you for the stunt you pulled earlier but…” Dylan’s tone changed, sympathy leaking in. “Everyone needs a little chocolate chip mint ice cream now and again so I give you a one-time pass to do that possession thing.”

Jon’s eyes widened, “Really?”

“Really.” Dylan set her spoon down.

She closed her eyes, bracing herself.

Jon tentatively touched her arm, brushing his fingers against it. “It didn’t hurt last time, did it?”

“No.” Dylan peeked at Jon with one eye, barely opening it, “Was it supposed to?”

“I’m just as new to this as you are.” Jon replied, “But you look like you’re bracing yourself for a head on collision.”

“It’s just odd is all.” Dylan responded, shrugging. She closed both eyes once again. “Well?”

Jon sighed but stepped forward, attempting to make himself transparent once again. Instead he ended up walking directly in to Dylan and they both stumbled back. “Ow.” Dylan muttered, falling backwards in to the counter.

Jon reached out to steady her but he was unbalanced as well and fell forward, directly in to her once again.

“Whoa.” Jon spoke with Dylan’s voice. “It worked.”

He straightened up, glancing down at Dylan’s smaller hands. With one he reached out, grasping on to the spoon. It felt weird… like he was watching someone else move, but it took all of his direction. He gathered some melted ice cream on to the spoon and brought it to his lips, tasting the delicious chocolate chip mint ice cream. It was delightful, and he hadn’t realized how much he missed food. He took yet another bite but attempted to hurry, knowing Dylan wouldn’t appreciate being… well, wherever she was… for too long. He started thinking about it, finding himself a little worried. If he was in her body then where was she? He couldn’t even feel her.

He suddenly felt too sick to eat and he threw the spoon in to the ice cream container and tried to expel himself- to no avail.

What if he killed her by doing this? The idea disturbed him. He was messing with something he had no control over… How could he be so stupid? “Dylan- I don’t know if you can hear me… but I’m going to have to try to leave just to get you back, okay?” He spoke with Dylan’s voice and felt knots form in his- /well, her/- stomach.

Without another thought he sprinted to the front door, a bad feeling taking over. Something was wrong. He opened the door and tossed himself out in to the hallway- feeling the sharp pull as he was expelled from Dylan’s body once again.

He heard her heavy breathing as she returned to her body and awkwardly steadied herself. Glancing behind her she saw Jon, a look of concern upon his face. “Are you okay?” He asked immediately.

Dylan’s eyes widened in confusion, “You didn’t want to hurt me.”

“You could feel what I was feeling?” Jon asked, just as confused.

“Yeah.” Dylan breathed out.

“So you were still there?” Jon asked.

“Yeah, I was… I just- I felt pushed to the back of my own body, I guess. I was just watching but I could feel what you felt and I heard your thoughts, kind of. They were jumbled… but I felt your concern.” Dylan stared in to Jon’s eyes.

Jon shrugged, “What? Don’t tell me you thought I wanted to kill you and steal your body? Remember, I don’t want a sex change.”

Dylan cracked a small smile as she stepped back in to the warmth of her home… Jon’s home. The truth was that Dylan was surprised Jon cared at all. He seemed so hateful. To feel a different side of him… Well, it was shocking.

“It was good ice cream.” Jon muttered, looking away from Dylan. “Thanks.”

“Anytime.” Dylan winced once the word came out, “Well, not exactly… If you ever need another ice cream break you have to ask first, okay?”

“Aren’t you worried that one time you might just not come back?” Jon asked, surprised.

Dylan sighed, “I’m not going to claim to understand any of this Jon, and I’m worried about a hell of a lot more than that.”

Jon laughed, “You still think you’re crazy, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah.” Dylan admitted, cracking a smile.

Jon smiled as well, shaking his head.

Together they walked back to the kitchen and Jon watched as Dylan unpacked.

She moved with a lack of grace and quite a few times Jon saved dishes from meeting the floor. Finally he gave up and moved closer to her, taking each item from her that needed to be on a higher shelf.

Instead of scaring her away… he was helping her move in.

It was odd for her, but it was just as odd for him.
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