Review for Reclist of My All-Time Favourite Fics

Reclist of My All-Time Favourite Fics

(#) CatscanFlyy 2012-08-14

Ahhhh my god i feel so honerd! Also in totes in the process of reading night swimming and I love it so much I think my first fix was generation dead (über cute ghoul ferard) also also also I don't think by was on here do if you haven't you should read it It's a Frerard set in a mental hospital and it's just sovaghhhhh Gerard is perfect and funny and crazy in it

The link I a few chapters in but its all I have on my phone so sorry

If you have the time read it cause it's amazing and thank you for your kind words!

Author's response

Ooh, thank you, it sounds really good...I look forward to checking it out :D And you're very welcome :3