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11. Staring contest

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It’s fucking heaven in a hoodie!

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Walking Vic to his history class took a little longer than I had intended. I thought I could just walk him to the classroom door then go and catch up with Gee. I wasn’t expecting the teacher to come out and start interrogating me on the spot.

“Stupid dick-head” I mutter under my breath as I rushed toward the double doors leading to the outside world.

I walked Vic to the door of his history class and after he softly whispered me a ‘thank you’ I turned around to go and meet up with Gee behind the GYM building because he wants to ‘talk’.

Oh boy, still not looking forward to that.

Mr Davies, the fucked up history teacher, opens the classroom door then started questioning me like I was some kind of ‘dangerous, bad-ass, reckless, misfit’….

Okay, so maybe I am.

But still there was no need to throw question after question at me. What really pissed me off tho was the fact he didn’t really care about my answers and didn’t even give me a change to answer the first question before he moved on to another.

I shit you not.

He was all like… ‘Mr Iero, what are you doing here?’ he asked in one of those ‘I’m the boss of you’ teacher tones as he glared at me with dark brown eyes. I opened my mouth to tell him that I was walking Vic to his class when he shot on straight to another question ‘What class do you have now?’ again I tried and answer ‘ I hav-‘ was all I managed to get out before he cut me off to ask yet another question.

Remember it’s ‘international cut-off Frank day’. I thought to myself as the anger began to boil inside me.

The next question was based on my appearance and had nothing to do with anything ‘Do you think it is appropriate to be wearing make up at school?’ I didn’t even bother to try and answer him because he would just ask another question before I open my mouth. The make-up he was referring to was my red eye-liner. If I had the chance I would have gone on about the millions of fake, wannabe barbie dolls running around the school with make-up practically dripping of their faces, but I bet they get away with it because they wear stupidly short skirts and see-through top that allow the purvey teachers and jocks to sneak a peek at what was underneath.

Like for fuck sake it’s only fucking eye-liner.

I know the real reason he asked the question was because I was a guy and to him only girls should wear make-up. Mr Davies then went and brought Vic into the situation. The whole time he just stood there very awkwardly looking at his pink convers. The history teacher started to make assumptions about my presence around Vic and I think he truly believed I was going to destroy his mind ‘Mr Stone here is a straight ‘A’ student, I hope you weren’t trying to corrupt his mind’ Mr Davies stated as he waved a hand towards the obviously uncomfortable Vic.

Why wont the teacher just shut up already… or at least let Vic go and sit down in the classroom.

‘Why aren’t you in class?’ Davies suddenly blurted out and I wanted to smack him over the head with a fish (if only I had one on me).

Because you won’t shut your fucking pie hole and let me leave, prick.

I just clenched my teeth and fist as I waited for the fucker to shut up.

‘Is that a bruise on your jaw?’ he asked not really caring as he pointed his hand in my face. I rolled my eyes.

No it’s a funking butterfly. I think as I take a step away from his pointing hand.

‘Have you being starting fights again?’ He accused me ‘Well, Mr Iero?’ he asked folding his arms and tapping his foot impatiently.

There is a moment of quiet and I raise my eyebrows at him.

Oh, what? I can talk now? Not going to cut me off with another one of you pointless questions?

I finally opened my mouth when I was… surprise, surprise cute-off…again.

Why didn’t we get the fucking memo about ‘international cut-off Frank day’?

We should check our inbox more often.

This time it was Vic who cut me off.

“Sir, Frank didn’t start a fight…he stopped one.” Vic said timidly.

Finally it’s my turn to talk, and I decided to answer all the questions in order in one continues reply.

I clear my throat and breathed in deep.

“I walked Victor to class. I have GYM right now. Yes I think it’s appropriate it’s only eye-liner and I like it. I wasn’t corrupting Vic’s mind. I’m not in class because you wouldn’t shut up. Yes this is a bruise on my jaw. And No! I haven’t been starting fights…Eric has.” I allow my answers to sink in before I continue “Now if you excuse me, you have a class to teach and I have a meeting to get to.” I turn to Vic “Catch you later.” I smile with a wave then walk down the hall before Mr Davies has the chance to stop me.

“Fucking finally” I breathe as I round the corner of the GYM building. It’s kind of like an alleyway. The back of two different buildings provides privacy and shelter for when smoking, wagging/skipping class and stuff like that. During class time there is generally no teachers or students who pass through. Gerard and I often hide around here and have a quick cigarette during school.

Speaking of the ‘sex god’.

