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Mikey and Fiona get an intrusion which Fiona's not too sure about. Mikey's worried about her but finds her in a position that scares him to death.

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Fiona's POV:

A loud knock came from the door making me and Mikey jump. “Guys we have to get going soon! Are you almost ready?” Frank shouted from behind the door.

I ran to my suitcase and grabbed whatever clothes were on top, quickly throwing them on to cover myself.

“Guys open the door! I’m bored!” Frank wailed again in a child-like tone.

I looked over to Mikey and pointed to the bathroom door, beckoning for him to hide in there while I answered to Frank. He flipped off the duvet and skidded into the bathroom, locking the door behind himself. I sighed in relief; the last thing we wanted was Frank teasing us about our relationship.

“Guuuuys-“ Frank wailed again.

“What?” I asked him, annoyed at the intrusion as I opened the door.

“Someone’s moody today” Frank commented as he walked right past me and into our room looking around as if he were inspecting it. “We’re leaving soon…” He started gazing down at my attire in confusion “...And you’re not even dressed yet, great.” He said sarcastically as he gave the room a look over once more. “Where’s Mikey?”

“He’s in the bathroom” I answered quickly, not wanting to lead him onto anything, consciously patting down my hair. I thought for a moment, our sound check wasn’t until later; where were we meant to be going? “Frank, why do we need to go soon?” I asked curiously.

“We’re going down to have breakfast with those Fearless Vampire Killers dudes”

“What?” I asked, shocked at this new news which no one had bothered to tell me about before.

“Yeah, we just wanted to say how much we liked them last night and Ray thought it would be perfect to have breakfast with them?”

“Won’t we get seen? I mean it’s just breakfast but it’s still risky...I don’t think we should go…” I said quickly in a flash of panic.

“What is wrong with you, it’s just breakfast and this is an exclusive hotel, we’re perfectly fine” Frank looking at me as if I were crazy.

“I just...I’m not that hungry, Frank” Trying my best to come up with some sort excuse although it wasn’t one hundred percent a lie.

“What’s up Frank?” Mikey said blissfully strolling out the bathroom in a white towel wrapped around his waist, his hair dripping water down onto the floor. My eyes bulged and I blushed at the sight of him.

“Not much, just trying to convince your girlfriend to come with us to get some breakfast” Frank said, casually. I gave him a death glare for him to shut up but he never did.

“Why don’t you want to get some food, Fiona?” Mikey asked, his eyebrows pulling together in the middle, showing his concern.

“I’m just not hungry” I said shrugging trying to find something to busy myself so I could hide away from their gazes.

“Fiona, I haven’t seen you eat anything for a while, I really think you should come have breakfast with us”

How long had I gone without food so far? I didn’t know if it was me just not wanting to eat or if it was because I would have to face Kier after last night.

“I’m fine Mikey; I’m just not hungry right now.” I said, trying to comfort him so he wouldn’t worry so much and so he wouldn’t think of it to raise suspicions. “You go, I’ll stay here and have a shower or something” I smiled and went over to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Moments later I heard the room door shut, hopefully they would drop it now.

Mikey's POV:

“What’s up with her?” Frank asked as I shut the door behind me.

“I’m not too sure, she was the same last night, and I’m kind of worried” I admitted to him.

“Worried about what?”

“I don’t know exactly...” I sighed, deliberating if I should tell him or not. “Lately I feel like she’s been distancing herself from me, plus I haven’t seen her eat in ages! I wished she’d just open up to me, tell me what was going on.” I nervously waited for Frank to say something, twirling the key card in my hands as we walked down to the elevator.

“She’s fine! I’m sure she’s just a little on edge about this interview, it’s not every day that you’re flung into the eyes of the media.” Frank scoffed

“Yeah, but I really don’t see a reason for her to be nervous about it.” I said honestly.

“Coming from the guy that has stage fright." He said as he pushed the button to signal the elevator up. We waited for a moment watching the arrow above the doors, telling us which floor the elevator was on. The gold shiny door soon opened and we went inside.

