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8. My fucking hero

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The sky provides the appropriate atmosphere. Grey lifeless clouds move sluggishly along the sky line, they threaten to drop the load of icy polluted rain they contain down onto the dirty New Jersey streets outside Saint Paul’s church. Bitter cold winds whip long strands of raven hair into Gerard’s teary hazel eyes.

It had been only a week since the accident, and it was the most painfully heart-breaking week ever experienced in Gerard’s life. There he stands now outside the great old stone church, where inside he will have no choice but to accept the fact that a young life has ended. His hands are shaking and it’s not because of the cold. He hasn’t slept a wink of sleep for days and the bags under his eyes feel like they weigh a tone each.

None of the boys had slept for more than three hours between them. Mikey once drifted off into an unintended sleep but woke up five minutes later panicked and screaming out Frank’s name. Ray tried to be strong and comfort everyone around him but he was hurting too, every so often he just couldn’t contain the tears that flooded his eyes and he would let them escape, they rolled over his cheeks and drip off his chin, he would turn to the closest person to him and hug them tight.

All of them stayed pretty close to one and other, mainly staying over at the Way’s house with some other close friends of Frank’s. Donna (Gerard and Mikey’s mother) thought it would be comforting and help with the grief if they were around to support each other. No one left anyone alone and was always at arm-length of each other, except for Geared who separated himself from everyone, his parents, his brother, his friends, everyone. The only person he wanted was Frank.

To say that Geared was a complete mess would have been a major understatement. He started drinking more and eating less. He never left his basement bedroom for days. He sat hiding in the corner of his dark room with his knees pulled tight to his chest as he subconsciously rocked back and forth softly. He couldn’t close his eye without seeing Frank in a daze as the bus crashed into his small ‘perfect’ body. But he also couldn’t open his eyes without been reminded of Frank. Photos and drawing where pined up on the walls of his room and items that Gerard had borrowed off Frank or that Frank accidently left behind littered his room.

They were like little emotional land mines, he cried uncontrollably at the sight of Frank’s belonging such as one of Franks shirts that was mixed in with his own, school books Frank gave him to copy and stuff like that. But there was one thing that really hurt Gerard every time his eyes wondered over it. He couldn’t help but emotionally break down at the sight of the ‘Misfits’ CD, the ‘Devils Rain’ album he had borrowed only a few days before the incident. There were two main reasons why this CD ripped his heart apart like it was tissue paper,

One: both Geared and Frank loved the ‘Misfits’, they use to jump up and down like a couple of headless chickens rocking out to the sounds of the deep toned vocalist and rock back and forth to the rhythm of the guitars and drums blearing at full volume from the speakers of either Gerard or Franks Stereo.

Two: the main reason the CD felt as tho it was squeezing the life out of his chest was because Frank was wearing his cute tight skinny black jeans, that Gerard thought made Franks ass look totally ‘HOT’ and the ‘Misfits, Devils Rain’ band Tee the day he died.

Poor Frank’s mother was handling the whole situation worst that Geared. At first she didn’t believe it and called everyone a ‘liar’ and said that they were all sick people playing a horrible joke. Once the news was confirmed that her baby boy was dead she had a total shut down and had to be hospitalised.

They let her out today to attend her son’s funeral tho. She can’t speak, seem so weak and tired she needs a nurse at her side at all times in case she has an episode. Her once golden, honey eyes are now dull and hollow, it’s like she’s dead too only on the inside.

Gerard stands outside alone in the quiet air unwilling to move, reluctant to accept the fact that his best friend, the boy he cares so much about is lying silent and still in a closed wooden coffin in the old church. It’s unsettling to think of frank as still, because he was always so full of life and energy, he was never one to willingly stay still.

Gerard could feel the cold wind freeze the trails of left over tears on his cheeks. He’s trying not to cry but the pain in this head, throat, chest and heart is so ‘fucking’ painful. He is so full of sorrow and regret. He wishes he told Frank that he loved him. He wanted to hold Franks hand tight as they walk through the park at night in the moonlight. To fall asleep listening to each other’s heart beat as they held each other close. But now that could never happen.

