Review for This is it. (Hey look, a MJ reference.)

This is it. (Hey look, a MJ reference.)

(#) ColorfulShadow 2012-08-16

Don't you dare do it. Don't you fucking dare commit suicide!

Think about all of the posibilities in the world. You could be famous! A profesional author! Heck, you can be a fucking unicorn!

Once in a while a lot of people get that feeling to kill themselves. I get that feeling almost every month (mostly on my period) but you have to let that urge go. That urge to kill yourself is a motherfucker. Its a pain in the ass.

A lot of people care about you! I'm one of those people. Even though we don't talk I still care about you.

Everyone on here cares about you! On here we are a family. No matter what, we stick together. We've got each others backs. We help each other up when we fall down.

Remember this:

Sing like nobody is listening. Dance like no one is watching. Love like you have never been hurt. You only live once, so live your life until it is that time for you to move on.

I hope you do not do this. It would be painful to lose someone else over suicide.

I love you. We all love you.