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I cringe as I realize I’m about to have an argument with myself.

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I hear sleepy footsteps from up the hall and then they stop outside my door.

Shit you woke up mom.

I hear her timidly open my door and flick on my bedroom light.

“Frank, honey? What are you doing home?” Her soft voice is soothing to my spinning head. I’m not quite sure what to do or say, so I just kind of do this weird shrug thing with my face still buried in my bed.

“I thought you were staying over at Gerard’s tonight.” I feel my mattress shift slightly as she sat on the edge on my unmade bed.

Even just the mention of Gerard’s name makes my heart slam against my ribs. I cringe at my hearts reaction and make a noise that sounds like a whimper. I feel my mother’s small soft hand rub my back to comfit my obvious state of gloom.

“Did you and Gerard have a fight?” She asks with strong sympathy in her sweet voice. I mumble into my mattress.

“sohhry ihm wrothk yohm.” I can visualise the concerned smile on her caring face as she responds to my muffled words.

“Sorry Frank, sweetheart, but I don’t think your mattress is going to have a conversation with you tonight, how about you talk to me instead?” I can’t help but softly smile at my mother’s words as I turn my head out of my bed to see her warm, tied eyes as she brushes my fringe out of my face and gently brushes my hair with her fingers.

She deserves a better kid than me,

I think to myself.

A kid that gets good marks in school, who doesn’t spend her money on ‘Misfit’, ‘Black fag’, ‘Green day’ and other punk/rock CDs, A kid who isn’t an over-energetic, misfit, outcast. But most of all she doesn’t deserve a kid that wakes her peaceful sleep by coming home in the middle of the night slamming doors and running around in the dark because he is confused and scared.

I look at her apologetically and repeat what I said before.

“Sorry I woke you up.” She just smiles at me and brushes my cheek delicately.

“Do you want to tell me what happen?” She looks down at me with golden, honey eyes. A curl of her light brown hair falls down the side of her face. I look at her with my sad eyes, not really wanting to talk.

“Not really.” I whisper apologetically. She softly smiles a warm comforting smile at me.

“It’s ok sweetheart, just know I’m here for you.”

“Thanks mom.”

I attempt a smile but fail,

Like I fail everything.

Both my head and heart hurt. She lends down and kisses my forehead then walks to my door. She stands in the doorframe to turn back and give me one of those ‘loving mother’ looks, which only your mom can generate.

“Get some sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You too mom, Love you.”

“Love you too honey, good night.”


And with that she gently flicked off my light and slowly closed my bedroom door. I listened to her footsteps grow quite as she waked further away from me to her own bedroom.
I sigh out loud and roll over onto my back and stared up in the direction of my ceiling but all I could see is pitch black.

I’m still not even sure if Geared and I kissed, like I mean I often do have vivid day dreams.

I feel like slapping myself hard across the face.

Who-the-fuck are you kidding? That kiss was so much more than one of your stupid dirty daydreams.

But yet I’m still not sure if it was real or not.

Frustrated with myself I roll over again,

“Fuck.” I grunt into my pillow, silently I feel warm salty tears escape my hazel eyes and make a run for it down my cheeks and soak into my pillow,

What the fuck? You don’t cry Frank. Stop it!

I quickly brush away the wet trail those tears left behind.

I’m not GAY!!!

I yell inside my head and then I softly rethink my statement.

At least I don’t think I am, I’m not attracted to guys.

I roll my eyes at myself.

Ok so maybe I’m attracted to one guy, Geared, but in my defence he is one ‘fucking hot’ guy. And yes it’s true I fantasize and daydream about him often.

Yeah, like every day.

Shut up, I’m trying to think!

I cringe as I realize I’m about to have an argument with myself.

I’m defiantly crazy.

I confirm.

Great! Now that we got that out of the way let’s think about Gee again.

I quietly sigh. Thinking/fantasizing about Gee is like hiding in a cupboard eating cheesecake, it’s a guilty pleasure. I never intended to act on them.

During that kiss, real or not, Frank you wanted it more than anything and what do you do you freak out!

Shut up.

You ran away, literally RAN away.

I know I was there.

You panicked and legged it.

please just shut up now. Why does this have to be so confusing? I’m only 15 for crying out loud, my brains not developed enough to handle this amount of confusion.

It’s not even developed enough to figure out how to set your alarm clock, you had to get you mom to do it for you.

I just told you to shut up.

No, you asked me to ‘shut up’.


At this point my brain just stopes working, after been belted against a brick wall and then sent into overdrive by all the questions it just can’t seem to find the right answer to. I think it deserves a well-earned rest.

Some short-time after I fell asleep thinking of nothing. It can all wait till tomorrow.

A/N let me know what you think. This one is for 'imakilljoywannabe', Thanks to you I pushed myself to update..XOXO.
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