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So, Here ya go!(: I will do the first one you requested once I'm done with all the others. This may not be exactly what you had in mind, but I tried.(:

Waking up that morning, I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good day. Ya know how you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Well, that’s how I felt. Getting out of bed, I walked into my bathroom, brushing my teeth and hair. I slink back to my room, yanking on some skinny jeans and a random shirt. I pad downstairs to the kitchen, shooting my mother a hello.

She sets a plate in front of me. Pancakes. Yum. “Thanks, Mom.” I mumble shoving it in my mouth quickly. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. “Penina, dear, I think that’s Frank.” My mom says. I sigh, shoveling the rest of my breakfast in my mouth and walk to the door, flinging it open. “Hi.” I mumble. “Penina. That’s gross, swallow your food.” Frank says, stepping in.

I roll my eyes, and swallow. “Can we go?” Frank says, leaning down and grabbing my bag. I can’t help but stare at his ass as he leans down. Damn… He stands up, turning around to look at me. He blows his semi-long, black hair out of his face, smirking. “Were you just staring at my ass?” He snickers. I blush. “N-no!” I say, yanking my backpack away from him and scramble out the door.

“Wait up!” Frank shouts, running after me and somehow managing not to fall on his face. He grabs my arm, yanking me back. “I told you to wait!” He whines, pouting. I laugh. “You’re such a melodramatic little girl.” I say, which earns me the response of him sticking his tongue out at me. I just roll my eyes at him. Again. “So… we have some big project today in English.” He says nonchalantly, apparently forgetting that we were just arguing a moment ago. I swear he’s bipolar.

“What is it?” I say, trying not to let my irritation show. “Some like.. family tree?” He says. My stomach sinks. I know next to nothing about my family. Just about my mom. And knowing my English teacher, that will earn me a huge, long, embarrassing lecture.

“We could skip?” Frank suggests, sensing my discomfort. I swear, at moments like this, I could marry him. I sigh. “We’d get caught. And… I never skip. That’s just you.” I say, smirking. “Hey! I hate school. I can’t help it that I’m stupid…” He mumbles sheepishly. I sigh, not being able to agree more. For god sakes, the kid drank chemicals in science class once and spent a week home puking his guts out. Every spare second, I was there for him. That was when I told him how I felt about him. But I don’t think it really counted, seeing how he was pretty much dead. He didn’t seem to remember either.

We reach the school gates, and I try not to turn and run. The whole class is gonna think I’m a family-less loser. “You sure you don’t wanna ditch?” Frank asks again. I blink a few times, then dejectedly shake my head sadly. “I’m not a skipper.” I mumble, brushing past him. “Not a skipper my ass.” Frank mumbles under his breath. I just shake my head, walking up the stairs to the dreaded classroom.


As soon as the bell rings, I’m out of the room and on my way to the cafeteria. I get in line, hoping from foot to foot. When I finally get my food, I head to my lunch table where all my other friends sit. I plop down next to Frank, shooting everyone a bubbly hello.

“’Sup.” Gerard says, not looking up from his precious sketch book. His string raven hair is shieling his pale face. Ray, who has a HUGE afro, waves slightly, and Mikey, Gerard’s brother, is the only one that really responds. “Hi, Penina!” He says brightly. He’s so cute. His mousy brown hair pokes out from underneath his grey beanie hat, and his thick rimmed glasses frame his hazel eyes.

“Why so happy? We have English next period.” Frank says dismissively. I glare at him for making me remember again. “Gee. Thanks Frank. You just have to make me depressed don’tcha?” I hiss angrily. He raised his hands in surrender. “Whoa dude. Chill out.” He says. I narrow my eyes at him, glaring. “What’s the matter with English?” Mikey asks. I look at him sadly. “We have to do family trees.” I mutter. Gerard looks up from his sketching suddenly, Mikey eyes grow huge and Ray starts muttering under his breath.

“Shit…” Mikey cussed worriedly. I nod. “Wanna skip?” Gerard says, mimicking Frank from earlier that day. I sigh angrily. “I already told Frank no. I don’t skip.” That just earns a bunch of scoffs and a chorus of “Yea right.”s. I ignore them and plunge my fork into the toxic sludge that is my lunch, shoving it into my mouth hurriedly, trying to be my normal, bubbly self. As the warning bell rings, I dump my tray, and walk to class nervously.

