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5. I'm Frank-fucking-Iero

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“Get up Frank! You need to get ready for school!” bellows my mother’s sweet voice from down stairs. It amazes me how gentle her voice can sound as it shakes the foundations of the house.

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“Get up Frank! You need to get ready for school!” bellows my mother’s sweet voice from down stairs. It amazes me how gentle her voice can sound as it shakes the foundations of the house.

Shit, she’s loud. I think she set off a car alarm outside.

I let out an effort filled grunt as I push my still half-asleep, stiff body out of my bed.

Fuck I feel like a bus has run over my head then reversed and ran over me again and again... I think for a moment assessing the extent of the pain in my poor throbbing head before I decide that the fictional bus also did burnouts over the top of my head as well.


I stumble back to sit down on my unmade bed but miscalculate the distance of the edge of the single bed and fall hard on my ass.

Great, now my head and ass hurt,

I think to myself as I rub my eyes and yawn which results in my ears popping, I don’t like the feeling of my ears popping. Today is not my day.

“Frank, are you up.”

No, I’m down, is my first thought of reply.

“Yeah, mom!” I yell back to her, “ouch” I squeak slowly at the sudden stabbing pain in my skull from yelling.

Why the fuck is my head in so much pain?

I run a hand through my black dyed hair and feel I large bump at the back of my head.

What-the-fuck? When did I hit my head?

I try and think of a reasonable explanation for the mysterious bump on the back of my head. But every idea I can think up either involves aliens abducting me from my bed in the middle of the night to use my head to play baseball or I ran through a pissed off Ghost and for payback they hit me over the back of the head with a baseball bat in my sleep.

Why do both of your theories involve baseball in some form? Anyway I don’t think either of those theories are likely to of happen.

I lightly shake my head to dismiss the floating ideas of aliens, ghosts and… baseball?

I don’t do sports. I prefer music, less likely to get hurt.

The way you play it’s more likely the people surrounding you are going to get hurt.

Shut up.

Carefully I stand up.

It’s true and you know it.

I never tried to deny it, you’re just making my head hurt more with the continues chatter.

Hey I’m you, you control the chatter.

If I control the chatter then how come you’re still chattering?

You keep on talking to me.

I nod my head to the side and raised my eye brows quickly as I pout, fair point.

I make my way across my untidy, cluttered room to my big, heavy, wooden wardrobe avoiding an optical course of dirty clothes, my guitar plus case and a whole heap of dangerously staked books and CDs.

I sigh with relief when I make it across without tripping or knocking over the CDs or books. I then gather up a set of clothes I intend to wear today.

“Black skinny jeans…” I shuffle through a bundle of unfolded clothes, “or my ripped up, slightly baggy light blue jeans?” I mumble to myself as I think over my options.

My ripped jeans are comfortable and the rips make me look totally ‘bad-ass’, I think as I lift up the jeans in my right hand. I then turn and lift my left hand holding up my really, really tight black skinnies they may restrict my movements, but ‘dam’ my ass looks ‘HOT’ in them.

Hmm, ‘bad-ass’ or ‘hot-ass’, ‘bad-ass’ or ‘hot-ass’?

As I’m deciding what type of ‘ass’ I want today my mother bellows up the stairs and throughout the whole house.

“I’m leaving for work now. Make sure you get to school on time, I don’t want another phone call telling me that you were late for school again ok!”

“Ok Mom!” I yell towards my closed door, wincing at the pain in skull.

Great, now the neighbours know I’ve been late for school. Oh well, I don’t give a shit what they think. Their odd neighbours anyway, like I think their hippies or something.

I smile to myself and throw my ripped jeans back in my wardrobe, I feel like been a ‘hot-ass’ today. I think as I skip back across my room to a clear space on the floor to pull on my tight skinnies.

After jumping up and down to pull the tight denim up to my hips, I grab my studded belt off the curtain rod, (don’t ask me why it was up there, it just was.) which mind you was a pain in the butt to get down since I’m practically a midget. After stretching up on my tippy toes to reach the belt I thread it through the loops of the jeans.

