Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) GAClive 2012-07-24

Of course I'm on board! I'm up for any story you write and this one is a fun take on the classic haunting story.

My comics story is my low budget one. =) And then it evolved and now I have to like actually maintain it and WORK on it!

I'm positive this story will be at the LEAST splendid but most likely very delightful.

hmm maybe it's a supernatural-historical-fiction mystery? I USUALLY just call it a steampunk but many don't know what that is.

Author's response

UGH, that's low budget for you? I love that one. I mean, I love the other ones too but... it's so nice to read a normal fic that's incredibly written so it's a great find in my opinion. I'm glad I have it to read. - and it sucks when the low budget ones evolve and then you find you have your work cut out for you lol. That happens to me all the time. All of mine start out pretty low budget.
Though there is something I really, REALLY want you to update that you haven't yet. =/ You should know what!

STEAMPUNK! I just love saying that. (I just said it, like twice.)

& Thank you. :D Your faith in the story is heartwarming.