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10. True colours

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I wish I had the guts to do something like that. 'what? wear pink shoes?'

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I watch Gerard, well his ass, till he turns a corner and I can’t see him no more.

Oh boy.

I just know Gerard is going to want to talk about the whole ‘kissing’ thing.

What am I going to say?

I don’t know.

I growl at myself in frustration, which results in some odd looks from the people walking past me. I sigh and decided to head toward my roll-call room.

As I walk down the hall alone I hear the tormenting sound of Eric and his gang of bullies laughing from around the corner.

Oh fuck! Quick turn around and run!

Shut up! I’m not running.

You stupid or something?

Hey that’s a mean thing to say. Are you trying to destroy the remainder of my little self-esteem?

I just don’t get it! You run away from a kiss but you don’t run away from the threat of getting your head smashed in by that thug Eric?

Oh shhh up already. They aren’t coming after me.


I cautiously look in the direction of the laughter to see Eric and two of his ‘brain dead’ followers towering over Victor Stone.

Poor guy.

I think to myself with sorrow. Vic is often picked on because of his sexuality. He’s gay. And because Eric and his mates are homophobic it results in Vic been beaten up pretty bad frequently. Vic once stayed home from school for three week because he was too scared to go to school. His parents finally made him come back tho.

He’s a really nice guy, his locker is next to mine so we’ve talked before and plus we shear a few classes together, he’s actually quite funny and cleaver but because of the bulling he’s often paranoid someone is going to creep up on him and beat the living shit out of him, which has happened many time before.

His boyfriend had it a lot worse. He use to go to the same school but Eric and his crew tormented him a lot worse than they do Vic, but I’m not going to go into details right now.

What was his name?

I think it was… Danny or Dale… something starting with ‘Da’.

I watch from a distance as Eric throws Vic’s books to the ground then kicks him hard in the shin with his black steel cap boots. I grimace at the sight of Vic yelping in pain as he drops to the floor. I hoped that Eric would just move on but I know he wouldn’t be satisfied with just that, I know that it’s going to get a lot more bloody and painful.
I look up and down the Hall. It’s empty apart from me hiding just around the corner.

Why is it that teachers are always around when you don’t want then to be and when you need them to be there they have all fucked off?

I snap my head back towards Vic as he yells out in pain. I’m surprised Eric or one of his friends haven’t noticed me.

Quick getaway before they do.

I ponder that option for a moment but as Eric’s boot slams into Vic’s ribs I know I can’t just act like nothing was happening.


I sigh as I round the corner and head in the direction of danger, knowing I’m going to regret this. I mask my face with a brave disguise as I march to Vic’s rescue.

“OI! Fuck-face!” I bark with fake cockiness. Eric’s head spins in my direction and his mates laughing stopes. Vic is cowering in a ball on the floor, too afraid to un-shield his head to look up.

“What the fuck did you just call me midget?”

Quick turn and run now, there’s still a chance you can live.

Shut up! I’m not turning back now.

“What? Are you deaf as well as ugly?” I tease, even knowing Eric isn’t even that bad looking it’s just his personality that's really U.G.L.Y.

I see you're true colours and that's why I hate you.

I randomly start singing in my head.

“I’m Gonna knock this short-fucks teeth out.” Eric mutters to one of his friends…I think his name is Sam (not that it really matters, I’m still going to get the crap beaten out of me).

Oh well, at least It’ll give Vic a break.

Way to give up the fight before it even begins.

What now you want me to fight?

As you said you're ‘not turning back now’. You might as well try and fight.

Eric stomps down the hall to meet me half way with his big white teeth grinning a deadly smile.

Actually…RUN, turn back! I want to live. He’s going to kills us.

Fuck you’re so over dramatic.

Eric stopes in front of me and I glare into his green eyes which are filled we hatred. I feel slightly unease because I have to look up at the tall fucker.

Shit, why do I have to be fun-size?

