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1- Smoke & Mirrors

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Death and life aren't nearly as far apart as we'd like to believe. (Jon fanfic)

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“This place is freakin’ sweet. Tell me again, how the hell did your dad get such cheap rent for it?” Kayley Beckett squealed as she tore up the stairs, to the old fashioned door.

“I don’t know.” I admitted, “My dad is just really good at finding good deals I guess.” I followed her up the stairs, ready for my new life in my new place. I’d been hoping for a cheap apartment at best but instead was pleasantly surprised to see that my father had found a cheap cozy house; meaning that I wouldn’t have to worry about neighbors making noise above me or complaining that I made too much noise while walking around above them.

“So, he’s paying for it until graduation?” Kayley asked, running her fingers along the walls. “We’ll have to repaint this place.” She commented.

“Yeah, but in return once I graduate I have to try to get a job close by. He’s afraid I’ll move far away like Jack did.” Jack, my older brother, had moved at the age of 18 instead of starting college like I’d decided. He was travelling around the world, keeping as much distance from our parents as he could. I couldn’t blame him. Sometimes our parents could be overbearing, and at 18 nothing sounded better than freedom. He’d been gone for two years though, deciding that a small taste of freedom would never be enough. He needed it indefinitely.

Kayley nodded, “My father has the same stipulations actually. So I guess we are both Vegas bound.”

“Well, at least we won’t have to worry about working while we begin college.” I frowned, worried about my father. He wasn’t rich or anything, so I didn’t really want to force my bills upon him. He was a homicide detective, with a modest salary. “I’ll probably start looking for a job after the first term is finished, once I have a better idea of my workload.”

“Same here.” Kayley started unpacking one of the boxes in the kitchen. We’d already unpacked things at her new apartment. “I was thinking of doing work study at the college; it’s so weird not living together though.”

That had been our original plan, to live together. “It is. It’s going to be lonely living alone but I guess our parents were probably right. If we live together we’ll focus less on studying, and more on girl time.”

Kayley laughed, nodding in agreement.

Then the plates she’d placed in the cupboard begin shaking, sliding down. “Watch out!” I called out, but it was too late. The plates fell to the counter, sliding off and hitting the ground. Kayley cried out in pain as they fell in to pieces on to her bare feet.

“Crap, Kayley are you okay?” I leaned down, trying to quickly get the big pieces of broken plate off of her feet. I noticed the blood and cringed; she was hurt and I hated the sight of blood.

“I’m fine.” Kayley replied, staying in place. “I guess I’m going to have to remember to wear shoes while in the kitchen here though.”

I stood back up, placing my arm around her small shoulders. “Grab on to me, and lift one foot. Then shake it off and step forward where there isn’t any glass. Then do the same with the second.” I instructed, letting her hold on to me for balance.

Kayley laughed, “Oh Dylan, why do you seem to have experience with this?”

I grinned, “I’ve broken too many plates to count.”

“Well, at least the cupboards here aren’t so high up. You’ll probably have fewer accidents, despite how short you are.” She stuck her tongue out at me as we walked to the couch together.

“I know I have a rag somewhere in this box.” I complained, leaving her at the couch to look for a rag so that I could clean her cuts. “And I’m not that short. I’m only 5’2.”

Then again Kayley was 5’9, towering over me. To her I was short; and well, to the rest of the world usually. I looked through the box, jumping as the water turned on suddenly. What the hell? I hadn’t touched anything near it.

I couldn’t hear whatever Kayley was saying as my heart rate increased, the cupboard door slamming open. Thankfully there weren’t any other dishes inside to fall down on me.

I noticed, from the corner of my eye, the stack of rags inside of the box and quickly grabbed one, sticking it under the water.

Once done I left the kitchen, going back out to the living room to give Kayley the rag. She began washing her feet, gently. “I have to leave soon. I’m meeting Derek tonight. Is Adam coming over?” Derek was her boyfriend; Adam mine.

“Yeah, he was going to come help me unpack.” But now I wasn’t feeling so sure about that plan. What was going on in the kitchen? “What are you and Derek going out to do?”