I cheek my ass out in the mirror yep, they so make my ass look ‘Hot’.

I whip off my shirt and drop it to the ground at my feet then I scan my bedroom for a relatively clean shirt.

“Ooo” I jump up over to my cluttered, unorganized desk and swiftly pick up my ‘Devil’s rain, Misfits’ band tee. I hold it up to my face and breathe in deep through my nose.

“It smells clean.” I shrug my shoulders and smile to myself as I slip the shirt over my head. Again I stand in front of the mirror and straighten out the light crinkles.

Looking ‘hot’ Frankie!

Like always.

A self-satisfied grin dominates my face. I quickly brush my hair with my fingers to flatten out my bed-hair.

Chuck on some eye-liner and your all good to go Frankie boy.

After brushing my teeth and throwing on my red eye-liner (not literally throw on, just so you know it takes skill to smuge the eye-liner the way i do.), I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I cheek the clock hanging up on the kitchen wall.

“Coffee and aspirin” I mumble to myself.

I still have time to enjoy a coffee and let the aspirin take effect.

Maybe today won’t be as bad as first thought. I smile at that thought.

I 'pop' two aspirins and move into the lounge room with my hot coffee in hand, I still have 10 minutes left till I have to leave the comfit of my home to go to school. I move to the corner of the room to the big, soft puffy armchair and sit down carefully so I don’t spill my drink. I pull my knees up to my chest holding the coffee in my hands between my knees. I relax and melt into the armchair as I let a sigh of contentment escape my lips and yet again smile as I close my eyes.

You’ve been smiling all morning basically. Why are you in such a smiley mood to day?

I pout my lips and fuse my eyebrows as I try to think of the reason why, usually I’m in a sluggish mood till after coffee and I’ve been awake for half an hour.

Could it have anything to do with the dream last night about Geared? that question was made in a tone of cooing, and that irritated me. Even knowing it’s my own thoughts, it still irritated me.

”No.” I state defensively as a curl my fingers around my warm ‘Batman’ coffee cup full of freshly made steaming, light brown coffee.

I open my eye and quickly glance around the room, thankful that nobody is home to hear me talk to myself.

A devious grin forces its way across my lips as I recall the fuzzy dream,

Geared and I were in his basement-bedroom, we were meant to be working on this stupid English report or something like that. We convinced our parents to let me stay over at his overnight even knowing we had school the next day…

Anyway, fuck that shit and get to the good stuff!

Shut up, I’m explaining what happen.

Grrr…I don’t care, just hurry up and get to the part where you two kiss!

Way to ruin the surprise.

Who are you trying to surprise? it’s just you and me here Frankie boy.

Oh do shut up would you?

Ok, fine. Just get to the bit about you two making out, it was so ‘hot’.

Gerard gazed at me with those amazing eyes of his, he slowly started to lean in forward toward me then slightly angled his head in the cutes way so he could better claim my mouth. There was only mileometers between our lips and I could hear my heart beating against my ribs like wild jungle drums, I swear the world didn’t exists outside of his room and Gerard and I were the only two people alive.

Finally our lips touch, his slightly moist because he lightly licked them as he was leaning in. and oh fuck was is amazing, Gerard tangled is pale artistic fingers into my hire after carelessly exploring my chest and triggered warm shivers in all the nerve on my neck where his fingers touched my flesh.

A guilty-pleasure filled smile stretched from ear to ear on my face as I closed my eyes and took a sip of my coffee and remembered how Geared tasted like caffeine in my dream.

Shock waves of electricity raced throughout my body as his warm, wet tongue pushed deep into my mouth.

A lustful moan escapes my lips as I remember details of the dream and it fills the quit air in the lounge room. Again, thank-god no one is home.

The dream pretty much plays out as Geared and I passionately kissing.

I make the kiss rough after thinking he was going to stop kissing me because I wasn’t doing anything. Then I panicked again after been distracted by the meaning of the kiss and thrusted my hips in to his which resulted in me having a panic attack because I felt the hardness in his skinny jeans. I stopped breathing and passed out, came back around panicked and ran all the way home leaving my school bag and Geared behind…

Not really much of a romantic ending is it?, you running home to your mommy.

