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6. Off wih the pixies

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"There is no way I’m going to admit that I was just having a dirty fantasy about my best friend in the middle of the street."

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We continue to walk up the street, me walking backwards so I could face the Way brothers who were walking like normal people.

I try not to look at Gerard for too long or make proper eye contact because if I do then images from last night’s dream will consume and dominate my mind and that could be very awkward, I’ve already embarrassed myself enough this morning to last me until lunch (where I’ll no doubt do something stupid by then.) without adding moaning out loud in front of the Way brothers on our way to school because I can’t help but visualise Gerard’s tongue running along the flesh of my neck.

A longing sigh drips from my lips.

“You ok, Frank?” Mikey softly asks looking at me through his dorky glasses, apparently noticing my sigh.

“hmm?...” I raise my eye brows at the skinny kid wearing a black hoodie with ‘Nirvana’ written across the chest in yellow, warn out jeans and to complete the outfit grey all-star converse, similar to my own except his shoe laces are tied up in careless bows where my laces are whipping around my feet freely threatening to trip me over at any time if I’m not careful “yeah, I’m fine.” I answer realizing that I must have become distracted by thoughts of Geared. I shake my head and try to behave like normal, well… normal for me anyway.

Mikey continues to look at me with a questioning expression dominating his face.

“You look… Um… I don’t know… like your distracted or something” he comments as he smoothly slides his hands in his pockets as he awaits my response. Which happen to be a shrug of my shoulders and cheesy smile.

He just rolls his eyes at my grin and gives up on the topic of my absent mind. I look towards Gerard and notice that he was been really quiet this morning compared to his normal self and has been looking at his 80s, Vintage, Doc Marten black/Maroon, Leather, Ankle Hiking Boots (what can i say? I know my shoes.) intensely as we walked along the cracked, leaf littered footpath like they weren’t really his own feet attached to his legs.

Maybe his coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and he’s still asleep. I think to myself.

“Coffee not kicked in yet, Gee?” I curiously chirp.

His head springs up instantly with wide eyes at the mention of his nick-name, his expression simular to that of a kid who’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner, or a horny teenager who'd been caught by a teacher with his hands down his pants in the back of the class room.

“What?” he sounds dazed and… slightly surprised?

“Coffee,” I state “Not kicked in yet?” I fuse my eye brows together slightly confused at his behaviour, I’m meant to be the weird one.

Mikey turns his head to face his brother with an inquisitive look. “What is with people today? You all have your heads in the clouds.”

He loudly sighs and looks up at the sky. I instantly follow his gaze and look up too, still walking backward. “There aren’t even any clouds out today.” He exclaims defeated. I look back towards Mikey who’s still facing sky-wards and giggled at him while Gerard just smirks at his younger brother.

Gerard turns to face me and I smile back. He hesitantly smiles then quickly looks away.

wait… is he blushing?

Nah, Gee doesn’t blush.

“Hopefully Ray has his head screwed on today, at least then I’ll have someone to talk to.” Mikey quietly sighs as we round the corner.

“Hey!,” I pout “What are we,” I motion my head toward Gerard “Chopped liver?”

Mikey looks at Gerard then back at me and rolls his eyes.

I cross my arms and puff out my chest “you can talk to us!” I exclaimed trying to look pissed off at Mikey for wanting to talk to Ray more than us, but we all know I’m just kidding.

“Yeah I can talk to you guys, but I want a response,” still walking backwards I stopped trying to look pissed off at Mikey and smiled instead as the younger Way continues “It’s been difficult to get more than three words out of Gee this morning,” he mentioned and nodded his head toward his older brother “and both of you seem to keep drifting off into your own worlds,” I gaze at Geared who really did look absentminded and on another planet.

That’s strange, usually we can’t shut Gee up.

Sure he might not talk much to people at school who aren’t our friends. But usually when we walk to or from school together you can’t keep him quiet for more than two minutes at the most or you could read his facial expressions like an open book but today he seems to be a closed book.

I wonder if he’s ok.

Maybe he’s getting sick

Oh poor Gee, I hope he’s not really getting sick.

Hmm, but if he is getting sick you could look after him.

A silent grin brushes over my lips at the cooing thought.

Just imagine it. Gee lying in bed half asleep wearing nothing but silk boxers and a loose T-shirt that allows you to see a fair amount of his soft pale skin covering his collar bones. You seductively walk over towards him and sit on the side of his bed. You then gently brush the loose strands of his soft raven hair out of his eyes and behind his ear. You feel his forehead tenderly with the back of your hand to check his temperature, then after deciding that he has an average temperature you elegantly drift you hand down the side of his pale face and turn you hand to caress his cheek. He looks up at you with big puppy-dog eyes full of longing and need. He then moves his had to cover yours on his cheek. There is just comfortable silence surrounding both of you as you gaze into each other’s eyes and souls. You timidly brush you thumb over his bottom lip and he kiss’s is ever so softly. He moves his other hand to your hip as you start to gradually close the distance between you. Gee’s hand moves from your hip and slips under your shirt to rub the cool flesh underneath.