I see Gerard sitting cross legged, back against the tall brick wall, half a smoked cigarette hanging from his beautifully thin lips as he sketches something into his black sketch book that is sitting in his lap.

He carries around that sketch book everywhere with him. It’s so cute when Gerard is inspired by something random in the street, the lyrics of a song playing on the radio or even just general conversation. He often quickly pulls out his sketch book and starts drawing.

Gerard is so engrossed in his sketch that he hasn’t noticed me yet so I just stand at the entrance of the alleyway for a little while simply absorbing the beauty that is Gerard Way. He is subconsciously frowning at the pencil he is currently holding.

I love the facial expressions he makes when he’s drawing.

I feel a relaxed smile form gently on my lips. Gerard softly tucks a loose strand of raven hair away from his smooth pale face and behind his ear without even looking away from the page.

I wonder what he’s drawing.

A cold breezes washes over me and I shiver.

fuck, I should have bought a hoodie or a jacket or something…it’s cold.

I pout my lips and curse myself for forgetting to bring something warm to wear. There may be no clouds in the sky but there is a cold breeze. Gerard looks up from his sketch book sensing my presence. As soon as he recognizes me he smiles and my knees melt. I somehow manage to walk toward Gerard with melted knees and sit down beside him looking straight in front of me at a blank brick wall.

Yes, I’m avoiding eye contact. I’m still confused about the possible relationship which seems to be developing between Gerard and me.

Gerard closes his sketch book and drops it into his open bag that’s on the ground next to him. He then draws in a deep breath of cigarette smoke, causing the cigarette to glow a sweltering red at the tip. He holds his breath allowing the smoke to decays his lungs as he passes the smoke to me. Our fingers touch when I accept the smoke, and my whole body tingles as a result. I can’t help but smile stupidly.

“What took you so long?” Gerard asks then blows the smoke up into the peaceful air. I take a drag from the stick before I explain the whole ordeal involving Vic and Eric then move on to telling him about the fucked up Mr Davies.

“God I hate that prick.” He comments referring to Mr Davies after I’ve told him the whole story. I mumble out a sound in agreement.

Then we are smothered in an indulgingly thick, uncomfortable layer of silence. I can feel him looking at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes but I just maintain the staring contest I’m currently having with my shoe laces.

Those mother-fuckers tripped me over this morning.

Because I’m me and I can’t sit still I start drumming my fingers on my knees. As the awkward silence continues I start to get nervous about Gerard just looking at me and not saying anything and I start to fidget more while still avoiding eye contact with him. I draw in another breath of cigarette smoke and remain completely quiet.

“So” Gerard starts conversationally, it’s obvious he’s nervous.

“So” I mimic without even blinking.

I think I’m winning the staring contest I’m having with my shoes laces.

“Um…well…er…I…um…” Gerard is trying so hard to string a legible sentence together but fails anyway, it’s almost painful to watch.

There’s another unwanted moment of uncomfortable silence before he tries to speak again.

“Frank, I…” he starts then sighs. I hear him shuffle next to me but I still remain deeply engaged in my staring contest. “Could you look at me please?” he asks with just the tiniest bit of annoyance tainting his tone.

“But I’m winning.” I whine, I can just picture the ‘WTF’ expression plastered all over his face and that makes me smirk as i finish the cigarette and butt it out.

“What are you winning?” he asks confused. “The staring contest between me and those shoe laces.” I respond still staring at my shoes.

I can hear him smiling and silently laughing at me. “Frank, I…” he deeply breaths in and slowly releases it “I wanna kiss you…again” he blurts out. This snaps me out of the staring contest and I turn my head to witness a blushing Gerard who is trying to shield his face with his stunning raven hair.

Longing and desire instantly flows throughout my entire body. My heart is jumping around in all directions in my chest.

He wants to kiss me? Why? I’m nothing special.

The wind blows cold air over my small frame and I shiver. Gerard notices and lifts his head allowing this raven shield to fall to the sides so I can see his pale face, with slightly pink cheeks.

“You cold?” he asks me and I nod my head “yeah, I forgot to grab a hoodie this morning.” I admit. He softly smiles at me and unzips his hoodie to revel an ‘Iron maidens’ band-Tee underneath. He slips his arms out of the Hoodie and offers it to me “Here, I’m not cold.”

Awww, it’s like you’ve stepped into one of those cheesy, cliché romantic chick-flicks. coos the voice in my head.

Shut up.

I accept the hoodie and slip it on. Oh it’s so warm from Gerard’s body heat and it smells like him too, ‘coffee and cigarettes with the hint of Gerard’.

It’s fucking heaven in a hoodie!

“Thanks.” I whisper.

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