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6- Will You?

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Dylan comes home to a surprise.

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Dylan rushed up the stairs to her home, finding that she was more shaken at the idea of losing Jon than she was towards the fact that she’d just lost all of her friends.

The door was closed and locked as she’d left it and her fingers trembled as she fought to shove the key in to the lock. It took her multiple tries before the door finally opened. As she stepped over the threshold she felt a cold pressure and stumbled back out in the hall. The door shut in her face. She stared in shock, before realizing it was Jon. Jon had just kicked her out!

“No.” Dylan kicked the door first before trying to open it. It was like there was a force pressing against it. She knew what that force was. It was Jon. Dylan felt tears fill her eyes because she was worried, and weak- and could do nothing. Was that man in there? Did he know about Jon? She didn’t know. She only had questions, without answers.

Finally Dylan sighed and placed her hand against the door. Quietly she whispered, “Please Jon, please let me in. I need in.”

The door creaked open, just an inch. Dylan pushed it the rest of the way open and quietly stepped inside. She didn’t bother to close the door behind her. Jon did it for her, quietly.

She couldn’t see him but she could feel him. He was all around her, and she felt safe because of him. He was her Casper, but right now she had to protect him from this intruder.

Once Dylan reached the hallway she saw him.

He was sitting in the hallway, a hood pulled over his face. He was facing her bedroom, not moving. “Excuse me.” Dylan spoke clearly, feeling her fear evaporate. There was something about this stranger that just seemed so innocent. She’d felt it outside, and now she felt it here.

The boy turned, pulling his hood down. Dylan heard a crash, and could basically feel Jon’s shock- and recognition. The tense air had leveled out. Jon was no longer frightened for her. “I’m sorry.” The boy whispered. “I just- I needed to come back.”

“You knew the boy that died here.” Dylan whispered, trying not to give too much away about what she knew. “I read the story, and that- that must be what you were talking about outside. The awful thing that happened.”

He nodded sadly, “I’m Brendon.” With careful grace he stood, extending his hand. Dylan took it and they shook. “Brendon Urie. Jon, the guy that was killed, is- was one of my best friends.”

Dylan nodded, “I’m Dylan.”

“I’m really sorry that I broke in to your house. I- I hope I didn’t scare you.”

“It’s okay.” Dylan replied. “Are you okay?”

Brendon shook his head. “I miss him. I thought- I- I’d read weird stories from other tenants here and- and I guess, I guess I hoped… I hoped this place was haunted. I hoped it was Jon.”

Dylan felt helpless because she couldn’t reveal Jon’s secret, only he could do that, but Brendon seemed to be in such pain- and it was sad to hear.

Brendon sighed heavily, “I should go. I- I can’t believe I even did this. God, I’m such a fucking asshole.”

Dylan shook her head, “No, I- I’m not angry.”

“Really?” Brendon seemed shocked.

Dylan shrugged, “How long are you in the city for, or do you live here?”

“I’ll be here for about two months.” Brendon answered. “I was thinking of moving back but I- I don’t know if I can handle that.”

“Well… um, do you want to come over tomorrow?” Dylan offered. “I mean, if you wanted. You could look around or spend some time in here. I’ll leave you alone when you need me to and um, well… maybe you could tell me about Jon.”

Brendon stared at her in complete surprise. “You want to know about Jon?”

“Yeah, I do.” Dylan replied.

Brendon nodded his head, “Yeah, yeah… okay.” He smiled fondly. “He was a great guy. I can bring pictures and stuff, and I have some stories you’d probably get a kick out of.” He was so open and friendly. Dylan was shocked. Most people would find the request weird, she found it weird and she was the one who’d suggested it! “Do you mind if I um bring a few friends? It would just be Ryan and Spencer.”

Dylan didn’t know who they were but she nodded, “Sure.”

Brendon smiled again, “Wow! Thanks Dylan… thanks a lot.” He continued to thank her until he reached the door. She just smiled, quickly getting tired of saying ‘you’re welcome’ and once the door closed behind Brendon she sighed out in relief. That had been a little awkward; some advance warning would have been great. Then again Jon had given advance warning, kind of.

“What the hell did you do that for?” Jon appeared in front of Dylan, leaning dangerously close to her.

Dylan backed away, momentarily frightened with Jon’s reaction. “I just… I want to know more about who you used to be.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “You’re going to drag him through the past and hurt him, just for that? You’re fucking selfish Dylan.”

“He seemed to want to talk about you!” Dylan replied, crossing her arms over her chest. “He misses you!”

“I heard him.” Jon replied angrily.

“Why didn’t you let him see you?”

“Because then he’d be trapped in this place too. You don’t know Brendon. He wouldn’t leave my side, even if it meant he’d suffer. I’m dead, he isn’t. He shouldn’t live like he is. In fact, you shouldn’t either. You should get out more.” Jon snapped.

