Review for Shit My Family Says

Shit My Family Says

(#) BipolarUnicorn 2012-08-14

I do have a twitter! Just so I can stalk my favorite celebrities! I think its email is on my info page cause honestly it's:

I came up with that cause my old emailed was mad at me -.- my mom saw that when I was logged into facebook once, and shes like, 'Oreos?' and she is old and understands nothing but the news and working in retail...

ANYWAY, I ramble lots...yeah :3

Abby who is currenly and listening to BOTDF and arguing with her imanginary friends xxx

Author's response

Wicked! I love Twitter and I live my life in my email inbox so yeah. You can see that I don't get out much.
I don't go outside much. Mainly because all the people that make my life shit live in the same place as me and I don't wanna go there. Except for today coz I ish gonna go take (hopefully) really epic emo-looking photos.
I'm a bit odd. And -sighs in defeat- more than a bit emo.
Ah well. Labels are bullshit.
Alice: You're an odd person, Claire.
Shush, go fuck Jared.
Jared: I like that.
-Claire who is currently downloading BOTDF songs and fangirling over the perfection of Andy Biersack xx