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Shit My Family Says

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A list or stupid things.

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Shit My Family Says

1. "Hell, I love dogs. I love dogs almost as much as Frank Iero. I just... don't love their shit." (Claire on the topic of dog shit)
2. "OH MY GOD LOOK AT UNCLE DEAN'S BEARD!" (Claire on seeing her Uncle Dean's epic beard)
"NO I WILL NOT EAT THAT IT'S BLOODY 'ORRIBLE!" (Mam teaching Jack what to say when he doesn't like something)
3. "Eeeeuuurrrgguuhhh." (Grandma on the topic of the dead woman she saw in a hallway)
4. "Never use a whole bottle of hotel body lotion on a small body. You start to feel like a greased pig in Greaseville, Grease-ania. But you smell nice as you scrape it all off with a towel." (Claire on the topic of using a whole body of lotion on herself)
5. "Only midgets shop here." (Mam on the topic of shopping at Myer)
6. "I'm serious. Only bloody midgets shop here!" (Mam on re-entering Myer and browsing their clothes again)
7. "So. When did you, uh, start not eating?" (Uncle Peter on the topic of Claire not eating the fish he cooked)
8. "Dad. You're a sucker for a 70-year-old's damn puppy dog eyes. Man up!" (Claire on the topic of her father succumbing to his mother's pleas to take her out for dinner)
9. "This cat likes having its ass rubbed." (Claire on the topic of the cat she was cuddling)
10. "Heh.. Hair sphincters." (Claire on the topic of the air hostess's hair buns)
11. "No perv like an old perv." (Mam on the topic of Dad watching the young hosties)
12. "Especially when I make you a really hot curry and you shit it all out." (Mam on the topic of Dad's upcoming diet)
13. "You were having a good perrrrrrvvvvv." (Mam on the topic of Dad perving on the hosties)
14. "Imagine a dog and a penguin mating." (Claire on the topic of.... a penguin and a dog mating)
15. "Eww!" (Jason on the topic of the 'doguin')
16. "Everywhere I look, there's lesbians! They're breeding like fucking rabbits!" (Dad on the topic of seeing lots of lesbians in Tas)
17. "The Swede is a shit-stirrer!" (Mam on the topic of an odd Olympic sport)
18. "Jackson. Bend over and I will gently insert this into your ass." (Mam on the topic of Jack firing toy misses at her)
19. "Spearing of Christians should be an Olympic sport." (Mam on the topic of
20. "Why aren't people more considerate? The old bird should cark it while you're here, saves us a plane trip." (Mam on the topic of Grandma)
21 "SEE YA MOTHER- oh. Um." (Claire on the topic of getting to choose whatever spot on the plane she liked because Muscat is a dinky little two-cow city and no one goes there on planes so it was like fucking empty)

Yeah. That's me and la famille for ye.
-Claire xx
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