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Sorry if you don't like it...

My alarm goes off, scaring me out of my dream. I bolt upright, bashing my head on my slanted ceilings. I live in an attic, so, you think I’d be used to it by now. No such luck. I pull the covers back, turning on my bedside lamp. Running a brush through my hair, I head into my bathroom. I flip the light on, not wanting to stumble over my feet. I yawn. No more staying up so late, I promise myself. I brush my teeth quickly, trying to ignore the rumbling in my stomach.
5 minutes later
I walk into the kitchen, coming face to face with my best friend, Cassie. She’s hunched over a steaming cup of coffee, mumbling to herself. Her strawberry-blond hair is pulled up into a messy bun on top of her head, a pencil shoved through it. Her eyes are surrounded in black eyeliner, making the dark circles under her eyes a lot more noticeable. “Late night?” I ask her, pouring myself some coffee. She looks up, obviously startled. “Oh Megan… You have no idea! More like no night…” She mumbles, sipping her coffee. I smile. You see, Cassie’s a writer, and often goes days without sleeping to work. How, you ask? One word. Coffee. She drinks so much coffee, it’s ridiculous. It’s also probably the reason she’s so short too. She had her first novel published a month or two ago, and it was so popular, she pretty much became a millionaire on the spot. Which is why she came to my house one day, our other bestfriend Jess in tow, and told me she had bought a huge house and wanted us to move in with her. I accepted of course. Who wouldn’t? “I had soooo much writers block, I spent half the night reading My Chemical Romance fanfiction…” She says sheepishly. I giggle at her. My Chemical Romance is the three of us’s favorite band. “Don’t blame you.” Jess says, suddenly appearing in the doorway. She rubs her eyes sleepily. Her wavy brown hair is a mess. She pulls out a chair next to Cassie, plopping into it. I smile at both of them. Where would I be without them. “I swear… I’m addicted…” Cassie says sadly, taking a gulp of her coffee. “Slow down on that stuff.” Jess warns her, yanking the cup out of her hands. Cassie’s eyes widen and she whimpers. “You can’t take my coffee away! I need it! I have a deadline approaching and I need to be awake.” And with that, she grabs the cup and storms away to her office. “Someone’s PMSing.” Jess mumbles. I laugh. “She’s just so worn out it’s not even funny.” I say. Jess nods, laying her head on the table. I glance at the clock and start panicking. It’s almost twelve and I’m meeting my friend Zach at a restaurant at one. And it takes me a long time to get ready. “Well. I’m going out today… so I’m gonna go get ready.” I tell her, pouring my coffee in the sink and sprinting up to my room. I pull out some skinny jeans and a t-shirt from my dresser, heading into the bathroom.
I walk into the restaurant, scanning the area for Zach. I see him in one of the corner booths, hunched down and looking at his phone. I walk over, slipping into the booth across from him. “Hey!” I say brightly. He looks up, his eyes wide. “Oh! Hey… you scared me.” He mumbles, sitting up. My heart flutters. God he’s hot. “So…” I say desperate to get my mind away from my thoughts. “I have something for you…” Zach says, pulling a folded envelope form his pocket and handing it to me. I smile, taking it from him. “Zach, you didn’t have to get anything for me!” I exclaim. He laughs. “Did too. Your 19th birthday was a week ago, and I haven’t had a chance to see you.” He says. I shake my head smiling. I open the envelope and pull out… concert tickets. My eyes widen when I see who their for. My Chemical Romance. I start screaming, pretty much fangasiming on the spot. People shoot weird looks at me. I ignore them, and look at what else was in it. Two more tickets and… backstage passes. I squeal again. “I thought you, Cassie, and Jess could go.” He explains. His eyes glazing over at Cassie’s name. He has a HUGE crush on her. I sigh. She doesn’t care though. She’s in love with one guy only. Mikey Way. She knows she has no chance with him, but she’s totally still hung up on him and won’t date any other guy. “Dude… Your fucking AWESOME!” I exclaim. He shrugs. “Wanna come back with me? I’m not really hungry…” I ask. He smiles, probably thinking about Cassie. “Yes!” He says, walking out of the door and into my car.
