Review for Personalized Stories!!(:

Personalized Stories!!(:

(#) Murderous_Music39 2012-08-20

LOVE YOU, LOVE IT, LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! it was....amazing. i swear i smiled sooo hardd xD it was so good thank youuuu!!!!! i love you xD and hahahaha i started freaking at first i was likee 'HEY! its Frank im supposed to be with not Zach!"hahahaha i loved ittt xD great job dude, love ya:3 thank youuu:3

Author's response

Haha, i'm glad you liked ittt(: But its kinda ironic how I wrote myself so freaking well..(: im suuuuch a spaz... but, yea. hehehe(:
~Cassie Raye