Review for I Need Fic.

I Need Fic.

(#) BrokenBones 2012-08-02

Well m''ve come to the right place c:
well duh this is ficwad dumbass

Hey shut up, I'm slow ok?
and don't we know it

Well your inside my head..were the same person genius..
hey bro, leave off the italics..that's MY style

Shut the eff up were menna' be reccomending stories..she's gonna think were mad
fair point, on with the show lad

..SO some stories I have thoroughly enjoyed are;

If your looking for something more meaty then maybe catching up with:

First of the Gang to Die-Unitedsuck007
(Frank/gerard 80-something mafia story, best fanfiction I've ever read)

The Dove Keeper-Underwater_sky
(This ones on Livejournal but its supposedly one of, if not the most famous fanfiction ever written..its Frank/Gerard..Franks 17 Gerards 47..I got to chapter 19 and gave up but its ment to be life changing&its VERY deep)

Translations of Blood-CosmicZombie
(Frank/Gerard-noticing a trend? ;) schoolboy/escaped convict story, only 11chapters in)

Trying to Escape the Inevitable-CosmicZombie
(Frank/Gerard good o'le high school frerard ehy? ;) but not a crap one..a good'un :3)

To Swear it all on Revenge-Vononxx
(Again, on livejournal frank/gerard vampire story good'en though :3)

Hope this helped remedy your boredom
will it hell fucktard, she'll thank you kindly&never read this shit..who'd blame her?!

Oh my godd..

-Keep it ugly
A xoxo