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The Interview

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It's finally time for Fiona's unveiling to the public eye. The interviewee questions her and Mikey's relationship. Questions always need and answer. Don't they?

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Fiona's POV

About half an hour after Mikey had left me with the guys he had come back, bracelet in hand. I squealed in delight when I saw it, instantly running over to him and wrapping my arms around him and placing little kisses all over his grinning face.

He had just got back in time for them to go do their sound check; the concert was earlier tonight than usual due to us having to catch a flight back to America early in the morning. As much as I wanted to get back to America something told me I should stay in the UK, I hadn’t seen my family in years and now I’m finally back and I’m going away again. I pushed all my bad thoughts behind me and decided to remain positive for today with the interview and all.


The concert had gone swimmingly. The crowded loved Fearless Vampire Killers and they were all so pumped that they even did an encore. The loud music had left a slight ringing in my ears but hopefully it would pass by the time it was for the interview.


It was time; we had piled into the van and were off to what I was told by Frank as ‘Secret interviewing headquarters’ but to be perfectly honest it looked like any normal office that you found in London. Nether-the-less I was still scared shitless; my life would change dramatically after this. We got out the van and went inside, people immediately offering them tea, coffee, biscuits and water which they politely declined except for Gerard who could never say ‘no’ to a coffee.

Gerard, Frank and Ray walked ahead as me and Mikey trailed behind them, it was mostly me trailing but I kept a tight grip on Mikey’s had almost forcing him to stay with me. I was, to say the least, nervous. I could feel my body shaking violently as we neared the arch that opened to the interview room.

“Mikey?” I whispered.

“Yeah?” He whispered back.

“What’s going to happen? Does she know already that you want to tell everyone about me or will she just ask random questions and if I come up you’ll say it then? What if she wants me to come out with you? I don’t think I can do that, you know? I’m all for telling people but I don’t know if I’m ready to be on TV.” I rambled on in a panic.

“No she doesn’t know. If girlfriends come up I will tell her but only if you’re still sure. If you don’t want to come out with us then that’s fine; no one is going to force you. Now please stop worrying, it’s just making me worried.” He explained as he stroked my arm for comfort. I smiled and he returned it. The guys went through taking their seats while Mikey and I stayed at the arch to say our goodbyes. I reached up on my tiptoes and kissed him lightly, my lips lingering on his ever so slightly.

“I love you” he whispered pressing our foreheads together.

“I love you too, you dopey fool” I teased before giving him another kiss. “Good luck.” I added. He simply nodded and went to take his seat with the rest of them. A man handed me a seat to sit on while the interview went on, everyone was hushed and the camera began recording.

“Hello everyone, I’m here with the lovely rock band My Chemical Romance” The interviewer said as the camera swung in their direction, they muttered their hellos and got down to the question before anyone could say My Chemical Romance.

“So you’re here touring again in sunny UK, How’s it going for you guys?” She asked, her London accent peeking through.

“It’s been great. We haven’t done that many venues here as normal because this is our second time that we’re touring with Danger Days. The weather was kind of crappy when we arrived but it’s stayed dry for the remainder, so that’s a plus. I hate it when the kids are queuing in the rain; we usually try and open the doors slightly early if that happens.” Gerard answered.

“That’s good. Now after this second concert in London what’s next for you guys?”

“Erm...well, we should be going back to America if all it all turns out okay. We’re already recording songs for our next album.”

“So that’s it just recording? Nothing else? Seems a bit boring don’t you think?” The interviewer joked.

The guys all chuckled at her remark. “Well we’re boring guys. People think because we’re rock stars that we party every night and are wild but we basically go and play video games and stuff in our free time.”

“Surely there must be some think else other than work and video games that’s on your minds, you’re all single men and I’m sure any girl would have you. Isn’t that something that would be on your mind?” She asked naively.

Everything seemed to slow down, there seemed to be a massive paused between her question and the answer. This was it, the life changing moment.

“Actually, Mikey isn’t.” Gerard said for his brother at the same time Frank and Ray pointed to him, passing him the microphone to speak.

“Yeah I have a girlfriend now.” He said slightly shy about it now.

“Oh really? Tell us about her.” The interviewer said shifting in her seat slightly closer to them all.

“Well she’s amazing there’s no doubt about that. The funny thing is me being the rock star you’d think I’d be the one keeping her in hot water, always on her feet and stuff but it’s actually the complete opposite, she really knows how to keep me running.”

“Who is she? Anyone famous?” The interview asked; keen to squeeze all the information that she could out of him. The microphone practically pushed into his face, poised there, remaining there until he gave her what she wanted; the next big scoop.

“No, she’s not famous. I sometimes think she’s been living under a rock all her life.” He answered calmly, teasing me slightly. His eyes flickering towards my direction as I grinned.

"Punk rock" I muttered under my breath, humouring myself slightly.

“How did you meet her?” She asked him, simply. My nerves went haywire, we hadn’t discussed this question. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what he said, whether he’d lie or tell everyone the truth.

“Well that’s a funny story; I actually saved her from a thug. I heard her screaming from across the road and well reading comic books taught me to always save the damsel in distress.” Mikey shrugged.

“Oooh, Mikey Way. I never had you pinned down as the hero type. Are you sure she wasn’t just some crazed fan faking it to get with you?” She said in a jokingly manner yet it was obvious she was serious about the question.

“Neither did I. Spur of the moment I guess. No actually she heard from a local radio station about us after we met and I almost lost her because she was scared of all the fame.”

“So what made her change her mind about the fame? I mean it’s pretty late now if you wanted to keep it a secret.” She laughed.

“I’m not too sure exactly. I guess we were just...ready." He shrugged "I know I’ll love her though. Forever and always.” He said confidently, a small smile creeping across his face.

“Forever and always” I repeated with a whisper. Subconsciously touching my bracelet.

“So we know a little bit about her, how you both met and it’s clear you truly love her but can you really see a serious future with this girl?” The question shocked me, it had never even occurred to me that it might appear. I listened intently to the answer that I myself didn’t even know.

“It’s early days yet. We haven’t even discussed anything like that.” He said calmly.

“So how do you know it’s not just a fling? Do you really know this girl as well as you think you do?” What kind of question is that? Surely they couldn’t ask something like that! This interviewer obviously had ulterior motives than just interviewing Mikey and the guys. I could almost see the images that were producing in her head as carried on, happily away with the interview.

“Cut that out. Mikey doesn’t need to answer questions like that about his personal life. This is a My Chemical Romance interview not just a Mikey encyclopaedia of his love life.” Gerard said professionally before Mikey even began to open his mouth but in his eyes I could see he was thankful for his brother’s rescue.

The questions after that stuck mainly on the band from there onwards until a few minutes later it had finished. The camera stopped recording and the guys stood from their seats, making their way towards me.

“You alright?” Mikey asked wrapping his arms around my shoulders, guiding us out of the building back to the van. I sensed a cold edge to his voice, almost like he had turned off his emotions. It worried me.

“Yeah, are you okay? Truly now?” I asked him. He paused and lifted my chin so he could look me straight in the eyes. His usually warm hazel eyes were now solid and hard. His face was unreadable whereas I’m sure mine portrayed all my worry, plastered across my face.

“We need to get back to the hotel.” He said firmly taking my hand and pulling me along. He never did answer my question I noted.

Something was defiantly wrong.

It's a bit longer because of the whole 3 week absence. Sorry about that and everything else as well.
I'm keeping the note up for a bit longer. Just want to make sure everyone has seen it.
-E xo
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