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Shit My Family Says

(#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-08-14

Ha! BODTF FTW! I'm also bi leaning towards it cause I'm like, Some guys are really icky and mean! And all the guys at my school are either players or complete nerds!

When I came out first to my lesbian friend like during a class called catechism at church she decided to make a joke 'your a windshield wiper' and I'm all like -da fuq face- and then I got it when she said 'cause you swing both ways!' and I'm like HAHAHA! NO.

I enjoyed sing Candyland, Sexting, and S My D by BOTDF under my breathe when I was forced to go church. It was like my message to God, ya know? He needs to know that i enjoy listening to these amazingly dirty sings!


Abby whom obsesses over BOTDF xxx

Author's response

I'm getting together a collection of amazingly dirty songs to sing on the bus to camp.
Oh yeah. -high five-
All the dudes here will either cheat on you or yeah. They're all awful.
But yeah, swinging both ways works, well, for me it does. In the same day as I broke up with my girlfriend, I got a new one. A-HA! -does odd dance-
BOTDF FTW, definitely. You and I need to talk more, Abby :3
-Dahvie, Jayy and Claire xx