Review for Everything Is Changing

Everything Is Changing

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-07-29

I really hope that she's just broken Mikey's bass or something.
Yeah I finished the Perks of Being a Wallflower the other day and it inspired me a lot for Violet Hill :) and QI is amazing!
I'm actually really angry at that too. What the actual fuck was the opening ceremony about? XD and the ten foot Voldemort, oh God...
And yes, that is the Gloria. She has Ficwad now -sigh-

Author's response

I had such a temptation to tell you or give you a clue or something but nope I'm going to be cruel and say nothing except this explaining that I will say nothing.
Perks of Being a Wallflower seems really good, I haven't read it but I'd like to before the film comes out. Ooh Violet Hill-ness exciting! :D
Haha it was like 40ft wasn't it? HARRY YOU HAD ONE JOB! XD Dancing Abraham Lincolns made me laugh! They were just so damn into it! Oh Charlie you lovely person!
Well at least you can always be like: Hey...hey...rate my story up! Benefits!