“Guys!! Come into the kitchen! I have awesome news!” I shout into the huge house, Zach tagging along behind me. I walk into the kitchen and sit on one of the stools. Jess walks in, dragging Cassie behind her. Literally. “I was writing! And I was at a good spot!” She shouts, jumping around like a crazed monkey on crack. She’s obviously hyper from all that coffee. Jess sighs, shaking her head. She waves at Zach, and plops on the floor. Zach doesn’t see, just continues to stare at Cassie. Cassie notices and waves hi, a tiny bit creeped out. “But trust me. It’s so worth it.” I taunt, waving the envelope in her face. “If that’s another check from my editor, I don’t give a fuck.” She says dismissively, walking out of the kitchen. “It has to do with Mikey!” I shout. She’s instantly sitting next to me, her eyes wide. “WELL?” She squeals, bouncing up and down. “Zach got us tickets and backstage passes to one of their concerts.” I say calmly. Jess screams, giving Zach a huge hug. Cassie’s eyes widen, and suddenly she passes out, thumping onto the floor. I laugh so hard, tears stream down my cheeks. She doesn’t stay like that for long, in fact, within five minutes, she running around screaming and crying at the same time. “I GET TO MEET MIKEY WAY!!! HOLY FUCKING GEE!!! MIKEY WAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” She screams. Suddenly, she runs straight into a wall, passing out again. I shake my head. She’s such a ditz.
“Ohmygeeohmygeeohmygeeohmygee.” Cassie says excitedly, bouncing up and down on her bed. I sigh, and finish my make-up. “Straighten your hair!” She squeals. I roll my eyes. Looking in the mirror, I gaze at my newly dyed hair. I dyed layer underneath all of my black hair red. It looks pretty awesome, if I may say so myself. “Can we go now?” Cassie asks, pretty much shoving me downstairs. “Yes!” I say. She screams, running outside and into the car, where Jess is waiting. I grab my black converse, slipping them on. I straighten my MCR shirt, and head outside, getting in the car. Cassie is sitting in the passenger seat, her eyes wide with excitement. Her perfectly straight hair is tucked behind her ears, and her eyes are surrounded with black eyeliner. Her nose is covered in freckles. She’s wearing super tight black skinny jeans and a teal, low-cut t-shirt. She has on her favorite diamond heart necklace on. Jess is sitting in the back seat, her and make-up pretty much the same. She has on shorts and a green shirt on, wearing a bohemian style necklace. I feel very… plain compared to them. Their shoes are the only things that aren’t very fancy. Converse. “Okay. You guys ready to go?” I ask, bracing myself for what comes next. “YES!” Cassie screams. I laugh, getting into the car.
After the concert, the three of us stand in line, waiting for our turn to meet the band. We’re last in line. “Oh.My.Gee.” Cassie mutters. “That…. Was AMAZING!!” She squeals, waving her arms around in the air. She had waaaaaay to much coffee this morning. The line moves. Cassie gasp. “I get to meet Mikey. Oh my fucking Gee.” She mutters, looking like she’s on the verge of passing out. We chatter for a few more minutes, until a security guard ushers us into a room. I gasp when I see the whole band sitting there talking. “Wow. Hi!” I say excitedly. “Hey! What’s you guy’s names?” Gerard asks, getting up and coming over to us. “I’m Megan. That’s Cassie, and that’s Jessica.” I say, pointing to the girls beside me. The rest of the guys walk over to us. Frank smiles widely at me. “Hi…” Mikey says to Cassie. She screams, and passes out. “What the…?” Mikey mutters, catching her. “She’s uh… a little over excited…” I explain. Mikey laughs, scooping her up and carrying her to a couch. He sits her down, and presses a cold water bottle against her forehead. I glance at Jess, who is standing there, talking to Ray. Her cheeks are flushed, and she’s laughing. The security guard starts to tell Gerard that we need to leave, but he shakes his head. “Nah, they can hang out with us for a bit.” He waves the guard away. “So… how old are you guys?” Frank asks motioning for us to sit down. “Were all 19 except for Cassie. She’s 18.” I say, sitting next to Frank. He smiles. “Cool. So tell me about yourself.” He asks. I open my mouth to talk, but I stop, being cut off my a fangirly squeal. It’s Cassie of course. “You’re… Mikey Way. Oh my god. Mikey Way is touching my cheek.” She mumbles. Sure enough, Mikey’s hand is resting on her cheek. “Uh… sorry?” He says shyly. “D-Don’t be sorry…” Cassie stutters nervously. I laugh. They’re so meant to be. We all spend the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other. “So…” Frank says, when we’re about to head home. “Wanna meet up sometime soon?” He asks. I smile, writing my number on him hand with a random pen. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mikey pressing Cassie against a wall, kissing her gently. Jess is giving Ray her number too. “Mikey must really like your friend…” Frank says, looking at them. I laugh. “She’s pretty much obsessed with him…” I say. He turns to me. “Hey, but I don’t blame him. She’s pretty cute…” He says, smiling. My heart sinks. “But not near as cute as you.” He says, kissing me softly. My knees wobble, and I swear I’m going to pass out. I really have to thank Zach for those tickets.

The End.(: I hope you liked it!! And if you didn't... sorry /: TO the other people that are waiting for there stories... I may not do anymore tonight... Sorry.
~Cassie Raye
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