Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) GAClive 2012-07-18

woohoo! Ghost story! Yaaay! (I love these kind of stories, if you can't tell). And NAUGHTY JON! Oh I would be so pissed if I was her (and she does seem pissed, too).

Author's response

Oh yes, very very pissed!
Haha I'm glad you're on board with the Jon ghost story, though it won't be nearly as amazing as yours with Brendon. This is just a ... let's call it low budget... distraction fro life right now, lol.

Thank you for the review. I'm really nervous about this one, so it made me feel a lot better.


Though then again yours was so... different. I wouldn't quite call it a ghost story, but very much like a ghost story and... don't get me started. I still have to continue reading but I'm fairly nervous to do so. I really like it, a lot.