I panicked, anyway it was just a dream so it doesn’t matter

Are you sure it really was a dream, I mean when you passed out in Geareds room you hit your head didn’t you?


And you have a lump on the back of your head with no explanation for how you got it other than conspiracies of aliens, ghosts and baseball. Put two and two together and what do you got.

My eyes spring open as the rest of my body stiffens with a mixture of fear and embarrassment.

“Oh, fuck no.” I breathe out as jump from the arm chair and practically slam my almost empty ‘Batman’ coffee cup onto the knee high rectangular coffee table as I start my search for my school bag.

Because if it wasn’t a dream then my school bag would still be at Geared house where I left it after legging it all the way home last night and if I don’t find my school bag in my house I’m going to jump out a second story window because quite frankly I’d rather deal with hospitals, doctors, a broken leg or even the ‘grim reaper’ than deal with the embarrassment and awkwardness of the aftermath of the situation of last night.

The first place I check is where I always put my school bag when I get home, near the front door. I turn the corner out of the lounge room and into the hallway leading to the front door and then I freezes and stare.

There it is. My tatty old school bag, complete with drawn on song lyrics and band names. Relief flows over me.

“Phew.” it could have been awkward if my bag wasn’t there.

I grin at the sight of my run-down, over-used school bag. Then I glace at the time and blink.

“Shit! I’m going to be late.”

Where-the-fuck-did all the time go? I wonder to myself as a marched back into the lounge room to collected my coffee cup.

You were too distracted thinking of ‘fucking’ Geared.

I quickly rinsed my ‘Batman’ coffee cup in the kitchen sink, than skipped/jumped up the hallway to the front door.

I was not thinking about ‘fucking’ Geared.

I shove my sock covered feet into my black all-stars converse and grap my school bag as I open the front door.

But you have before.

I let out a sigh as the front door slams behind me.

There’s no winning with you, is there?

I think to myself as I walk from the front pouch to the side walk and toward school.

Hell no, I’m Frank-fucking-Iero I always win.

No, I’m Frank-fucking-Iero, your Frank-fucking-Iero’s thoughts.

I look down at my feet and notice that I didn’t do-up my shoe laces.

Even so, I’m still Frank-fucking-Iero thoughts or not and I still always win. By the way…you shoe laces are undone.

I roll my eye at the obvious comment.

Fuck it. I don’t need to tie my shoe laces.

Why not?

“Because I’m Frank-fucking-Iero!” I state loudly with confidence and pride.

“I know Frank” said a voice from behind me.

Fuck that’s embarrassing.

You were too busy talking to myself you didn’t even notice anyone else in the street.... Ha!

Luckily I knew and loved that voice. I turn around to face Gerard and Mikey with the stupidest ear-to-ear grin on my face and then I smiled normally.

“Hey Guys.” I chirped in a sing-song voice as I walked back ward to school.

Mikey looks at me with one of his school-famous poker-faces, seriously I never want to play poker against Mikey Way and his poker-face. He then drops the poker-face and replaces it with a small friendly smile.

“Who were you talking to Frank?” he asks already knowing the answer.

“Myself.” I smile an over enthusiastic smirk.

Gerard snickers as my blunt answer and smiles a genuine Gerard Way smile that could melt the devil him self’s heart, mine included. I quickly look down before I blush.

God he’s so Cute.

I sigh “yeah I know.”

Both the Way brothers look up at me in question.

“Shit, I just talked out load didn’t I?”

Both the boys in front of me smile with amusement and nod.

Ok... now I’m blushing with embarrassment, and in front of Gerard. Great can i be anymore Embarrassing.

shhh...Shut up or you’ll jinx yourself.

A/N I really hope you like it. I know, I know it's more of a filler, nothing major really happens. but still let me know what you think and if there is any Mistakes that I need to fix up.XOXO.
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