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9. Awkward

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I swear if Gee wasn’t on top of me, I would have run away…again.

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A/N I have never been called a 'Fucker' so many times before in my life:). I'm sorry to the people I scared the shit out of, and for making a few of you cry. I'm not really always that evil, just part time;)..... anyway here's the next chapter, with a living frank (YAY).

The kiss lasted for only two seconds at the most before I reluctantly pushed Gee and his ‘amazingly kissable’ lips away remembering that we were lying on the nature strip were people could see us. Confusion and disappointment was written all over Gerard’s ‘gorgeous’ pale face. I felt bad for playing with his emotions like this, first we make-out in his bedroom basement then I freak out and run away (latterly), than I pull him in for a kiss only to push him away two seconds later.

I sigh and look up at him, I open my mouth to say ‘sorry’ when Mikey cuts me off, “Did you just fucking kiss my brother?” he didn’t sound too impressed as he and Ray rushed over to were Gerard was still struggling me on the ground. Both Gerard and I don’t know how to respond so we just stare at Mikey blankly with open mouths frozen.

God this is awkward.

I swear if Gee wasn’t on top of me, I would have run away…again. Luckily Ray intervenes “Shit Mikey calm your farm would ya’, I would have kissed Gee too if he just saved my life” he softly smiles towards us on the ground “you two alright? Is anything broken?” He asks ignoring Mikey who just huffed at his comment, rolled his eyes, crossed his arms and glared down at his brother and me.

Wow I never would have thought Mikey would have acted like such a homophobe before today.

Mikey’s not homophobic!

Could have fooled me.

It’s just because it’s his brother…right?

Why are you asking me?

I don’t know.

I open my mouth to answer Ray when I was cut off, again.

What is this ‘Cut off Frank day’?

I didn’t get the memo

“Oi, what do you kids think you’re doing!” Yells an angry old voice, in unison all four of us turn our heads in the direction of the voice.

A stumpy, chubby old man wearing straight navy blue pants and a tucked in light blue short-sleeve shirt with a matching thin navy blue neck tie waddled towards us. The hair on his chin was white as snow and he was losing the hair on his bolding head. It was the bus driver.

Mikey dropped his arms to his side and blankly stared at the old Bus driver. Ray moved discreetly out of the way while Gee and I didn’t move. I was expecting to get a yelling at by the driver, he looked just about ready to kill.

Maybe he was trying to run me over and was pissed off that Gee pushed me out of the buses path.

I was a little frightened of the expression on this man’s face (but I would never admit it). He stopped two feet away and glared down at us on the dyeing yellow grass. Mikey and Ray were a couple of feet away on either side of the bus driver with identical unsure expressions. Gee and I just stare up at the old man. There was a moment of thick silence until he sighed loudly with relief and held a hand out to help Gerard and myself up. We accepted his help.

“You boy’s ok?” he asked with concern as Geared brushed the dirt and grass off his knees and I awkwardly wiggled and brushed the grass and dirt off my butt.

Great, the dirt is so noticeable on the black of my skinnies.

You’re the one that wanted your ass to look ‘Hot’.

Hey it’s your ass too so don’t act like you don’t care. Now it just looks like I don’t wash my close.

I sigh and look up…will actually the bus driver is basically the same height as me so I don’t have to look up (that’s a nice change), were eye level with each other… and I answer his question.

“Yeah, I think so.” I say in a humiliate voice. The Driver nods at me then turns to focus on Gerard, “What about you boy?” he asks in a stern but concerned voice. “Uh, oh yeah, I’m good” he smiles and shyly glances in my direction then bows his head to allow his raven hair to shield his almost blushing face.

He is just too cute for words.

“Good,” the driver than placed his hands onto his hips and turned his attention back to me with a harsh glare “I’d say you’re old enough to know that you don’t stand in the middle of a road.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” I apologise as I bow my head with shame.

“Do you know how much paper work I would have to do if you were hurt? Not to mention I’d have to clean your ‘short’ remains off the front of my bus…that’s if I still had a job.”

I raise my eyebrows at the comment about my height.

It’s not like the fucker could talk, he’s older than you and is still the same height.

At least there is still hope I’ll have a growth spurt.


If I could high five-myself I would. The voice in my head and I don’t usually agree with each other but we both know that we make a pretty good tag team when it comes to defending our height.

I try to be as polite as I could as I fold my arms defensively across my chest like a child and respond with “I’m not short…I’m fun-size.” I state as I have a staring contest with the old man in front of me.

I hear both Mikey and Gerard snicker and the slapping sound of Ray face palming. The Bus Driver just smiles and sighs “Whatever kid, just don’t play ‘statues’ on the road again, you might not be so lucky next time.” I half-smile and nod at him. The driver then turns around and waddles back toward his parked bus where a few of the passengers were hanging half out the doors curious to see what was happening, he ushered them back onto the bus than followed. I was just glad it wasn’t a school bus but the town’s bus.

“I’m not short…I’m fun-size.” Gerard mimics in a squeaky tone and causes Mikey and Ray to burst out in laughter.

“Oh shut up” I say with a grin and roll my eyes before I playfully punch him in the arm. “Ouch” he giggled as he rubbed his arm where I punched him.

“Come on were going to be late for school if we don’t get a move on” I say as I turnaround in circles in search of my missing school bag. Ray points towards the gutter assuming that I’m looking for my bag and that’s why I’m looking like a dog chasing his tail.

“Since when do you care if your late for school or not?” Mikey comment apparently over the fact I kissed his brother only a few minutes ago. “Since my mom told me she doesn’t want another phone call telling her that I was late for school again”

Well more ‘yelled’ rather than ‘told’, but whatever.

I explain as I pick up my ‘poor’old bag out of the gutter, where it landed when Gee saved my life.

Thankfully we made it to school as the bell went off without any of us been hit by a bus or car alike. We walked through the gates and joined the sea of students as we all made our way to our Roll-call rooms. Gerard and Mikey sheared the same roll-call class where Ray and I had to go to a different class. We turned to part ways when Gerard garbed my elbow quickly and ushered me to the side and quickly whispered in my ear “Meet me behind the GYM building after roll-call, we need to talk.” He didn’t wait for my answer and took off down the hall.

Oh boy, this is going to be awkward.

A/N There we go. I know this chapter is more of a filler than anything, but at least they finally made it to school...alive:) as always let me know what you think and leave a review or comment and let me know of any mistakes:).XOXO.
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