Review for Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

(#) xXxILoveFrankIeroxXx 2012-07-29

yayayayay update:) This was AWESOME. I feel bad for Gerard.. and I'm having mixed emotions about Mikey.. I mean, he's pretty much dating his big brothers boyfriend, but wont let Frank dump Gerard to keep him from being upset. And I'm kind of mad at Frank for cheating on Gerard....... SO MUCH RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND DX

Anyway, Your spelling and grammar are good, the way you wrote this is perfect, and the story idea is amazing.. whats not to like??

Author's response

Thank you :). Yeah Gerard is the 'victim' I guess. I feel for him. He's a good brother, with bad ways. Franks just a victim of love, they all are. That was the plan haha

Thanks again :) I'm glad you like it