I flash a fake confident smirk and he cracks his knuckles. The tension is so thick you could use it as butter. For a few moments it’s just us glaring into each other’s eye waiting to see who would make the first move. I try to un-noticeably will my heart to slow down. Anyone would have thought the school was abandon it was that quiet. Then suddenly Eric’s harsh voice shatters the silence.

“Who do you think you are?”

I can’t help but grin stupidly and answer with a smart-ass tone.

“I’m Frank-fucking-Iero mother-fucker, who are you?”

You sounded like a gangster wannabe…disgrace.

Shut up!

Stop telling me to ‘shut up’.

I sigh and drop my shoulders. Eric just looks at me confused. He kind of looked like a lost puppy-dog.

Shut up and we might have a chance at not getting beat up.


Well for one I won’t be distracted.


Ha, it worked, the voice finally shut up.

But sadly I was distracted by the fact the voice shut up and obviously Eric became inpatient and his fist collided hard with my jaw. Shock flashed over my body then I lost all control and retaliated with crazy flying arms and wild kicking legs.

I think I hit him a couple of times but then he grabbed me by the throat and I froze. Eric gave me a crooked smile and stared at me with amusement. The hand on my throat loosens and Eric just shakes his head with bewilderment.

“You’re a Fuck-tart.” He said simply then let go of me. I blinked at his actions with confusion. He turned to his mates and motioned with his head for them to follow.

“Come on, I’m done messing with these fags.”

Keep quiet…keep fucking quiet.

I want to yell at them but I know if I do they will come back and beat the shit out of me.

“I’m not gay.” I mutter through clenched teeth under my breath. A whimper catches my attention and I turn to see Vic still trying to hide on the floor. I walk over and kneel on the floor beside him and gently place my hand on his shoulder. He flinches at the touch.

“Hey it’s okay. It’s me, Frank.” I softly tell him. He reluctantly moves one of his arms to see my face. “Frank” He says in a muffled voice. I smile a friendly smile. “Yep, that’s me.”

I can see him visibly relax as he realises I’m not going to knock his front teeth out. I slowly help him stand back up on his feet. He uses the lockers as support while I bend down to pick up his books which Eric had thrown around like confetti. I stand back up straight and hand him his books. He smiles weakly at me and whispers “Thank you.” then looks down at his pink convers.

I wish I had the guts to do something like that.

what? wear pink shoes?

No! have the guts to be proud of who I am and not let other people stop me from been me.


I smile back at Vic “No worries.” He looks away from his shoes and toward me.

“No really. Thank you. You didn’t have to step in like you did, but you did anyway.” He shrugs his shoulders and looks back down. “Most people just look the other way.” he sniffs “Because I’m gay”.

Oh god, please don’t start crying.

“Well…” I rest my hand on his shoulder “I don’t think that’s fair.” I state and he looks back at me with watery eyes but this time he has a real smile playing on his lips.

“Come on.” I tell him as I start to walk down the empty hall “let’s get to Roll-call.” Luckily we’re both in the same class so I know that Eric and his thugs won’t surprise attack him when I leave, plus I think Vic feels safer walking to class with me rather than by himself.

Vic hugs his books tight to his small chest. He’s only a couple of inches taller than me and is nearly as skinny as Mikey. He trots along beside me up the hall with his light brown hair bouncing with each step he takes.

We make it to class just in time to make the teacher mark us as 'here' then the bell sounded.

FUCK! now I got to meet Gee behind the GYM.

I grunt as I head towards the doors leading to where Gerard wants to meet me.

"arr, Frank?" a quite un-sure Vic asks behind me. I turn around to face him "yeah?" He looks to his shoes and fidgets a little "Could you walk me to class?" he shifts his weight from on foot to the other "It's just... I'm scared" he whisperers quietly not making eye contact. I sigh but still ask him 'what class' he has. 'History' he answers. Luckily for him that's on the way to the GYM.

"Come on then." I smile.

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