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3. It was just a dream, right?

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Ok, calm-the-fuck-down. It was probably just a dream. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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I can feel this sharp pain at the back of my skull and a nudging annoyance in my arm, my alarm clock is going off in irritating tones.

I try to ignore it.

I don’t want to get up and go to school, I feel sick.

My brain slowly begins to regenerate as the annoying nudging in my arm becomes more defining. It’s now less of a nudge and more of a squeeze. My radio alarm clock tones are turning into a familiar voice.

“Come on Frank, wake up.” The words are fuzzy and linger just outside my ears.

“Hey!, please wake up.” I squeeze my eyes tight, trying to block out the sound.

stupid alarm, shut up.

The squeezing in my arm turns into a soft yet sudden shake.

“Wake up!” The words are clear and send an electric current through my groggy body. That beautiful voice isn’t my alarm clock, it’s…

I Spring to my feet alarmed and alert.

“Gerard!” I gasp in a cringe worthy squeak. Then a rush of blood causes me to collapse back down, luckily Gerard catches me before I hit the ground. He helps me to sit up slowly against the cool brick wall of his basement/bedroom.

“Are you ok, what happen?” He asks with concern and a gentle smile. I look into his gorgeous eyes, we both have hazel coloured eyes but his always seem to be more breathe takingly stunning than mine. I love his eyes I always seem to lose myself in them.

Stop staring.

I mentally tell myself as I quickly dart my eyes down, pretending that suddenly my shoe laces are the most interesting thing on this earth.

I hope he’s not creped out by the way I was staring into his eyes.

I feel like cringing but that would just cause questions, so i just maintain a blank expression.

“Frank?” He elbows me in the ribs. I look up.

“Hu? What?” I ask in almost a daze.

“I asked are you ok?” He asks again this time with a hint of amusement.

I’m always ok when you’re near me.

My lips twitch to a sluggish smile. Gerard stares at me waiting. I fuse my eye brows together.

What’s he waiting for?

I ask myself. He raises an eye brow at me.

Wait... didn’t he ask a question?

“Oh.” I slowly whisper in realisation.

“How hard did you hit your head?” He gives me a crocked smile with those small white teeth of his and moves to sit in front of me.

“I hit my head?” I ask instantly feeling like an idiot.

That’s why the back of you skull hurts, dip-shit. You must of cracked it against the wall as you blacked out.

Concern dominates his expression “I think maybe you should see a doctor or someone.”

No, I hate doctors.


My eyes wander over his form as he looks down to check his wrist watch.

God dam, he is so ‘fuckin’ good looking.

The structures of his features are flawless. I adore the way his soft raven hair falls like curtains to shield his face. His pale skin looks so soft and touchable. His nose seems to be the perfect shape and size for his face and his eyes…

“You’ve been out of it for five minutes.” He smiles as he lifts his head to look at me. I barely pay attention to what he just said, my mind is indulged in the ‘sweet eye candy’ sitting in front of me.

“Really?” I somehow manage to respond softly. His shoulders look strong and slightly toned.

I wonder if maybe he works out. I know he doesn’t go to a gym. Maybe he dose push ups in the mornings or something.

Come on Frank you know Gerard struggles to even roll out of bed in the mornings.


Wait… am I having a conversation with myself?

Yeah you are.

Great, you know that’s like one of the first signs of insanity.

I think it only counts if you start talking to yourself out loud.

Maybe but…

Gerard starts to wave his hand in front of my face to catch my attention.

“Yo, Frank. Come back down to earth Frankie.”

“Sorry. My head hurts.” He just smiles at me as I rub the back of my skull. I sigh as I feel a round bump.

“You make me worry about you, Frankie.”

It sounds so cute when he calls me ‘Frankie’. It’s almost as cute as his smile, I wish my teeth were as white as his and those lips are just so kissable. I just want to kiss them… wait…

My body stiffens and my eyes go wide with horror. Gerard’s smile vanishes as it’s replaced by alarm.

“What is it?” He asks slightly panicked by my expression. My thoughts flood my mind.

I kissed him… or he kissed me… I think, maybe, I don’t know. Maybe it was just a dream, a sweet, sweet dream.

It would be just too awkward if we did kiss. I mean his my best friend, I see him nearly every day at school and on weekends, I only live down the road. I’m friends with his brother… and, and, and it’s just… way too awkward and confusing if we had kissed. Oh and did I mention were both guys… awkward!!!

My heart is racing as my head begins to spin.

Ok, calm-the-fuck-down. It was probably just a dream. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Quick say something.

I try and hide my horrified expression and avoid looking him in the eyes.

“I… just…”

Think, think, dam you brain think.

“I just thought I seen a spider crawl under your bed.” I spit out fast pointing to his bed across the room. He turns his head to look at the bed I was pointing at.

He knows I have a fear of spiders, so that’ll explain the horrified look.

“Dam it Frank, I thought it was something serious.” He relaxes and smiles but it’s tainted with concern.

“It is serious, it’s a mother-fucking spider Gerard.” I state, believing in my own lie. Gerard just giggles at me.

Oh, it's such a cute giggle.

“I’m tired.” I say as my eye lids begin to feel heavy.

“I don’t think you should be sleeping so soon after hitting your head so hard, you might go into some kind of Coma or something like that.”

He said reaching out to rub my upper arm. The electricity in my body sparks and my heart starts to beat itself against my ribcage like a caged wild animal.

I need to get out of here before I do something awkward.

I brace myself and push myself up using the wall as support, Gerard quickly stands up with me.

“Where you going?” His tone slightly concerned and his expression is a mixture of worry and something else I can’t seem to describe. I continue to avoid making eye contact.



“I need to…um…”

Need to what?

“Go home.” Gerard looks at me confused “Why?” He asks slowly.

Shit, why?…come on, think.

“I need to go home because…I need,” I make my way towards to door “To wash the dog.”

WHAT?! You need to go home to wash the dog, Fuck you’re a genius (sarcasm). Just keep on walking you dip-shit.

Gerard’s expression is even more confused than before. He slowly relays my excuse to leave.

“You need to go home to wash your dog.”

I subconsciously bite the corner of my lip and start to turn the handle of the door when he comments.

“Um, Frank. You do realise it’s like 11pm.” I feel the warm blood rush to my cheeks, I can’t look at him.

“Yeah I know, but I promised mom I’d do it today and I forgot earlier.” I tried to sound normal but my voice turned on me and started to break, it always does when I lie.

“Got to Go” I say quickly. Before he can say anything I swing open the door and run up the basement stairs. I can hear Gerard yell out ‘Wait!’ behind me but I ignore it and race through his house and out the front door, I don’t even know if I shut it. I ran down the middle of the dark, empty street.

I grab the spare key from its hiding place and unlock my front door, I don’t even care that I left my stuff at Gerard’s house. I was sopose to be sleeping over to work on some homework for school.

This is all just too much for me, I feel so confused, alone and lost.

I crash through the door, and try not to slam it shut because I don’t want to wake up my mother. I lock it behind me and run straight up the stairs to my bedroom. I shut my door and flop face first on to my bed.


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