Review for The Other Side

The Other Side

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-08-18

Oooohh... This is really getting interesting. And, if you ask me, Adam is secretly fucking Kayley behind Derek and Dylan's backs. Although... That wouldn't really make sense, would it? Kayley was so happy about the proposal. XD Ah look at me sitting here. I can't help that I'm a little conspiracy theorist when it comes to fanfics! ;)

I do think that Kayley and Derek are too young though, I will say that.

And, ooh la la, I do believe Mr Walker is developing a bit of a crush! (that, or he's being a creepy ghost, but I prefer the first explanation, haha)

I'm still really intrigued on the Jon's death front, and am very (in)patiently waiting for the rest of Panic to show up on Dylan's doorstep. XD Man, if I was a ghost and they somehow ended up at the house I was haunting, there is no bloody way I'd be letting them walk back out that door! Mwuahahaha, I'm so evil. XD

Still so very excited to see what happens next! :)

Author's response

I love conspiracy theories. I have a million as I read, constantly- when it comes to fics.

Way too young.

;) Haha, maybe a mix of both? I hope I'm not moving too quickly with this.

lol I totally agree. I would clutch on, and haunt the hell out of them.

Thank you!