“Shut up, I’m over that...kind of. Like you don’t get nervous when we go on stage.” I accused, pushing the ground floor button.

“I never said that, I’m just saying everyone gets nervous at some things.” Frank replied smugly, like he was an all knowing, all wise guru.

The doors opened and we were in the lobby which was massive. It had a crystal chandelier hanging from the centre and pinky-brown marble floors which made my converse squeak when they scuffed it which made me instantly subconscious about the way I walked.

We made our way down to the breakfast area which was held on a covered balcony overlooking London’s city centre. It was a beautiful sight but surely it got too cold here in the winter times.

“Yeah whatever” I muttered, wanting to drop the subject “Look I see them, they're over there” I pointed to the table in the corner where, Gerard, Ray and the men from Fearless Vampire Killers were sitting.

“Hey guys, where’s Fiona?” Gerard asked.

“She said she wasn’t hungry” I answered taking my seat between Frank and the other band’s bassist, Drew.

“Is she okay?” The one that I had learned was named Kier asked.

‘Yeah, she’s perfectly golden after that amazing morning sex we just had...what’s it to you how my girlfriend feels?’ I wanted to say but I heroically held back.

“Yeah she’s fine. I’m guessing she’s pretty nervous for the interview today.” I said trailing off as my eyes landed on the steaming pot of coffee placed near Gerard. Of course it was place near my brother, the coffee loving freak.

“Why? What's so special about this interview today?” He asked.

‘This isn’t twenty damn questions about me and my girlfriend Kier, please shut your British vampirey pale face, thanks’ I said in my mind, still holding back on the urge to say it.

“We were planning on revealing her to the media now” Frank said while cautiously watching my arm lean over him, failing to grab for the coffee pot.

“For god’s sake Mikey just ask for the coffee next time, you’re going to spill it everywhere if you keep reaching over like that” Gerard said finally passing me the coffee pot.

I smiled at my success and sipped my coffee gratefully. ‘Delicious’ I thought to myself as I took another sip.

“That’s a pretty big step, was it her idea?” Kier asked again, not letting the subject go.

“Err...I mean we kind of agreed on it really. I brought it up though.” I answer, letting the coffee calm the irritation Kier was building up in my mind. He was like a bee that just wouldn’t leave me alone.

“So it was your idea then?” He challenged.

“You could say that” I said firmly.

“So err, we just wanted to say that we thought you were pretty amazing last night” Ray said trying to break off the tension.

“Yeah, we try our best to put on a good show, we really look up to you guys though and really admire your band” Laurence said with a smile.

We were soon served up an exclusive buffet of food, omelettes, pancakes, bacon, and mountains of toast, tea and coffee. After half an hour of small chit chat and quite rightly stuffing our faces we were finished.

“That may have been the biggest breakfast I’ve ever had” Drew said while patting his stomach in satisfaction.

“Yeah well get used to it when you’re rock stars you get treatment like this all the time” Gerard said pouring himself his fifth cup of coffee.

“I should go check on Fiona” I said excusing myself and taking some toast with me for her.

Walking through the lobby and into the elevator I replayed every word Kier had said trying to dissect any alternative motive he could have behind them...but nothing came to mind, he just seemed to be looking out for her.

As I walked down the large hallway nearing my room with each step I re-evaluated myself; I really needed to stop begin jealous of every man that came within touching distance of her. I placed the card key in waiting for the small light to turn green before turning the handle and opening the door.

It was quiet, almost deafening in silence as I stood in the mini hall of our room. I open the door to the bathroom to check if Fiona was there but she wasn’t. The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood straight as a cold breeze eerily brushed past.

Something in my gut told me something was wrong, my stomach flipped and squeezed as I mentally braced myself for what I would see next. Inching closer and closer to the corner my heart thumbed erratically in my ribcage, a thin sheen of sweat covering my palms.

I finally turned, my gaze fixating on Fiona’s form, slumped over obscenely.

“Fiona? Fiona, what have you done?!” I screamed at her frozen form.

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