Review for Our Lips Touch

Our Lips Touch

(#) imakilljoywannabe 2012-08-02

Hooray hooray hooray!!!! It was real!!!! Happiness!!!! dances a happy dance Ooh but suspense: what is Frank going to do now that he knows it wasn't a dream???? :O I MUST KNOW!!! I COMMAND YOU TO UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I SHALL KNOW WHEN YOU UPDATE FOR YOU ARE IN MY ALERTS!!! IF YOU UPDATE SOON I SHALL GRANT YOUR REQUEST AND SHOWER WITH SKITTLES AND FRANK IERO!!! AND MAYBE PUPPIES BECAUSE FRANK. XD Love to you my friend! Update soon!!! :D

Author's response

YAY whoop whoop, ahaha i made you do a happy dance:D. wow i'm totally feeling the love. if we ever meet i would totally hug you. your comment made me wanna do a happy dance:)

OMG FRANK! SKITTLES! and PUPPIES!, i'm ending this response to write the next update right now.

thankyou for the review.XOXO.