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4- Setting Yourself Up For Failure

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Jon makes a mistake but only Dylan seems to realize it.

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Dylan woke with a start, feeling disoriented. “You’ve only been asleep for a few hours.” Jon spoke from beside her, making her jump. “Why are you waking up?” He wrinkled his nose as he gazed down at her.

“Were you watching me sleep?” Dylan asked, disturbed by the idea that someone would be watching her while she slept.

“Maybe.” Jon shrugged, “You were making weird noises.”

“So, you decided to stare?” Dylan asked, grabbing her blanket and pulling it higher over her body. She felt exposed. “That’s not okay.”

“What exactly are you afraid I’ll see?” Jon asked, confused. “I was just looking.”

“Look at something else.” Dylan snapped, tired.

Jon looked away, shifting. “Fine.” He mumbled, “Sorry. I didn’t know you’d get so upset.”

“I-“ Dylan bit her bottom lip and pulled herself in to a sitting position. “I just don’t like being stared at. It makes me uncomfortable, okay?”

“I think we’ve established that.” Jon replied.

“Do you not sleep?” Dylan asked, finding she had so many questions of the afterlife… Well, the one that Jon was experiencing anyway.

She didn’t want to overwhelm him with questions though.

“I do.” Jon responded, “I’m not tired right now though.”

Dylan yawned, looking over at Jon. “Would you prefer to watch a movie or something? I figure that would be a lot more interesting than the noises I make when I sleep.” She blushed as she repeated his words, with a twist. She wasn’t aware she made noises.

“What movies do you have?” Jon asked, showing a hint of interest.

“All kinds.” Dylan pulled herself from bed, though it was a struggle. “I have action, romance, horror… hmm- pretty much an array of genres. My parents gave me a good percentage of their collection because they never watch DVD’s- they just watch whatever is on television.”

“I like comedy.” Jon mumbled, following Dylan out of her bedroom and in to the living room. She looked around at the boxes before her eyes fixed on one. “There it is.” She pulled it open, silently cursing herself out for using so much tape. “Whoa.” Jon leaned down. “How about Wanted? I never got around to watching that. Was it any good?”

“… Not really.” Dylan responded. “Well, I didn’t like it. My dad did. I can put it on. Maybe you’ll like it.”

“Sure.” Jon gazed at Dylan for a few moments.

She blushed under his intense stare and was the first to look away. “Right. I’ll just put this on.” She awkwardly said, walking back to her bedroom. She was very much aware of Jon walking behind her, though he said nothing.

“You know I was going to say that the reason I really hated this was because it’s so damn unrealistic but now… Now I can’t really say what is unrealistic.” Dylan turned the DVD player on and slipped the disc inside. “Everything seems unrealistic now. It’s like I’m living in a dream-like state. None of this seems real.”

“At least it’s not a nightmare.” Jon replied, sitting upon her bed.

Dylan didn’t respond.

Once she was settled back in bed she glanced at Jon, “Please don’t watch me sleep.” She mumbled, blushing.

Jon just gazed down at her, wondering why she was so damn self-conscious.

And once she fell asleep…

He watched her sleep, instead of watching the movie- which failed to capture his interest.


Jon jumped awake at loud knocking and was startled once again as Dylan jumped awake, her eyelashes blinking quickly in confusion. “Who is it?” She muttered sleepily, clutching on to her pillow.

Jon stood up, “I don’t know. I can’t really answer the door.” He reminded an exhausted Dylan.

She said nothing, hesitantly dragging herself from bed.

Jon wasn’t a fan of making himself disappear from view yet he still did it, following Dylan to the front door.

As she opened it Kayley came barreling through, throwing her arms around Dylan. “Oh my god Dylan! You’ll never guess what happened!” Dylan’s mouth fell open in horror as Kayley thrust her finger in her face, a slightly impressive ring now wrapped around it.

“I-“ Dylan’s eyes widened, as she tried to regain her ability to speak. “Derek gave you a ring… a promise ring?” She hoped.

Kayley shook her head, oblivious to Dylan’s frown. “Derek proposed!”

Dylan couldn’t help herself, the words just fell out. “Are you pregnant?”

Kayley glared, “No, of course not. It’s not like that. He proposed because he wanted to- and because he wants me to be his wife.”

“Kayley, we just graduated!” Dylan said, running her fingers through her sleep messed hair. “Don’t you think it’s a little early to start making such drastic decisions? What harm will waiting do?”