“We are celebrating the end of high school with a nice dinner, and then hopefully some alone time at my new apartment.” Kayley grinned wickedly, “This whole living alone thing might just have an upside.”

I rolled my eyes, “Just remember a condom. The last thing either of us need to do is get pregnant before college begins.”

Kayley mirrored my actions, rolling her eyes as well. “And just like that you manage to ruin the erotic images running through my mind. Thank you, Miss-going to be celibate forever.”

“I’m not going to be celibate forever.” I groaned, “I just don’t want to get in to all that emotional baggage that sex brings along. It’s never just sex, never Kayley.”

Kayley stood, setting the bloody rag on to the empty counter. “I’ll call you tonight; don’t play so hard to get with Adam. It’s okay to give in every once in a while.”

“Yeah, just make sure you don’t give in too much.” I responded, hearing her groan before the front door closed.

I laid down, feeling absolutely exhausted. The entire day had taken its toll and I was ready for a nap, waking up from it far from my mind.

It didn’t take long for the dark to press in on my eyelids and then I was drifting off, to what I had hoped would be a peaceful nap. Unfortunately peace wasn’t anywhere near.

“Jon? Dude, you never showed up for practice!” Brendon Urie took a few quick strides in to the house, Ryan Ross, and Spencer Smith walking in behind him. The door clattered shut behind them.

“What if he has a girl over?” Ryan asked, glancing around. “I don’t really want to catch him doing… that.”

Spencer snorted, “Well, he should realize that band practice is more important than getting laid. Plus, it’s not like 75% of his life isn’t sex. He has to fill that other 25% with something different or he’s going to overpower the little guy below.”

Ryan shut his eyes, groaning. “Please never talk about Jon’s dick like that again.”

“Guys…” Brendon’s voice had gone quiet, filled with fear. “There is blood on the floor.”

“It’s probably ketchup.” Ryan said, a frown pressing it’s way on to his face.

“Jon?!?” Spencer yelled the name, worry coming across clearly. “Jon, where are you?”

“I found him.” Brendon whispered, barely heard.

Spencer and Ryan rushed through the hall and towards the main bedroom, stopping next to Brendon. “Oh god.” Ryan whispered, just as Spencer turned away with a suddenly pale face.

There upon the bed lay the body of Jon Walker, lifeless and pale. The only color was the red of the blood that had left his body, which had dried on some parts. He was wearing nothing, his hands cuffed to the bed post.

”It’s not nice to shove your way in to someone else’s memories.” The harsh voice echoed down the hallway, none of the boys hearing it.

My eyes snapped open in a panic, the vivid images stained to the inside of my eyelids. It’s not nice to shove your way in to someone else’s memories... The words played even stronger, spoken directly to me.

I got off the couch, hearing a creak from the hallway. “Hello?” I called out, throat dry. How long had I been asleep? “Kayley, are you still here?” Oh please be Kayley.

No one responded but my legs took me down the hallway, the same way the boy’s in my dream had gone. The bedroom that was meant to be mine now seemed dark and I stopped before I reached it, not wanting to look inside.

It was just a dream.

It felt like more though. It felt real, and it looked real. All the blood… Oh god. The images sprung back in to my mind and I rushed to the bathroom, barely making it in time.

”That’ll teach you to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Stay out of my head.” The hateful voice echoed through the bathroom and I looked everywhere, but saw nothing.

What was going on? I stood up and the water once again started all by itself. That seemed… friendly. “Okay Casper, what the hell do you want?” I snapped, mentally scolding myself. I was talking to nothing. Wasn’t that how insanity started out? My very first night alone and I’m going to discover that I’m mentally unbalanced, how wonderful.

There was no response and I began to feel like more of an idiot. “I’m never watching Casper again.” I muttered, glancing in to the mirror as I washed my hands.

It wasn’t until I looked down that I saw the water wasn’t clear like water would be; instead it was blood red… the same color that had been staining the boy’s body.

My breath caught and I began to feel faint but then the cracking noise brought me back to my senses and I looked up just in time to see the mirror shattering and the face inside of the mirror stared back at me, no emotion upon his beautiful face.

But he was dead and I was alive and this wasn’t right at all.

Something was wrong.

Something was wrong with me.

Then I fainted.
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