Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) Rake 2006-11-04

Wow...this is truly a disaster....I am running out of praises for your stories. I loved the "Bill speach" were he said that Harry shouldn't fight the war with the help of kids.Tottaly true and a fact that has irked me about fanfiction and the books for quite some time. The only thing I have against this chapter is how easily Harry forgives Susan...i'm really hoping that he won't forgive the Abbots that fast as he and Ginny could have died because of them...the rest of the chapter is fantastic by the way...I'm still completely baffled by how easily you change some of the basic building blocks of your characters and still make them seem the same in both of your stories...


Author's response

Thanks. I like writing what I consider to be real arguments, where neither side is completely right or wrong. Had Susan not said the Don't become a Monster thing, Harry was prepared for a knock down drag out argument. That comment hit close to home. ~Jim