Kayley’s eyes narrowed. “I should have expected this from you. Why can’t you just be happy for me, like a normal friend would be?”

Dylan sighed, unsure as to what to do in this situation. “I am… oh, I can’t lie to you Kay. I’m not happy for you. I think you’re making this decision without really thinking it through. Did you already say yes?”

“Of course I did!” Kayley’s eyes burned with anger. “Oh, just forget it! I’ll go tell someone who actually fucking cares!”

Dylan wasn’t able to say anything else as Kayley threw the front door open and rushed outside. The door slammed in Dylan’s face and she stared at it in disdain.

“I guess you think I’m being a terrible friend too.” Dylan said, after what felt like forever.

“Actually I’m on your side.” Jon mumbled, becoming visible once again. “I think you’re a good friend for trying to be logical. Not many people are strong enough to actually be honest with people they consider their friends. She can choose to not believe it but friendship isn’t always just about being told what you want to hear.”

Dylan was surprised with Jon’s response but she felt a small smile tug at her lips. “Well, despite my honesty… I still feel like shit.”

“That’s a definite downside of honesty.” Jon nodded.

“I can’t believe she wants to get married right out of high school!” Dylan let her anger towards her friends stupidity show through for just a moment. “Why would she want that?”

Jon raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You don’t have hopes of marriage?”

“Well, I haven’t really thought about it.” Dylan admitted, walking towards the couch. Jon trailed behind her, watching as she leaned back against it, letting her body comfortably sink in to the couch. “I definitely wouldn’t want it now. I’ve barely begun livi- oh shit.” Dylan came to the realization that Jon wasn’t much older than her- or he didn’t look like he was. “I’m sorry. That was a stupid thing to almost say.”

Jon just shrugged, “I knew you’d say it though.” He smiled, smugly. “And though I agree with your honesty… You need to know that life isn’t always as long as you expect it to be. So what if she makes dumb decisions when she’s young? She might not be alive to make those dumb decisions if she waits until she’s older. It’s not so black and white Dylan.”

Dylan hated to admit it but she had to. “You’re right.” She grabbed her cell phone from the coffee table in the center of the living room and paced back and forth as she waited for Kayley to answer.

She never did.

“She’s really mad at me.” She finally said, glancing at Jon. “I don’t even know what to say to her. I can’t really stand behind something I don’t think is right but… I also agree with you. I just can’t quite cite some dead guy that’s living with me. She’d probably freak out a little more.”

“Just tell her that you care about her and just want her to be happy.” Jon offered, shrugging.

Dylan breathed out deeply and attempted to call Kayley again.

It went to voicemail.

“Hey, Kay- it’s me Dylan… Well, obviously. I’m sorry that I reacted the way I did. You know me? I’m not good at things like this. What I should have said is that I’m happy for you, if this is what you want. I’m so happy for you, so long as you’re happy. Please call me back. I hate it when we fight. It’s never worth it in the end. I just want you to be happy. Congratulations to you and Derek! Love ya.” Dylan heard the beep and stopped talking just in time.

“Well done.” Jon encouraged, sinking on to the couch beside Dylan.

“Were you in love?” Dylan finally asked, not looking at Jon.

“Me?” Jon was surprised by the question. “No, that never happened for me.”

“So, you never entertained the idea of marriage?” Dylan asked, intrigued.

“I wasn’t really in to the kind of girls that you married.” Jon admitted. “I liked sex, and I liked girls that liked sex. None of my relationships ever went beyond that. What about you?” Jon’s tone became a teasing one. “Do you fantasize about marrying /Adam/?”

Dylan laughed, “I couldn’t imagine being married to someone. Seeing them every single day? I’m a mess of nerves just thinking about it.”

“Why?” Jon glanced at Dylan but she was looking ahead of her, towards the wall.

“I’m not nearly interesting enough to have a relationship last forever. I’m sure Adam would lose interest within twenty four hours of living together.”

“We’ve made it twenty four hours.” Jon pointed out.

“And just look at you.” Dylan cracked a smile, looking over at Jon. “You’re just dying of boredom.” She joked.

“She’s got jokes.” Jon teased, eyes alight with humor.

“I’m full of them, just you wait.” Dylan grinned.

“Ah, well I have… let’s see… oh, it looks like forever. What about you?” Jon grinned in return.

