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12. Gerard wants to kiss me

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“I told my parents that you felt sick and went home…”, “I told Mikey the bullshit you told me.” "How 'bout you tell me the truth?"

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I zip the hoodie up my torso and pull the sleeves down over my cold hands as I pull my knees to my chest and hug them tight.

Gerard wants to kiss me.

With that thought swimming around inside my skull I turn my head to the side to face Gee.

Say something to him.

Like what? ‘Hey Gee nice weather were having today’ Or ‘Oh wow, I love your shoes where did you get them?’ or maybe ‘Hey have you heard ‘The Misfits’ ‘The devils rain’ album yet?’

You should face-palm yourself. Firstly it’s not nice weather…its cold. Secondly you were there when he got those Doc martens and thirdly he has your copy of the album dip-shit, he borrowed it last Friday.

I try to think desperately of something else to say.

I don’t know what to say.

But luckily the amazing Gerard thinks of something to say and saves me from belting my head against the brick wall I’m presently leaning my back on to compose a conversation.

“Frankie..?” he asks uncertainly as he quietly observes a trail of marching ants slightly off in the distance. I can’t help but feel despair dominate my pathetic body. I don’t want to answer him and I’m beginning to find it difficult to even look at the beautiful, amazing, talented boy sitting beside me. I place my chin on my knees and remain silent as I close my eyes.

Maybe if I stay quiet and motionless he will drop the subject I know he wants to bring up.

Can you blame the poor guy for wanting answers. For fuck sake Frank he is probably just as sacred and confused as you. You can’t keep on messing around with his feeling like this and leave him in the dark. You can’t kiss then run.

I open my eye to try and say something, anything but the words won’t come out. I cringe as I drop my head back down onto my knees and squeeze my hazel eyes shut before they threaten to tear up.

How is it he can have this effect on me. I never cry.

Yeah well you started to cry last night after you ran all the way you mommy.

Shut up.

That thought reminded me of how I found my school bag in the hall this morning. I spring my head up and turn to face Gerard who looked at me questioningly at my sudden liveliness.

“How’d my school bag end up on the inside of my front door? I took the spare key inside with me.”

Real smooth Frank, just change the subject why don’t you. The voice in my head sounded annoyed.

Gerard just looks at me before he answers. He knows I’m avoiding the main topic.

“I used the key that was in our bag. I knew you weren’t coming back so I dropped your Stuff off at your place so you would have them in the morning for school and went back home.”

He sighed and shifted his position to look at me with big, beautiful, devouring hazel eyes. My heart nearly exploded at the sight. I fidgeted and tried to focus on my breathing as I looked away from him.

“I told my parents that you felt sick and went home…” when he continued his tone changed slightly “I told Mikey the bullshit you told me.” he announced with venom tainting some of the words. "How 'bout you tell me the truth?"

Oh shit, he’s annoyed.

“Sorry” I practically whisper. He sighs again and lets his annoyance fade away.

“Frankie just talk to me.” he pleads

I turn to face him again with my mouth flapping like a fish. I really want to talk to him, but I just can’t seem to function. He raises a hand gently to my jaw.

“Stupid Eric.” he mumbles more to himself than me. It takes me a moment to remember that there is a bruise on my jaw where Eric so kindly slammed his fist into my face. When I’m with Geared I forget the stupid little things, I don’t care that Eric hit me in the face and left a mark, I don’t care I nearly die this morning from a murderous bus, I don’t care that I forgot to finish my homework.

Oh shit…I did forget to finish my homework…oh well.

Gerard gently dusts the back of his finger over the forming bruise.

Oh God! His touch feels so magical.

He slowly moves in closer to me, the smell of cigarettes and coffee becoming stronger in the little space between us. He ever so delicately brushes my fringe out of my eyes and looks deep into my soul and heart. He is silent as he gently leans his forehead on mine. His breath is hot as is caresses my lips sending warm shivers down my spine and teasing me with the possibility of a kiss from his lips. My eyes feel heavy as I notice his breathing increasing ever so slightly. His hand is tenderly cupping the side of my face and I shyly move one of my hands to his shoulder in a pointless effort to make more space between us. Our noses brush and our breathing turns to a gentle pant as the anticipation and excitement blends with the fear and uncertainty in the air surrounding our teenage bodies.

Gerard moves my hand from his shoulder and presses it to his chest over his heart. I gasp at the amazingly magical and wondrous feeling of his heart beating strong in his toned chest under my fingers. Our lips touch but we do not kiss. Were both slowly moving rhythmically allowing our noses to softly brush and out lips to touch in a torturous tease.

I can’t do this.

OH NO! come on Frankie boy don’t start freaking out on me.

No I can’t!...I…I…Just can’t.

I quickly pull away and jump to my feet then wobble a bit as I discover that my knees are still melted. I still manage to awkwardly dash halfway up the alleyway when suddenly my arm is grabbed harshly and I’m pushed back first into the brick wall. I look up into Gerard’s Hazel eyes. They looked hurt and broken.

“Don’t run away from my Frankie!” He bows his head, his voice is loud but also sounded broken like he is about to cry. “Please Frankie, tell me what you’re thinking…” he chocks back tears and keeps his head down “even if you never want to talk to me again, just please let me know how you feel,” His voice cuts through my heart. He sounds like he’s in pain and I’m the one that’s causing it, I’m causing Gerard pain. “I…I know that this is confusing and scary but…” he pauses for a heart breaking moment then lifts his head to display pink, tear stained cheeks and stunning, glassy hazel eyes.

“I don’t know how to control these feelings and I don’t think I want to.” He steps closer while still pinning me to the brick wall “Frank I don’t want to lose you, you’re so amazing, beautiful, strong, talented…” A smile tugs at his kissable lips and he softly chuckles.

Oh the sound is orgasmic.

“The list just goes on and on. You’re important to me and I want you in my life. I want to kiss you till you can’t possibly be kissed any more…I was ganna say a wanna kiss you to death but I don’t want you dead.” I smile at this and at his true raw emotion and honesty. “But if you don’t feel the same way, then I’ll supress my feelings for you and do anything to make it up to you as long as we can still be friends.”

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