Walking into the classroom, I get sympathetic smiles from my friends, all except Frank. He’s staring at the celling, looking like he couldn’t give a shit if the world was ending. As I walk by him, I hear him mutter under his breath, “I told you we should’ve skipped.” I glare at him, giving him the finger.

I sit down, and my heart starts pounding instantly. As the final bell rings, the teacher stands. “So, as I explained yesterday, we will be working on family trees today. If you need tonight to work on it, you have it.” She says, making a point to set her eyes on me for a brief second.

I cringe looking at the floor. Everyone groans, but start working instantly, the classroom filling up with scattered conversations. I stand up, heading to tell the teacher what my problem is. When I reach her desk, she sighs loudly, glaring at me. “I uh… my mom and I know absolutely NOTHING about my family…” I start nervously. “Well, you better do some research tonight then, eh?” She says coldly. I smile sheepishly. “We’ve tried.. there’s next to no records of our family.” I try to explain, but only earn a pissed off sigh.

“I don’t care. This project is a huge chuck of your grade figure it out.” She growls. I’m starting to get pissed. “Look-” I start irritably, but I get cut off yet again. “No excuses. Get out of my face.” She says, turning away. I feel my face redden. “No. I will NOT do this project, you cold-hearted BITCH!” I screech, sprinting out of the classroom and down the hall, tears streaming down my face. God, I hate school.

Frank’s right, I should have skipped. I duck into a deserted bathroom. No one comes in here anymore, so this is where me and the guys usually hang out. I slide down the wall, sobbing quietly. After a few minutes, the door swishes open. “Penina?” I hear Frank voice say. I keep crying. “Penina, are you okay?” He says, leaning down next to me. I shake my head.

“Don’t worry about it… It’s just a stupid project anyways…” He says, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close. “I-I know. B-but now I look s-stupid.” I stutter through sobs. He lifts my face to his. “You are most certainly not stupid.” He smiles, tucking my chestnut hair behind my ear. I gaze into his russet eyes. “Y-you think?” I choke out.
He grins his adorable grin. “Defiantly. You’re one of the coolest girls I know.” He chirps, smiling at me, his eyes twinkling. I scoff. “Wow, you actually think I’m a girl?” I say, scowling. His eyes widen in surprise. “What?” he asks. “I thought you thought that I was just another one of ‘the guys’.” I sigh irritably. Frank knits his eyebrows together. “What? No…” He says.

Suddenly, a soft smile appears on his lips. He gazes into my eyes. “Do you remember that time I drank the chemicals in science?” He asks, smirking. I nod uncertainly. What is he getting at? “And how I spent a week at home barfing my guts out afterward?” He says, laughing. I giggle. “Yea… And?” I asks, urging him along.
“Well, you were with me every spare second you had. And I was so happy for that.” He says, placing a small kiss on the tip of my nose. I gasp quietly. “I remember one night, I was half asleep, and you whispered something to me.” He says slowly. My heart pounds when I relies what he’s talking about. Shit. “You told me that… That you loved me.” He says, gazing into my emerald eyes.

I blush wildly. “Ahshjnkldjh.” I mumble. Frank laughs softly. “You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Or at least that I didn’t hear you.” He asks me. I nod slowly. “Well… I didn’t forget, and I did hear you. I was too sick to say anything back though, and I figured you thought I didn’t care, so I left it at that…” He says, smiling sadly. “But no, I never forgot. I thought you had moved on, and I never got the nerve to ask you… But, Penina, I love you. I really do.” He whispers, hugging me tightly. I smile.

“I still like you, silly.” I giggle, kissing the tip of his nose like he did to me. He smiles, and pulls me in for a soft, sweet kiss. When he pulls away, he says simply, “I love you, with family or without.” I giggle. “So, now do you wanna skip?” He ask, smirking. I stand up, pulling him with me. “Defiantly.” I say, pushing the door open and darting down the hallway, Frank in tow.

Ta-da!!! I hope that was enough fluff for you!!(: I had fun writing this one :3
~Cassie Raye
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