Dylan laughed, “Probably not forever but about fifty or so years if I’m lucky.”

“I can work with that.” Jon replied.


Dylan had fallen asleep on the couch and was startled awake once again when someone started knocking on her door again. She was quick to her feet, hoping it was Kayley.

Jon was nowhere to be seen.

It wasn’t Kayley but instead Adam. “Hi.” Dylan murmured, glancing at Adam. He looked anxious.

“Kayley is a little upset.” He responded, frowning. “Why couldn’t you just be happy for her Dylan?”

“Did you seriously come over here to scold me?” Dylan frowned, frustrated. She was okay with apologizing to Kayley but she wouldn’t apologize to anyone else. She was just being honest. They were too young to be considering things like marriage.

“She’s just really upset.” Adam responded, his frown growing. “She wanted me to try and come over here and reason with you.”

“Since when are you guys the bestest of friends?” Dylan asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

Adam ran his fingers through his hair, “Can we just admit that you were wrong and move on? I hate when Kayley is upset because then everyone is upset- and Derek doesn’t want to deal with it.”

“If Derek can’t deal with her emotions then maybe he shouldn’t have proposed.”

“Seriously Dylan? They are both eighteen. They can do whatever the hell they want to do.” Adam yelled, exasperated.

“Legally they can.” Dylan responded, “But as their friends shouldn’t we want what is best for them? This isn’t best. I’m pretty sure broken bones would be better! At least those have the potential to heal. We have no idea how much havoc this will wreak on their lives!” Dylan was yelling a little as well, mainly from exhaustion. She kept getting woken up.

“So, you’d be happier about broken bones?” Adam asked, quite darkly.

“I would.” Dylan said, just out of spite. This entire situation was getting out of control and she just wanted what was best for her friend.

“What’s going on out there?” Dylan jumped at Jon’s soft voice.

Adam’s eyes widened and Dylan turned to look at Jon. He didn’t look like her not so friendly ghost. Instead he could be mistaken for a normal person, which is how Adam would see it… just a normal guy chilling at his girlfriend’s house.

“Are you aware that you were yelling?” Jon asked, gazing impassively at Adam.

Adam stared back at him in obvious surprise. “Who the hell is he?” He finally got out, turning his glare to Dylan.

“This is-“ Dylan was cut off.

“I’m just a friend. I’m visiting and needed somewhere to stay. Dylan was kind and offered me her place for a few days.” Jon explained, quite coldly.

“A friend?” Adam was openly frowning.

“Yes, a friend.” Dylan mumbled.

“Well, then.” Adam cleared his throat. “I’ll just talk to you later then Dylan.” He shot a meaningful look towards Dylan before quickly turning away.

Once the door was closed Dylan turned her anger towards Jon, “Well?”

“What?” Jon shrugged, yawning.

“You let him see you!” Dylan said, surprised. She thought over this new turn of events… Aside from her boyfriend being angry with her… It also meant she wasn’t crazy! Adam had seen Jon as well.

Jon grinned, “See, you’re not crazy.” It was as if he’d read her mind.

“Why though Jon?”

“He was yelling.” Jon shrugged, “The only way I can protect yo- the house, is by appearing at least somewhat intimidating.” He attempted to correct himself but Dylan had heard the slip.

“So, you do have a little Casper in you after all.”

“I just got caught off guard.” Jon admitted, “I just woke up and I woke up to yelling. It was weird for me.”

“Me too.” Dylan responded. “I don’t think I’ve ever had so many people angry with me… and now my three closest friends, the only friends I really hang out with are all mad at me.”

“It’s all just because you spoke your mind. Do you really want friends who want you to lie to them?” Jon asked, watching Dylan carefully.

“We’re all just liars.” Dylan responded. “You’d think I’d be smart enough to know when a little white lie would help.”

Jon chuckled, “It must be all of those plates falling on your head.”

Dylan couldn’t help but crack a smile, “I guess with all of the things that have fallen on my head I’m lucky I don’t have brain damage. Unless you’re some sort of symptom.”

“I don’t think so.” Jon responded.

“Are you worried about Adam knowing about you?” Dylan asked, eyebrows furrowing.

“No, not really.” Jon answered, shrugging. “I mean, I’ve never really revealed myself before but it’s not like he could tell I was a ghost… he’s just going to think I’m your friend and he’ll never see me again.”

“I guess.” Dylan couldn’t help but be a little worried though.
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