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Mikey finds out what Fiona has done while he was gone.

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Mikey's POV

The Balcony door was wide open and she was outside; mere inches away from a fall that our surely kill her but that wasn’t the part that scared me the most. It was the fact that half her torso was already over the railings and her feet dangling in the air, as if she were trying to perform a balancing trick.

“Fiona, just put your feet back on the ground and come inside” I said in a soothing voice not to startle her into falling off.

“Mikey I can’t do this. I just...I came outside and before I knew it…” She trailed off with a whimper. Carefully dissecting her every movement, hopelessly watching her toes starting to lower themselves onto the ground; I took a precautionary step toward her to grab her if she started to fall.

“I’m a horrible – Horrible! – Person Mikey. Ugghh! I feel like such a fool thinking I could do this but I can’t! I didn’t mean for this to happen, it just happened! I miss it though, sorely, what we had. Now it’s gone! It’s gone and we can’t get it back!” I clutched onto her leg as she began to go into hysterics, slowing making my way up to her. I circled one arm around her waist and the other was prying her hands of the railings.

I was confused and concerned about what she said but the questions could wait until I got her into the safety of the building. Slowly and gently I pulled her back into the room placing her on the bed while I shut and locked the balcony doors.

“Fiona, what’s wrong? You need to tell me or I can’t help” I tried to say but it was hard through her wave of non-stop apologies.

I made my way over to the bed kneeling infront of her stroking her knee soothingly while she sobbed, her face hidden by her hands and her hair draped down almost like curtains.

“Fiona, just listen to me for a second.” She removed her hands from her face and looked at me with wide, glistening eyes; I could have already guessed that she was scared but there was a flicker of something else, it looked as if she was hiding something or if she was...ashamed almost. “What happened?” I asked clearly. She shook her head in protest as silent tears fell down her cheeks.

“Fiona, speak to me. You have no idea how worried I am! Now please say something.” I begged her. She opened her mouth to speak but to my disappointment nothing came out. I nodded eagerly, encouraging her to continue with what she was going to say.

“You promise you won’t be mad?” She asked. I could hear the fear in her voice.

I sat there for a moment unable to find an answer, now finding myself scared to know what had actually happened. What had she done to make her think I would be angry? Different scenarios played in my head, trying to think of something that would make her behave like this but also make me mad enough for her to be scared. After what seemed like an hours pause on my behalf I nodded hesitantly, unsure if I really meant it.

“I...I lost it Mikey.” She finally choked out unable to meet my gaze.

“Lost what Fiona?” I asked trying to look into her eyes to get some clues.

She didn’t answer me; instead she took a deep breath and slowly lifted her sleeve past her wrist and left it near her elbow. I stared down at her ivory coloured wrist; her scars standing out, but there was something off about it all.

I looked back up at her, her dark brown eyes filled to the brim with new forming tears. I pulled her to me, hugging her tightly in my arms and kissing her hair.

“Fiona, I’m not mad, I’m really not mad. I would never be mad at you, especially for something like this.” I said kissing her hair once more. “Now I want you to go in the guy’s room while I go down stairs, okay?” She merely nodded. I stood from my crouching position pulling her up with me and headed for the door.

“Wait, why are you going down stairs?” She sniffed.

“Well someone got to try and find your bracelet haven’t they? It cost a lot of money plus it really meant something to me when you wore it. I’m not about to give up on it”

“It meant something to me too”

“Well obviously after that performance” She chuckled at that; it felt good to get her spirits back up.

“Yes, but it really did Mikey…I want you to know that. I haven’t taken that bracelet off since you gave it to me, I would even admire it when you weren’t looking. It was the first thing that any man has given me and the thought that you chose each charm especially for me was one of the sweetest things that has ever happened to me. From the moment you opened that box and pulled the bracelet out…I knew I was in love with you, actually properly knew.”

I turned back to her and kiss her softly slowing wrapping my arms around her waist. “Good. Even though I knew way before then that I was in love with you.” I said with a wink.

“You know I was nervous before...” She hesitated. “About the interview, but not I’m glad we’re doing this.” She smiled at me.

“Really? No second thoughts, no cold feet?” I grinned back.

“Nope, none what so ever. Although my feet are pretty cold from being outside.” She looked down, wriggling her toes.

“Yeah...let’s not go do that again shall we?” I said ever so slightly brushing a stray strand of hair of her face. “Anyway, I need to find that bracelet and you need to find the guys. They should be in their room. If they’re not go down and have some breakfast just please no more balconies?” I said light heartedly as I opened the door.

“Okay, Okay. Hold on just wait for me. I’ll knock right now and if they’re not inside then we can walk together downstairs and you can show me where the breakfast area is.” She said while jumping on the spot trying to squeeze her shoes on.

“Fine, just hurry up I don’t want someone else finding that bracelet” I watched her as she shut the door and went to knock on the guy’s room. We heard shuffling and muffled shouting behind the door.

“You get it!” We heard someone shout.

“No you!”

“Will one of you get it I’m in the shower!”

Soon after that Gerard opened the door to her. “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, could you guys do me a favour and watch her while I go down stairs?”

“Yeah sure bro, why are you going down stairs though?” He asked while flattening himself so Fiona could get past.

“Frank, I can’t believe you couldn’t be bothered to answer the door for me?!” She shouted at him as she went inside.

“Oh I just need to sort some stuff out, it’s nothing really, just keep an eye on her okay?...Plus no balconies.” I couldn’t help but add for Fiona’s benefit.

I turned away and started walking down the hallway hearing the door click shut and muffled voices. Hopefully this would be the only hiccup for today.

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