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5- Betrayal, and a Visitor

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“Why would you want to casually make out with me? You don’t even like me.”

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Jon watched from behind Dylan as she brushed her teeth furiously, “Are you always so violent when you do this?” He asked, as he cocked his head to the side.

Dylan had just woken and was already starting to get frustrated with Jon. He always looked so perfect, and she was always a mess. His hair was always perfectly in place, tousled in a way that would take any other guy at least an hour- and he never looked tired. He was always watching her, or waiting for her. It was like having a puppy- one that could talk, and wasn’t exactly excited to see her. He didn’t wag his tail, or anything equally adorable like that.

It had been a week and she hadn’t heard from any of her friends. Jon had been the one to keep her sane, and the irony didn’t escape her. He even watched horror movies with her, and when she got too afraid he let her hide her face in his shoulder, which felt just as real as any other shoulder she’d touched. She almost forgot he was dead and he seemed so alive at times, except for his perfect appearance and the fact that he didn’t eat, or leave the house.

“I just like to make sure my teeth are clean.” Dylan responded after spitting out a mouthful of toothpaste. “You must have terrible after death breath.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe that you just said that.”

Dylan just shrugged, as she continued scrubbing her teeth clean.

“You could check, you know.” Jon casually commented.

“Check what?” Dylan asked, around a mouthful of toothpaste.

“Charming.” Jon rolled his eyes, and Dylan caught it as she gazed at his reflection. “You could always see what my mouth smells like, or better yet… what it tastes like.”

Dylan stopped brushing her teeth. “I’m not really sure what you’re suggesting Jon. You’re going to have to spell it out for me.”

Jon sighed and pushed past Dylan. She watched curiously as he picked up a tube of her lipstick. It was a pink hue, one that she liked to wear every now and then. He took the cap off and started writing on her bathroom mirror.

Dylan watched, holding her toothbrush with a light grip.

Once Jon was finished and had moved out of the way she dropped the toothbrush out of surprise, and thankfully Jon grabbed it before it hit the ground. He made a face of disgust though. “This is covered in saliva and toothpaste.” With that said he tossed it in the sink and wiped his hands on one of the towels Dylan had in the bathroom.

Dylan just stared at Jon’s proposal, which was spelled out as she’d requested.

Make out with me. –J

“You didn’t have to sign it.” Dylan finally said. “I watched you write it.”

“Yeah, well you don’t exactly catch on real quick.” Jon replied.

“I’m not that stupid!” Dylan crossed her arms over her chest, “And I’m in a relationship. Oh, and you’re dead. Plus, I don’t make out with guys who constantly insult me.”

“That was a lot of additives.” Jon remarked as he gazed at Dylan. “It can be no strings attached making out.” He offered.

“Why?” Dylan shook her head. “God, I must be crazy.”

“I thought we already established that you weren’t. Your idiot friend saw me. The guy that sees fit to randomly yell. You should break up with him, why haven’t you already?”

“Because I don’t plan on breaking up with my boyfriend just because you don’t like him.” Dylan responded. “Why would you want to casually make out with me? You don’t even like me.”

“That’s why it’s casual.” Jon answered, “And you don’t really like him either. He’s a douchebag.”

Dylan didn’t really have a comeback for that. Adam could be a douchebag sometimes and Jon had witnessed that. She wasn’t entirely sure as to why she was really with him. Things were fine sometimes, and she had a suspicion that she just liked being with someone- to be with them. It wasn’t like she actually liked having him around or anything. She didn’t invite him over every single night, like Kayley did with Derek. Maybe their feelings were different, and she just couldn’t get it. Dylan suddenly felt shitty all over again.

As her lips began to fall in to a frown it was like Jon immediately read her mind. “No, no more of that depression shit.” He snapped. “We are not doing this anymore. After we watched the saw movies I had to hold your hair back while you puked for like an hour. I’m not doing that again. My senses are not nearly dead enough for that.”

Dylan rolled her eyes, “You didn’t have to stay with me.”