Silently Mikey slowly walks up behind his brother and stops next to him. Gerard just keeps staring at the cold church with the stained glass windows and big dark heavy double doors.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair.” He says not looking at his younger brother with a broken voice.

“I know.” He whispers. They stand there for a moment in thick silence, the world seems to have lost all significant sound “let’s go.” Mikey softly says taking a step forward than waits to see if Geared will follow.

“Mikey,” his voice so soft it’s nearly carried far away by the wind, but Mikey hears it and turns to see his broken brother with his head bowed down and his raven hair shielding his sorrowed face. “Yeah Gee?” he asks barely above a whisper.

Gerard lifts his head and looks at his younger brother through a fresh layer of tears. “I loved him” he sobs and drops his head again. Mikey moves and wraps his arms around his fragile brother trying to hold him together with a warm embrace “I know”.

For the first time since the incident Gerard doesn’t push away but hugs back. He buries his face into his brother’s shoulder and cries. Mikey gently sooths his brother and strokes his back “He loved you too, don’t ask me how I know I just do.” he ends up crying with gee because he’s aching too he’s also falling apart, they all are because Frank was gone and never coming back.

After the brothers calmed down they slowly made their way into the church. As the big heavy doors shut with a solid thud the heavens opened and the polluted New Jersey rain fell hard slamming onto the dirty streets.

I’m just fucking with you!, here’s the real story! :) but hey that could be an alternative ending and it gave me an idea for another story.
Again "sorry" I was just fucking with your head, Frank isn’t dead, he’s Alive!!! Yay (throws a little party.)

Now were back to the scene where the bus is about to crash into the frozen Frank.

Ouch, Fuck.

My bag falls off my shoulders and disappears to an unknown place as the ground smashes hard into my back and something heavy smashes on top of me.

Oh, Fuck can’t breathe

I’m still winded and struggling to gasp in a fresh breath of the polluted New Jersey air, hey it maybe pollute but it’s still better than nothing. I then realize that my eyes are still shut tight so I open them and…all I see is Black!

“Fuck, I’m blind!” I was just about to start panicking when the black moved away and I recognized that the black was Gee’s black hoodie. I’m lying flat on my back on the nature strip with Gerard straddling me just above the hips.

God he’s so hot.

I look up to his face. He looks so scared, relived and pissed off all combined in to one expression with parted panting lips, messy raven hair falling down the sides of his face and fascinating wide hazel eyes staring right back down at me.

He is just so adorable.

Then he starts to look more pissed off than anything.

“Jesus Fuck Frank, are you trying to get yourself killed?!” both his arms are straight and his hands are flat on the ground either side of my head.

“I fuckin’ think you fuckin’ just gave everyone a Fucking heart attack, Fuck!.” He grabs both my shoulders suddenly and shakes me.


Even knowing he is pissed off , yelling and shaking me while giving me a lecture i can’t help but smile.

He just risked his own life to tackle me out of the way of a blood thirsty bus! Sure he may have bruised a couple of ribs in the process, but a few brused ribs is better than a broken back.

Gee was still ranting on about road safety and swearing almost every second word but at least he had stop shaking me.

I must have scared the shit out of him.

“Fucking hell Frank, Don’t you ever Fucking do that to me ever Fucking again!”

I don’t know what came over me, it might have been the look in his eyes or the way he was hovering over the top of me that just made him so irresistible. I suddenly felt like Gee was the drug and i was the drug addict and i was in need of a fix…real bad.

I grab both sides of his face with my hands and pull him down close to my mouth.

“Gee you saved my life” I state in the most husky voice I’d ever heard come from my own throat.

ohhh that sounded so sexy, good job Frankie boy!

Pleased in myself I smile “My fucking hero.” I hear him suck in a surprised gasp just before my lips claimed his.

Ok, I so must have died, this feeling is heaven!

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