I quietly draw in a deep shaky breath at the thought of Gerard’s hand touching my skin and let my eye lids half fall.

Gee rubs his hand up and down your back as you keep one hand on the side of his face and travel the other one up under his loose shirt and delicately journey with your hand from his abdomen up to caress his firm but soft chest and you can feel every one of his muscles quiver under your fingers. Gerard than slips his hand down and under the back of your pants and lightly squeezes. The gap between you both is only a few centre meters as you continue to lean in, the rubbing and touching is beginning to become more intense and exciting. Your just mileometers away from his lips, your noses brush and you can feel the smile playing on both your lips as your eyes close. Both yours and his breathing increase to a soft pant as the anticipation begins to become too much…
”Frankie” he whispers

“Hmm” you reply

“Frankie” his voice is a little different. “Frank?” it’s Mikey’s voice not Gerard’s

I feel a confused frown form on my face “Frank?!” Mikey’s voice is loud and shocking.

I spring open my eyes, which I didn’t even realised I closed, and blankly stare at the confused expression of Gerard and the annoyed one of Mikey. I just stand there and then realise that I’d also stopped walking backwards without knowing it too. I blink at my two friends unsure of what to do or say.

Because there is no way I’m going to admit that I was just having a dirty fantasy about my best friend in the middle of the street.

Suddenly Mikey throws his arms in the air and cries out which causes both me and Gerard to flinch with surprise “see what I mean?!”

I crack my head to the side and blink at him.

This only makes Mikey more frustrated and he growls “We were just walking along,” he raise both his hands to head height and indicates quotation marks with two fingers on each hand for the word “supposably,” he drops his hands “having a conversation after you got all puffy because I wanted to have a conversation with Ray because he might actually talk back, when you started to fall asleep while walking,” he takes a deep breath than continues on with his rant “I’m not that boring and you just proved my point that everybody today is off with the pixies!”

“Who’s off with the Pixies?” asked a cheery voice.

I turn around to see a big ball of hair bounce up and down on top of a tall kids head as he jogged toward the three of us.

“These two!” Mikey huffs.

“Hi Fro’” I swiftly say as I hold up one hand to indicate a ‘hello wave’ as Ray stopped next to me.

“Hey” greeted Gerard.

“Hey guys!” chirped Ray “why are these two off with the pixies?” he asked turning to Mikey slightly puffed from jogging.

The younger Way sighed “Gerard has barely even spoken more than seven words this morning and keeps zoning out” he explained then waved an arm towards me “and he also just full on zoned out, it was like he just went into a comer or something.” he then folded his arms across his small chest and stated “Not to mention he keeps talking to himself out loud.”

“Well that’s normal.” Said Ray and he playfully slapped me on the back, which caused me to stumble forward…

Fuck! I should have tied my shoe laces.

I thought as I tripped over them and crashed into the footpath right at Gerard’s Doc Martens. I rolled onto my back and looked straight up at Gerard’s face who just blinked at me as if to say ‘how the fuck did you end up down there?’ obviously he wasn’t paying attention to what was happening. Then amusement flashed across his face accompanied by a…a…blush?

It was a light rose colour, hardly even noticeable, but it was still there.

Gerard Way blushed.

That just made me smile as sat up.

“Shit! Sorry dude I didn’t mean to do that.” Ray apologized helping me back up onto my feet.

Mikey had a giggle at me and Gerard was trying not to laugh. “It’s cool, I should have tied my shoe laces earlier than I wouldn’t have tripped over them.” I explained slightly amused at myself as I brushed the dirt off my black skinnies. I look up to see that Ray too also had a very amused grin on his face. I just smirked back then bent down to tie my shoe laces up so I don’t trip over them again.

“Why didn’t you do them up in the first place?” Ray asked

“Because I’m Frank-fucking-Iero!” I stated loud and proud as I finished tying the laces and stood up.

They all just giggled at me, slightly confused but amused. I beamed.

“Well hopefully that trip wakes you up a bit.” Mikey said as he started to walk towards school, i rolled my eyes and we all followed Mikey.

“Way are you guys ‘zoning’ out anyway?” Ray asked as we fell into line across the pathway.

Gerard and I both shrug our shoulders, “I don’t know, just tiered I guess.” I said as we all stared to cross the road.

“Well maybe next time you should sleep instead of running home to wash the dog in the middle of the night!” Mikey said causally not realizing the effect of those words.

Ray just turned his head towards Mikey with a combination of confusion and amusement “what?” he smirked.

Mikey smiled “Frank was meant to stay over at our place last night to work on this English report with Gerard but at like 11pm Frank suddenly remembered that he promised to wash the dog earlier that day but he forgot. He then ran all the way home and left his school bag and everything behind, Gerard ended up dropping Franks stuff off at his place.”

I freeze in the middle of the road as the others continue to walk on.


My mouth went dry, I felt all the colour leave my face as my heart turned to lead.

It’s wasn’t a dream!

A/N It Wasn't a dream!!! YAY!!! it really happen (in the story, not real life).

Let me know what you think and aslo tell me if you pick up any Mistakes.XOXO.
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