“I’m not an asshole.” Jon replied.

“Actually, you kind of are.” Dylan informed him while shaking her head. “And it’s great to know that the only reason you hung out with me all week was because you didn’t want to be an asshole. I don’t want a pity friend.”

Jon paused, and actually looked confused for a second. “I’m your friend?”

“I thought you were.” Dylan answered, “But obviously not.”

Jon thought for a second before speaking, “No, I am your friend.”

Dylan just stared at him.

Jon grinned crookedly, “Now, can you kiss me? It’s been a while.”

With a groan Dylan turned away from him and stormed in to her bedroom. Jon effortlessly followed. She searched through her closet for something, eventually emerging with a light blue dress. “What do you think?”

“How very Mary Poppins of you.” Jon answered.

Dylan didn’t say anything in regards to his comment, instead gesturing towards the door. “Out, or at least turn around. I need to get dressed.”

Jon turned around and waited, as he always did.

“What are we doing today?” He asked.

Dylan pulled the dress on, pleased with how comfortable and light it was. It was pretty hot outside and she didn’t want anything too restricting. “I’m going to head over to Kayley’s apartment. Well, actually… maybe I’ll go to Adam’s first. By the end of the day I plan to have resolved my issues with the both of them though.”

“Oh.” Dylan could hear the frown in Jon’s voice.

“You could watch a few movies while I’m out.” Dylan suggested.

“Or I could go through your underwear drawer.”

“Excuse me?” Dylan’s cheeks heated, even though Jon couldn’t see her.

“Shit. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

“I seriously need to put a lock on that drawer.” Dylan commented, “And it’s safe to turn around now.”

Jon turned and glanced at her. “Cute.” He finally commented, which surprised Dylan.

“I think that might actually be the first compliment you’ve given me Casper.”

“Cute, as in five year old cute.” Jon corrected. “When are you going to start dressing your age?”

“When are you going to actually die?” Dylan asked in return.

Jon rolled his eyes, “Big words little girl.”

“Not really.” Dylan responded. “But if they are hard to understand I could get you a dictionary while I’m out.”

“No thanks, you’re boring enough as is.” Jon answered.

It wasn’t unfamiliar conversation for either of them, seeing as how they’d grown accustomed to each other’s insults throughout the week. Dylan even learned that Jon liked pranks, unfortunately. He’d dumped cold water on her while she was sleeping, locked her out of her own computer, and placed a dead mouse in her bed. It wasn’t exactly the type of pranks she was used to, but Jon found them all funny as hell.

In response Dylan did all she really could. She ate in front of Jon, and made sure that he knew just how delicious each and every single bite was.

He generally just watched with an ever growing scowl.

“Do you really have to leave right now?” Jon asked, as he followed Dylan to the door. “I mean, I kind of think that you should shave your legs first. You’re looking hairy.”

Dylan rolled her eyes, “I shaved my legs last night Jon.”

“And they are already this hairy? Yuck.” Jon stuck his tongue out.

“They aren’t hairy and I’m leaving now.” Dylan sighed heavily before turning to face Jon. “Wish me luck?”

Jon’s expression softened. “Good luck Dylan.”

Dylan smiled weakly, and Jon returned the smile.

Once Dylan was outside of her home she felt small and insignificant though, as if all of her confidence had been zapped away. It was weird how all of Jon’s insults actually helped her build confidence, and he made her laugh.

Dylan was walking to her car when she was interrupted. “Excuse me miss.” A young man popped out of nowhere, making Dylan jump. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” He smiled kindly. He had a nice smile, and was very attractive- and very familiar. She couldn’t think of where she’d seen him before though. He had brown hair that nearly touched his eyes, hanging in front of his face. He was probably about 5’8, and of average build- or seemed so, she couldn’t really tell with his shirt on. She was never a very good judge of things like that. That was Kayley’s department.

“Oh, I’m just jumpy.” Dylan finally replied. “I’m sorry. Did you need something?” She wracked her brain for details as to when they’d met, and where. Nothing came to mind and in frustration she gave up.