“Please don’t get angry with me.” Dylan frowned; already too beat up emotionally to fight back. She couldn’t think of a single mean thing to say to Jon. She was completely exhausted, emotionally- and physically that took a toll.

Jon noticed. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Dylan shook her head and said nothing.

“No, you’ve already gone ahead and invited my three living best friends over, officially ruining my afterlife- so tell me, what the hell is wrong with your life now?” Jon snapped.

“How did I ruin your afterlife?” Dylan asked.

“Do you think I want to watch my friends cry over me? I didn’t know it was Brendon at first. I thought some intruder was going to hurt you. I was prepared to- prepared to do something to him, and I would have been hurting one of my best friends for you and you’re just a selfish, stupid human being.” Jon shook his head and stepped away from Dylan. “They are going to come over here tomorrow with pictures and tears, and I’m going to have to listen to how sad they are- when I’m the one that’s trapped. I’m going to have to feel bad, and you’re going to sit around and act like it’s some party, while they are suffering!”

Dylan was stung by his words.

“I’m not that inconsiderate.”

“You are the definition of inconsiderate.” Jon snapped.

“I’m sorry.” Dylan just didn't find it worth arguing over.

Jon frowned, “You’re sorry? Okay something is obviously fucking wrong. Spill already.”

“No, you don’t want to hear about it.”

“You’re such a whiny bitch.” Jon glared, “The list just keeps going for you, doesn’t it? Don’t you have any good qualities? Now I’m wondering why your boyfriend is with you.”

Dylan couldn’t hide the hurt that statement caused and Jon immediately noticed but as he opened his mouth to say something Dylan bolted from the room, rushing to the bathroom. “Don’t you dare come in!” She screamed, locking the door though she knew that would do no good. It still made her feel better.

She could hear Jon’s sigh from the other side of the door. “What did I say Dylan?” He called. “Look, I’m sorry. I was being a jackass. I just got upset. I didn’t think that it would be Brendon, and I’m not ready to see the rest of my friends- I wasn’t even ready to see him.”

Dylan sat on the edge of the bathtub and lightly rocked herself as everything that had happened washed over her, tears pricked at her eyelids. She felt betrayed, and by all three of the people that she was supposed to be able to trust.

“Did that douchebag do something to you?” Jon asked. “Just tell me, or hell, tell Brendon. I’m sure he’d go kick whatshisname’s ass for you!”

“Was it something I said?” Jon asked after a brief pause. “I’m sorry Dylan. I need to know if I hurt you, or if it was that other guy. I just… I need to know.” His tone changed dramatically, “I didn’t mean to hurt you if I did. Do you want to eat something delicious in front of me? I’ll let you rub it in, and my favorite food when I was alive was toaster strudels so you can eat those in front of me. It’ll be especially painful.”

The kindness in Jon’s tone got under Dylan’s skin and she unlocked and threw the door open. Jon was caught off guard as Dylan rushed in to his arms, holding on to him. He struggled to stay solid as he held on to her, hugging her tightly in return.

Dylan cried against his chest as she mumbled words that he couldn’t make out. “I’m sorry Dylan; I don’t understand a thing you’re saying.” Jon softly commented, as he brushed his fingers through her hair.

“He was cheating on me.” Dylan answered, as she pulled her face away from Jon’s chest.

Jon frowned, “With your best friend?”

Dylan nodded, “And her new fiancée.”

Jon’s mouth fell open a little, “Really?”

Dylan just nodded again.

“Kinkfest.” Jon replied, rolling his eyes. “They are all assholes, you know that?”

“That’s why I’m crying.” Dylan laughed a little as she wiped her tears away. She let go of Jon reluctantly and stood just inches from him. For a dead guy he felt pretty warm when he was holding on to her, but she wasn’t sure if she was just feeling her own warmth.

Jon reached forward, wiping tears from Dylan’s face. “You still have me.”

Dylan stared in to Jon’s eyes, and before she could stop herself she whispered the question that she didn’t really want an answer to. “Do I really?”

“What do you mean?” Jon asked.

“What if you just… disappear on me?” Dylan asked. “Like, what if you moved on? Maybe that’s why your friends are here, so that you can move on.”

“I’m not going to move on.” Jon answered bluntly.

“Why not?” Dylan asked.

Jon didn’t reply. He couldn’t voice his answer because even to him it sounded stupid. He wasn’t going to move on because he didn’t want to.

Dylan gave up on waiting for an answer as she wiped her tears away, “Okay, go ahead.”

“What?” Jon asked.

“Go ahead and make fun of me. I bet I look terrible, and you probably hated the hug, and I probably sounded like an animal in heat while I was sobbing- though I’m sure you have better insults.”

Jon chuckled, “I just have one thing to say.”

“What’s that?” Dylan braced herself for the worst and was still surprised.

“Will you make out with me now?” Jon asked, with a wicked grin.
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