Review for Our Lips Touch

Our Lips Touch

(#) imakilljoywannabe 2012-08-17

Oh. My. GOD! I have like three things I'm super excited about all at once! Ok I'll do it one at a time:

1) You were actually waiting for my comment!!! I am super siked now and I literally fangirl squealed when I read that! I feel so special! :D ~gives ginormous hug~ ~does happy dance~

2) That was an AMAZING story and I think you should post it separately too! Ray has such random things hiding in his fro.... :)

3) I know what to give you now for chapter 11: Mikey!!!! (And his unicorns of course!) XD 'tis perfect! I'll write that again soon but hooray! I am way too overly happy right now... But I don't care! ~does second happy dance~ See you in chapter 11!

Author's response

XD reaading about you fangirling over my comments anbout your comment makes me want to scream like a fangirl.

The Hug makes me want to do a happy dance:)

I love your comments, they are the best:D

I've almost finished writing Chapter 11, but I'm so sleepy...ZZZ...ZZZ...ZZZ...Oops!

moving on, I really want to Update so I'll finish the chaper tonight:)

thank you for your comment. and P.S. I posted 'Ray's FRO' as a separate story:)