“I just-“ He looked so nervous. “This – here, I think you dropped this.” He handed Dylan a generic pen and she just gazed at it. “It’s important to have your pen on you.” He commented, quite lamely.

Dylan took the pen, “Er- thanks.”

“No problem.” He flashed his flattering smile once again. “So do you live around here?”

“Yeah, right there.” Dylan gestured to her house and instantly kind of regretted it. She didn’t know this guy, and he definitely didn’t need to know where she lived. She just kind of felt comfortable around him though. She couldn’t figure out why, or even where she recognized him from though.

“Oh wow.” The man faked shock, but Dylan wasn’t impressed. “I’ve heard a lot of weird stories about that place. Does anything weird ever happen to you?” Dylan went cold, and worry for Jon spiked through her. What would happen if someone found out? He couldn’t leave the house. He’d be trapped, vulnerable to intruders. She didn’t like to think about it, because she wasn’t sure what someone could do to him- since he seemed so solid most of the time.

Dylan’s mouth went dry and she shook her head, “Weird, like how?” She tried to play it cool.

The man shrugged, “You’re going to think I’m crazy but I- I think it’s haunted, from everything I’ve heard. You know, like by a ghost? Maybe something terrible happened there and now… someone is haunting the place.”

Dylan shook her head, “That is crazy, and I’m sorry but I’m on my way out. See you around.” Though she hoped she wouldn’t. He was too close to the truth and she didn’t like it.

She didn’t want anything to happen to Jon, and she didn’t want him to be some freak show either.

He was just a dead guy, in a really crappy situation.

Dylan decided on Adam’s place first. He had a cozy little apartment close to the college that he would be attending. She found it quickly and climbed out of her car, searching for his. She didn’t see it but there were a lot of cars, so she figured that didn’t mean anything.

Once inside the hallway she knocked, waiting patiently.

She could hear something going on from the other side of the door and then the door opened, and Adam’s roommate poked his head out. Dylan had forgotten his name. It was something like Eric, or maybe Jason. She really had no clue.

“Oh hey, come in.” He moved to the side and Dylan stepped inside. “Adam is in his room but someone is in there with him so you can just wait out here if you want.”

Dylan glanced around and shrugged, “I’ll just go in, I’m sure he won’t mind.” She didn’t think she could be interrupting anything too bad, after all it was her boyfriend. He didn't do anything too important behind closed doors without her, and they didn't even do anything important together yet.

She was wrong. It was pretty bad.

Once Dylan had pushed the door open she just gazed in shock. “Kayley? Adam? … Derek? What the hell?” She was disgusted.

Kayley grabbed the sheet and immediately covered up. Derek just sat there with a grin. Adam glared, “Damn it Dylan, why didn’t you knock?”

She at least expected an apology, maybe some begging. “I didn’t expect you to be fucking my best friend and her… her boyfriend, fiancée, soon to be husband!” Dylan was flustered and upset.

Adam stood up, letting everything hang out. Dylan blushed brightly. “Come on Dylan, you know you aren’t ready for this kind of shit. It’s not really cheating. I do it with both of them, it’s not like I’m just doing Kayley.”

“You’re d-disgusting, all of you!” Dylan glared at Kayley. “I actually felt bad for hurting your feelings, because I thought we were friends!” Then her stare turned to Derek, “And you’re okay with another guy touching the girl you want to marry?” Her final glare was for Adam, and to him she spoke her last words. “It’s over.” It was simple and clear, and she gave him no chance to argue as she turned on her heel and left.

Once in her car Dylan let out a huge breath that she’d been holding in during her entire stomp out of and away from Adam’s apartment.

With a jolt she also realized where she remembered the boy she’d met earlier from. He was from a memory of Jon’s that she’d seen once.

He was one of the boy’s that had found Jon’s body!

Dylan felt sick as she started her car. She needed to get home, and fast- because she didn’t know why the boy was there, or what he knew. She just knew that she had to make sure Jon was okay because he was proving to be the only thing she really had.
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